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  1. Deck 8 is my favorite on Oasis-class ships. I love being on the same deck as Central Park, since that's my favorite neighbourhood on the ship. Park Cafe in the a.m. for a cup of coffee, a toasted bagel and my book under the trees!
  2. My bride of 25 years and I made it on-stage for L&M during our last cruise on Allure in the Before Time. Not only was it a lot of fun, but for the rest of the cruise, other passengers told us how much they enjoyed the show and how fun we were. It was nice to be a bit of a celebrity for a week! Unfortunately, we came in second, so we got the crappy prize (not the Cariloha bed sheets, or the nice jewelry). We would totally do it again!
  3. I called the 1-855-227-2537 number listed on the program webpage. The person there (unsurprisingly) knew nothing about the program, and after a lengthy hold came back and told me to contact my TA. The TA said it wasn't anything he was able to do, neither with his contacts at the X main desk, nor the casino club desk. Seems to me this is yet another example (My Vegas being the other) where reservation staff are not trained on the various casino programs. Unless you get super-lucky with a rep who knows about the program, you're pooched. My plan is just to speak to someone at the Casino Host desk when we board. If they can apply the benefits, great. If not, I'm not really missing out on something I wasn't expecting. And, I'll know for future bookings to contact the casino desk prior to pulling the trigger on any booking.
  4. Am I missing something here? I've got Gold tier status with M life. I've also got Platinum tier with RCL C&A, which got me Select tier for our first cruise with X. I'm gobsmacked. Can't believe I didn't know about this! Here are details, for those of you like me: Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises - MGM Resorts It says it must be claimed at time of booking. I'm going to call today and see if I can't score the OBC anyways.
  5. We're on that same sailing. No update to the itinerary as yet.
  6. I've also got a weird thing going on in my Cruise Planner with the Thermal Spa. While it says in the main body of the text 7-day = USD$119, when I try to buy it, it become USD$219 in the cart. I'm just planning on stopping by the spa on embarkation day and signing up there. That usually works on RCL's Oasis-class ships.
  7. That's unfortunate. We have GC as one of our port stops in November. With this foreknowledge of closure, I would hope the cruise lines update their itineraries in a timely fashion. It would be nice to know where we'll be going instead of GC, or if it'll be a sea day, prior to embarkation!
  8. I enjoyed the ABC islands so much, I've been working on a plan to make one of them our retirement home, or at least a winter home. If you scuba dive, you'll appreciate Bonaire the most.
  9. Bummer. I suspect this will just become a Sea Day on the itinerary. I was really looking forward to diving in Grand Cayman. I guess that means this trip will just be Belize (already booked the ship's excursion) and Cozumel (still need to find someone who will accommodate ship schedule).
  10. MyVegas rewards are great, if you can meet the narrow requirements/restrictions. I have redeemed the wild card 10% discount, a couple hundred dollars in OBC and several $100 freeplays in Vegas. Pretty great for free. I've also redeemed loyalty points for a wild card discount I couldn't use (timing window was off by a couple weeks), so I lost those 150,000 loyalty points. Just carefully read the T&Cs before you redeem and you can't go wrong. Also, take a couple minutes to call the Casino Royale desk (they administer the MyVegas redemptions) if you have any questions.
  11. I quite enjoy Labadee as a port stop. We always head straight for Columbus Cove; it's the furthest beach from the pier, and while you have to "run the gauntlet" of local "artisans" selling "handmade" "crafts" at "low, low prices" you are rewarded with a great beach with great views of the moored ship. And because it's the furthest away, it's usually the least crowded beach. And perhaps most importantly, since Labadee is RCL property, drink packages apply! The port is well-guarded and secure. I don't expect any ships to deviate from any planned stops due to a touch of political unrest in a country which is almost always in some form of upheaval. That said, I think Haiti as a country is a complete failure. When they had that massive earthquake in 2010, I was very vocal in my opinion: instead of sending aid dollars, countries should just set up emigration tents. Instead of giving the corrupt, inept government there $100,000,000 to no effect, give each person $100,000 and refugee status in a first world country. For the same amount of money, you can actually help people. Then, they can abandon that god-forsaken rock.
  12. Heh... I was just commenting to a colleague (who is also a Celebrity customer) that the marketing emails are way out of control. It felt like I was getting 2x/day over the past week or so, and I guess you've actually done the tally! We were both talking about unsubscribing... If the total count was indeed 38 in a single month, I'm bowing out right now.
  13. Are you 100% certain of that? I am booked in a concierge-class IV on the APEX in November, and when I was doing my research, I learned 1A/1B was a "porthole balcony." Perhaps I misunderstood, though...
  14. Do you have a link for this? I'm on the Nov 13 APEX sailing which has a scheduled stop in Grand Cayman. I understand the island is currently closed to tourism, but I've not read anything definitive saying it was until the end of the year...
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