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  1. Yes, we got our 50% refund today too.
  2. There are actually quite a few ships that came through the past month with no Coronavirus on board, and who delivered a great experience to their passengers in very unusual circumstances - many more than the unfortunate ones that have been publicised. I am more than happy to celebrate the good experiences, and look forward to future cruises. Good news deserves an airing too. Thank you Bonnie.
  3. FWIW, I received a survey very similar to this one several months ago, long before Coronavirus. It had the income and net worth questions then, too. I wonder if they just recycled the older survey and maybe changed a couple of questions?
  4. That’s terrible! I hope they can resolve the situation soon.
  5. I am sorry for everyone who is ill or has died, and especially sorry for their bereaved families. Unfortunately, people die every day, often in incredibly sad circumstances, usually totally unrelated to Coronavirus, people I know and love among them. We took all the recommended precautions on our trip home, we are self-quarantining for 14 days, and staying home except for absolute necessities after that. We are being as responsible as possible. But I can’t refuse to be thankful that we returned unscathed (as far as we can tell yet) or refuse to be joyful about the friends we made and the e
  6. I’ve also read about the $2.2 billion loan they’ve just received to protect their liquidity and see them through the current situation. That makes me feel confident that they are making plans and provisions for the future.
  7. I can certainly understand that you are frustrated, but I think you’re being too impatient. Give them a chance to get through the many, many refunds they have to process. I have waited a lot longer for refunds from many companies in much less chaotic conditions than this!
  8. I agree with every word you’ve posted! We are so very grateful to Captain Carl, the incredible, hard-working crew, and the corporate side of Azamara for our wonderful cruise, our journey home, and everything else they did for us in very difficult circumstances. ❤️❤️
  9. I think I’ve misled you accidentally. The cruises we booked are far enough out that we only paid the reduced deposit. My plan is to pay the balance with the FCC when it arrives.
  10. Yes, I would have happily missed a few more days if they’d offered to keep us on board a bit longer. We’re going to self-isolate for the next fortnight just in case we picked up anything in the airports, before we venture out for more provisions. We have a fair amount of wine here already, so maybe we will be shopping for new livers in a couple of weeks!
  11. I think these emails are largely automated, and possibly very difficult to suspend in the current climate of people working from home. I've gone from being a pretty loyal Azamara cruiser to being a huge fan. We arrived back in the UK this morning on a flight organised by Azamara to repatriate the Brits and Europeans on Pursuit. It was planned in very difficult circumstances, and flawlessly executed. We are so very grateful for their efforts, both the repatriation and the care lavished on all passengers during our cruise, that I’m inclined to cut Azamara a huge amount of slack right
  12. Possibly not every passenger on board is pleased about going on to Miami, but I would guess that most of us are, especially the ones I’ve been talking to this evening. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many happy people in one place before!
  13. It all depends on the cruise line, and the mood of people on the day. I’ve even brought a litre of gin on board a Royal Caribbean cruise once, with no trouble. We bought it to take home, so we were expecting it to be taken away and returned at the end of the cruise. I think we must look trustworthy. Our preferred cruise line doesn’t restrict wine or liquor if we want to bring some on board.
  14. I don’t think the UK can guarantee us a healthy trip out of the house right now! Can we realistically ask so much more of a cruise line?
  15. The situation is indeed very fluid. You may also notice that the countries with the highest numbers of cases are also the countries with the highest rate of testing going on. For example, Germany and France have recently upped their testing rates, and their official numbers have risen as well. (I expect a similar trend for the USA as they also do more testing.) I think the numbers may turn out to be very similar all the way across Europe and other affected countries, as the testing and reporting evens out.
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