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  1. Not to worry. I am a member of the picky eater club and I have always found something (many things) to enjoy. The secret is to not read the descriptions too closely as some of the things I would normally dislike are served on the side or in such a small quantity that it really doesn't matter. The waiters are fabulous at making sure your dinner is to your liking. You will be fine!
  2. I second the Banks Mansion. Everything Kazu said plus the best hotel bed we've ever slept on! Loved it!
  3. Both of those itineraries have wonderful ports. I would opt for #2 simply because of Barcelona, a personal favorite. However, in the case of a transatlantic, the ship itself is very important and you are looking at both ends of the HAL spectrum in terms of ship experience. The Veendam is a charming, older, smaller ship that offers a more sedate experience. The Nieuw Statendam is shiny new and larger, hence it offers many more dining and entertainment venues. Since the itineraries both offer interesting ports, I would urge you to do some research on the ships to see which experience most appeals. I've sailed on Veendam and Koningsdam (sister to Nieuw Statendam) and I would be more inclined to choose Nieuw Statendam for a crossing simply for the greater variety of dining and entertainment opportunities.
  4. This is a tough one. I do think they perhaps overestimate difficulty when rating the activity levels. This was brought home to me when touring the Alhambra. One lady felt that the tour required far more walking than she was able to do. Unfortunately, her needs derailed the entire tour while we found a spot for her to sit and found an escort to get her back to the bus, etc., etc. It came perilously close to spoiling the expensive tour for everyone and our guide was terribly distracted by this one participant. I'm sure many complaints were made as some of the tour was missed while our friend was tended to. Since people make their own decisions regarding suitability, I do not blame the operators if they err on the side of caution.
  5. I'm so sorry this happened and offer best wishes for a speedy recovery. I was in a similar situation a few years ago and spent New Years in the hospital, not on our much anticipated vacation. Not fun. We had not purchased travel insurance for this trip as our credit card offered travel insurance that did cover us. It took a while to get the refund and involved a bit of a paper chase for documentation, but it did work for us. Fingers crossed!
  6. That sounds wonderful! Maybe we'll take a later flight...LOL.
  7. This is great information. I think we will just do the ship transfer. The cost differential seems minimal. We can pre-purchase...set it and forget it. Nothing worse than ending a cruise with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride to catch a flight when your plans blow up. Just not worth worrying about. Thank you all for your help!
  8. I just booked an international on Delta today and it was Economy Main Cabin, not Basic Economy. It just keeps getting more and more layered and confusing, doesn't it?
  9. Thank you for your prompt reply! That is very helpful.
  10. I tried to search on the port boards but couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone have a suggestion for post cruise transportation from the Port at Rotterdam to the airport in Amsterdam? We have a 2:30 flight. Are ship transfers ($39 pp x 2 people) a good option? Thank you!
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