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  1. we don't sail until 2023 either & final payment isn't until oct/25 , so not a big hurry here either m but I also don't want to get busy and space it off ðŸĪĢ
  2. Any word on NCL getting the free at sea PLUS /air promo glitch fixed yet ? I'm in a holding pattern right now , TA was on vacation , her office just took ALL my upgrades at full price because " plus " wasn't available ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ ,wish she would of checked with me first but oh well .since then there has been a 10 % coupon show up on " my account " that expires 9/10/22 so I guess I hold off changing anything till closer to that date , if the discount amounts to more then the change in airfare we'll see where it leaves us. sure would be nice it they thave the " PLUS " glitches smouthed out by then 😄
  3. We're on the 02/22/2023 Jewel , so excited !!!
  4. talked to NCL reservations last night , and it's still a NO with the air promo 😞 looks like TA's office just took ALL the regular upgrades available not the " plus" offer ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ I'll sort it out in August when my TA is back from her trip
  5. thats what happened to me $299 each for unlimmitedd Wifi ðŸĪŠ
  6. the more discussion I read the more I think she just Up graded EVERY thing and didn't " PLUS " anything , ðŸĪ” my TA wont be back till august so will try to fix it then
  7. Found the answer on another topic , maybe because mine has up Dinning too ??? FASDUP My TA is wandering in Europe so someone in her Office did the Change to our reservation for me, there are a LOT of duplicate promo codes , she seems to think we now have 5 speciality dining meals EACH ( x the 4 of us ) doesnt sound right so will check in with our TA when she gets home
  9. ?????? my TA got it add to our reservation and we have the "second fly free" she also got 2 soda packages added for a teens
  10. on my updated confirmation there is a list of " promo codes " in the top left corner , everything " PLUS " and all my TA add ons are all shown there , when I go to " Upgrades " on my NCL page reservation it states all up grades have been purchased , BUT it will allow me to purchase a second soda package for the teens on our reservation 😂
  11. same with us 😄 but some how our TA's " office " got soda packages for the 2 teenagers added in and we have ended up with 5 specialty dinning EACH ðŸĪŦ will double check with TA when she's back in office , but did a quick check on " promo codes " on reservation and it's all there
  12. Air Force brat here 😄 early teenage years on Howard AFB and then off base in Los Cumbres , after my brother and I were grown, my parents lived in SanBlas with the Cuna for years
  13. Very Cool !!! thank you for the link , I spent my teen age years in Panama , living on base and off , cant wait to see how it's changed ( 02/22/2023 ) , as to " Port Amador " the community play house was out at the end of the Cosway when I was in high school & now I have show tunes from " Oklahoma " swimming around in my head ðŸĪĢ
  14. but after the last 2 years and countless canceled cruise does anyone else's heart stop for a second when the see " message from NCL about your cruise " ????
  15. It doesn't show up on deck 8 or deck 10 so I'm going to GUESS a linen closet
  16. that ALWAYS seems to be an issue 😠 going to try Haven this time , they have a lovely " smoking section " on their sundeck 😄
  17. we're non Haven on the Jewel , there is no haven resterant on the " jewel class ships " so except for the pool and sun deck we're hoping all other suite amenities are the same.
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