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  1. he will have to be 18 for the "ultimate " NCL all you can drink card 😞 I'm going to have to get 17 1/2 granddaughter a $155 gift card instead ( good on board) ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ
  2. I am married to a cigar smoker but do not smoke my self and I totally agree with you !!
  3. thats what I do at our local Brazian Grill , you can only salid if you choose , but i don't think it's " al'cart "so it will still cost you a " meal " we'll be taking our 18 yr old carnivous grand son , i'm sure he'll make up for what i dont eat ðŸĪĢ
  4. No NCL excursions listed for us yet ( Jewel 02/22/23 ) but we are ariving a day early due to Boston weather that time of year . looking at a monkey island/sloth sanctuary /Gamboa reserve tour on TripAdvisors , but have to wait for flight information be we make any plans
  5. Our cruise is 02/22/2022 , on the jewel , we fly out of Boston so i'm not to worried about the actual flights , but going down a day early because of New England weather,
  6. we're flying into Panama city Panama, flight run at least $800, $1200 if you want a non-stop during the day , with NCL for 4 of us, our flight is $300 each , with out the air promo i wouldn't have booked the cruise , so they more then made up the $$ in cruise fare, cabin choice , & extras
  7. can I suggest 2 bathing suits , nothing worse then tring to tug yesterdays cold wet suit over the lumps and bumps
  8. someone who has added Air after final payment , can you still use the " air promo " ? I want to add a 1 day deviant and use the NCL hotel so I am tring to get an idea of $$ before I call the TA ( she's usless 😞 ) TYVM
  9. if you are going to the Jaguar Rescue Center please think about bringing a can of powered goat milk with you , weired I know , but they can not purchase in CostaRica , it's on their AMAZON wishlist âĪïļ
  10. we always take our " carry on " with us , you'll be surprised by the people dragging fullized suitcases around the ship while they wait for their cabins to be ready 🙄
  11. log in to NCL " view my account " mine were listed there ( the 10 % one is back 😂}
  12. yes , but it was also me that sent her a 2 minute e-mail at 4 am asking her to check and another 2 minute e-mail at 8 am saying thank you , and I didn't have to do any of the paper work or call NCL , ðŸĪŠ spent more time responding to you on CC Hehe
  13. Final payment isn't due until oct. 25th but I had a 20% coupon pop up on my NCL account page so had my TA do a quick check of my reservation to make sure it was all set , I's dotted and T's crossed and run the coupon if she could , she cancled an old 10 % coupon , ran the 20 % and saved me $1000 , one happy cruiser here 😄 , another reason i always use a TA ( even if I do grump some times Haha )
  14. we're not getting the soda package for our teens either , thinking about the new " Starbucks " package but as they are going to be 17 & 18 can only get it for the 18 year old , I might be better off just pre loading their cards with the $$ and not worrying about it anymore 😄
  15. $218 per person ( 4 ) RT Bos to Panama ðŸĪ‘ and one of us flys free !!! the only reason Grandma could say yes to a full transit and bring the 2 oldest Grands along 😄 ( just did a quick mock booking on flight over $1500 each 🙄 worst flights available )
  16. we did the Bacardi's one Pre COVID , Note to self after all those free drinks and " tasters " don't try to bring the big bottle of engraved black label with you through carry on ðŸĪĢ😂 we obviously were not the first to try Haha , they very nicely let us back out to check the bag !! but the luggage transfer pick up drop off worked Great , also did a fort tour . 😄
  17. not sure if things have changed ( this was when the PLUS was brand new and nobody knew what was going on ðŸĪĢ) but I had to give up my air promo to b eable to use the free at sea PLUS offer
  18. I agree , there are wrist bands and medications available for motion sickness , definitely go for the original locks !
  19. No parents , just us and the grands , Cards , wine and Beer Oh my , ðŸĪŠ Tappenyaki"s is on the list as is the Brazilian Grill , we're doing 10 days with a full canal transit of the canal, everyone excited 😄
  20. we're headed out on the jewel 02/02/23 with our 2 oldest grands ( 17 & 18 ) any tips ?
  21. poor guy posted 2 years , save your rant for someone else , even those of us that are " diasabled " don't want to hear it
  22. makes you wonder sometimes how they even find CC boards to ask the questions 😂
  23. anybody interested in the local take https://www.nantucketcurrent.com/fishing-vessel-collides-with-cruise-ship-off-nantucket?fbclid=IwAR2CTPCyhK-0cNZiNR7qQFAd0QQx4EfUCexXsnqpoXf2QqE7filbmvr3coU
  24. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/cruise-ship-strikes-fishing-boat-near-nantucket/2794495/?fbclid=IwAR0vp61C-4PSkgPV17GQ4ukSwuFM3CFJolSJ4J007dfmAUAQpLVJe8qzMxA I was sleeping so didn't hear a thing ðŸĪŠ( I live on Nantucket )
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