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  1. agree , we have been to most of the ports on our up coming cruise and the Retreat will be our " excursion " for most of them , wonder if I can get HAL to apply the excursion credit to the price Hehehe
  2. exactly ! our grandson just got an AMAZING offer from NCL , he was the 3rd in our 2 bedroom haven , unfortunately for him Grandma's name was on everything , even the E-mail account Hahaha , he just graduatated from Highschool and the boy's got no vacation time available
  3. we have done it both ways , brought it ALL ( including wet suits ) for a dedicated dive cruise , to just mask and snorkel for the Grandkids discovery scuba dive. I'm older (and hopefully wiser ) now and we bring Mask , snorkel and shorty fins, and if the waters not warm enough for me to get into with a rash guard and dive leggings I'm not getting in any way Hahaha
  4. They offered us OBC $250 when I called , ( 21 days/ SS )
  5. the PDF i posted earlier was dated June 2017 and was accurate 2 days ago , 21 day on the Zuiderdam . family cabana was price listed for 20 days + $69 for day # 21
  6. HAL-Cabanas (dragged).pdfdon't know if this will open but is current info (regardless of date listed ) just used it for our 10/2024
  7. not on her until 10/29/2024 but interested in her accessibility , we were not able to get a Handicap cabin, but as a below the knee amuptee I get around OK and use a Peg-leg ( i-walk ) at night so don't need the extra room, but it would of been nice to have grab bars and an accessible shower. HAL will provide a shower seat and I'm going to bring suction grab bars so it's all good πŸ˜„
  8. I have a suitcase full of mola's from when my parents live on the San Blas islands back in the early 70's , I hate to watch them fade from history in the back of a closet. what do i do with them ? any one know who i could contact to get them appraised ? Local island museum i could donate them to ?????
  9. Headed into the DRY season in Panama , don't look for Mother Nature to be much help for the next 6 months or so 😞
  10. just a observation , i have seen pictures( on CC )of hot, sweaty, tired ,STANDING & LEANING passengers in an over crowed terminal in colon, we're not planning on leaving the ship bt if we were i would do a little research
  11. yes , you don't get fluffy abelscheivers if you don't use stiff egg whits , mom always added a dollop of apple butter to 1/2 of the batch ❀️ of course here in new england this modern grandma added jimmies to the powdered sugar / cardamon sugar / maple suryp dipping options 🀣
  12. Holiday tradition in our family , daughter-in-laws are already fighting over my mom's cast iron pan Haha , but with one that size I would finialy be able to keep up with the whole family
  13. we did De Palms with NCL in feb 2023 , got a private cabana through de palms web site , We will NEVER do Aruba any other way !!!!!! amazing , go to the web site for depalms you can set up transportation and day passes ( again we did ours throught NCL )
  14. our OCT 2024 curise is a 35 day out of boston, 21&14 , I never thought of it as a B2B , Haha , HAL nor TA has never treated it as one
  15. it's also the number I use to check on Handicap cabin availability that might of opened up
  16. we're on a round trip out of boston 10/24 that stops in Bermuda
  17. sorry to hear this , when we did NCL a couple of years ago ( pre covid ) it was easy peasy , we parked in garage across the street , drop our luggage with porters , went upstairs , checked in and waited for them to call our group , we are Handicap cap so priority access but it all went smoothly
  18. the only H/C cabin left is a Neptune suite > $20,000 , a little steap for a 21 day cruise ........ but TA is trying to find a V or SS that I can put a sticky vacume grab bar on the shower door to help with mobility in the bath, that and a shower chair and I'll be good to go ❀️
  19. it is if you live in eastern Mass. it's a quick " car" ride , no parking , no flight undwind over night and you wake up in bemuda ❀️ we have done a 7 night NCL to Bermuda, it's great to have a longer HAL option πŸ˜„
  20. you just made my day πŸ₯° our last cruise NOT HAL , they wanted to board me on my own and live my family in line πŸ€” the airline that cruise line booked us on refused to let family board with me , they didn't offer assistance with navagating to my seat ( amputee on crutches ) SO VERY HAPPY πŸ₯° to hear hubby can be there to lend a hand
  21. we're on the Koningsdam and I agree , we're in it for the dinning πŸ˜„
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