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  1. Like magic! The answer and a bonus round...dry dock schedule. Sounds like all will be well. Thank you everyone!
  2. Hello All, It appears that Westerdam will be doing Asia itineraries instead of the Med itineraries originally scheduled for Fall 2022. We are booked on an October 2022 (Rome to Venice) cruise scheduled to be on Westerdam and are awaiting word on what the new plan might be. It's shown as inactive on the website. Knowing this is pure speculation, any guesses from you seasoned cruisers? Different ship, same itinerary? Different ship, different itinerary? Cancelled cruise? (Yikes...not that one) What ship do you think would move to the Med? Venice is one of the ports so perhaps smaller. Volendam is already doing several Med. itineraries at that time. Why is it so hard just to wait and see? Thanks for your thoughts. I'm sure it will all work out.
  3. Thank you for all the thoughtful comments. We really have nothing to lose at this point as we only have a refundable deposit on the line and we are well within the final payment window. Totally agree that handing over a big sum of money is not a wise move at this time. This discussion has definitely confirmed my decision to cancel as all of the uncertainty takes the pleasure out of trip planning. Thank you for the update on your FCCs, Vermuel T. I'm sure we will encounter some push back on extending our grace period for our FCC, so hopefully our TA will be proactive on our behalf. She has been very helpful so far but times are tough for all in the travel business. Let's hope for significant progress on treatments and vaccines. Stay well.
  4. Thanks everyone! This is most helpful and affirming. I had not thought of potential repositioning and changes of posted itineraries, but it seems inevitable. Part of the fun of travel is the planning and anticipation. Given the current circumstances anticipation has become anxiety and planning is all but impossible. We will sit tight for a few more weeks and let you know how things turn out for us. I really appreciate the thoughtful comments.
  5. Hope everyone is staying well. We have an interesting decision to make and wondered if anyone had some experience with this type of situation. We have a Med cruise planned on Nieuw Amsterdam that is scheduled to leave out of Civi on Oct. 1, 2020. Final payment is due at the end of May. Sadly, we've pretty much decided to cancel for obvious reasons. It is a refundable fare so that's not the issue. The issue is that we used a sizable Cruise Credit that we received as compensation for many, many missed ports on an earlier cruise. Unfortunately, the terms of the credit state that it must be used on a future cruise booked (not taken) before April 25, 2020. My TA said that HAL would decide on a case by case basis whether or not they would extend this grace period and since they are pretty much slammed right now, that's about the amount of detail she can get unless I go ahead with the cancellation. Rebooking a similar cruise for Fall 2021 is significantly more expensive with fewer perks than the deal we have now so I don't want to do that. Should we cancel now and take our chances with getting an extension? Or should we let it ride until final payment thinking that HAL will extend its pause and cancel for us? (I know nobody has a crystal ball, but there's a lot of wisdom on this board) Thanks for your thoughts.
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