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  1. we did the behind the scenes on the jewel 03/02/2023
  2. Just got home from our 10 day on the jewel , we had an amazing trip. We were Haven so can't say much about the rest of the ship. meals were SO/SO even speciality dining . Most of the staff we delt with were wonderful, and I woke up this morning missing Marc , freddie & Momma T ......... Ports were all great , Costa Rica, ABC's Columbia , we did not get off ship in Santa Marta . NCL air was Great , non stop flights at perfect times but will never fly Copa Airlines again ! Emparkation at Fort Amador was really quick and easy despite all the horror stories ( again we were Haven ) we did arive a day early and stayed in the Raddison , 5 minutes from the convention center , disembarking in Colon was a breeze as well.
  3. Thank you for the post , we're embarking on the Jewel Wednesday the 22nd , I had hoped to spend some time wandering arounf Panama City that morning and boarding late , but think hubby is right and we should use our early boarding time would much rather wait by the pool then in a line 😄
  4. Boston to PTY round trip $415 x3 , 4 th flys free NCL AIR promo , exact flights I would of choosen if I were to do it myself
  5. leave a couple slices for us 02/22/2023 , 18 year old Grandson lives on Pizza and red meat 😂
  6. Yeah but you get bonus points from trying ❤️
  7. Thank you , I knew I had a 20% off coupon applied , but couldn't figure out the EJ ❤️
  8. check out the port of call board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/54-panama-canal/ lots of usefull information
  9. we had a huge price drop with one of the holiday sales , was offered FCC or upgrade , after COVID i am sick of dealing with FCC's we took the upgrade 😄
  10. there is a hop on hop off bus that goes around the city we plan on doing with our grands , if you have time GAMBOA reserve is amazing , wish we had time to do one of the indigenious tribes , Sanblas is amazing , I have NOT been on any of these tours , but I did spend my teen age years living in Panama , and these are places I would love to see again if I had time
  11. got one for everyone , EJFCC-20, guessing it has something to do with FCC ???
  12. we have the air promo , never came up in the disscusion , I think the bigged difrence is " Travel Agent " called NCL , I didn't ask what the offered amount of FFC was because after COVID i'm sick of dealing with FFC m besides already had bids in for haven upgraded 😄
  13. I think we have a week at the end of October 🤣 before they start pushing Halloween ( big parade , LOTS of fancy candy , almost everyone gives whole candy bars ) and they start pushing Christmas
  14. fall is the best time to come , water is still warm and prices have dropped 😄 traffic has eased up a little 🙃
  15. wonderful ! Thank you . My computer /network doesn't like the COPA site 🥴 can't pull up any information , but the site did allow me to upgade seats 🤣
  16. always check the decks above and below , we're on the Jewel and some of their 2 bedrooms are below deck stairs to pool area , port side cabins under fitness center 🤪
  17. we are right at 60 days out , did a mock booking last weekend , cruise fare down $1000 ( total for the 4 of us ) TA call NCL they offered 50% FCC or a bump up to 2 bedroom HAVEN 😄
  18. we just got our NCL flights , nonstop Boston to Panama , 8am-2pm ( the day befor ) return is 3pm-10pm could not of booked them better if I did it myself , and all 4 of us for less then a single buy it your self ticket !
  19. Got our NCL flights right at 60 days out , they're GREAT !!!!!! non-stop boston to Panama 😄 can anyone tell me about their checked luggage policy ? they say " one 10 pound carry on & one personal item " then go on to say , counter staff will help with checked luggage at check in.... anyone know the $$ ?
  20. we're on the Jewel that sailing too 😄
  21. we're on the jewel 02/22/23 , we fly in a day early , I'm beginning to think an excursion is in order ! maybe we'll spend the day enjoying our selfs on the Hop on Hop off bus ! no need to be first in line and wait 7 hours ,we'll be there later 😄 they'll save our cabin for us
  22. Thank you , was going to wait until closer to 02/23 cruise date 😲 guess I'll do that now 😄
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