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  1. I will add that some of the toilets have a hair-trigger. The top of the lid contacts the top of the flush switch, so it’s easily possible to flush them unexpectedly when you raise the lid and it hits the switch. But it would be a stretch to imagine dropping the towel accidentally into the toilet at that exact moment. There are some kids on board, but they seem a pretty well-behaved bunch.
  2. I’m on Quest and totally missed this yesterday! I did hear the announcement about being careful not to put anything in the toilet except toilet paper, but didn’t experience any non-working toilets. I must have chosen exactly the right ones.
  3. lisiamc


    I’ve had good luck on embarkation day, and most evenings at about 6 pm. Last night I was getting ready for dinner and doing laundry at the same time. I made several trips down the corridor in a different stage of dinner-readiness each time. 😁 it worked well, though. Two loads of washing done in about an hour.
  4. Many times I have enjoyed hanging over the railing above the gangway and waiting for last minute drama. I once saw a cruise line official hand over two passports to the port agent after repeatedly calling the names of two people who had not returned to the ship. Then I saw the two missing passengers come belting up to the ship in a bread van, and I heard the port agent speak to them, saw him look at their key cards, and give them the passports before they sprinted up the gangway. No, I wasn’t one of the actual passengers, but I was an eyewitness to the passport retrieval and handover process, so I am 100% convinced that it exists.
  5. You're never going to make everyone happy. This in particular is not going to make me happy at all. Our last cruise was 45 nights, this one is 35. How many annoying little bottles would I have to bring? Or how many huge and heavy ones, in exchange for some of my clothes? How to judge it so that I don’t run out or have to bring too much back home again?
  6. I think you would hear it in the corridor, but probably not nearly as much in the cabin. Others have said that they couldn’t hear the music in their cabins further along from us. We may just be a special case since the piano is directly overhead.
  7. Apologies, I should have said that we’re on Quest. That’s what I get for typing in a hurry!
  8. I wrote about this in the cabin thread, but since it’s really a whole-deck consideration, I thought I’d mention it here, too. Now that the casino is The Den, they have a piano player in there in the evenings. He’s great, and very popular. However, if anyone is thinking about a cabin on Deck 4, particularly the port side, you should be aware that the noise carries very well down both stairwells into the corridor and the cabins on Deck 4. We are in 4040, and I think we must be directly under the piano itself. It’s not a problem for us, since we are always late to go to bed, and the piano sing-alongs stop at midnight, but it’s worth mentioning.
  9. Cabin Number - 4040 Ship - Azamara Quest Month/Year sailed - July 2019 Would you choose this room again - yes Is noise an issue - Maybe for some Any other comments: Now that the casino has been turned into The Den, the grand piano is located pretty much DIRECTLY above this cabin. They have a great piano player, and frequent sing-alongs. They stop at midnight, and we don’t go to bed early, so it’s not a problem for us. If you like to go to bed early, you should be aware of a possible noise issue - you will definitely hear the music!
  10. An awful lot of the plastics in the ocean started out belonging to someone who thought they were doing the right thing by sending their plastics to be recycled. It was one of the contractors hired to take huge loads of recycling to some far-away country who didn’t care and just dumped it into the sea, or was hit by a storm and the load got washed into the sea. If we are not using so much plastic, and having to send barge loads of it half-way round the world in the first place, we don’t risk having it dumped into the ocean on purpose or by mistake.
  11. The demise of Royal Club tonic is great news! I hope that’s fleet-wide.
  12. As far as I know, they keep one open on White Night, since it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We went to Prime C once on White Night once and it was pretty full.
  13. Its not the best, but at least it’s drinkable, unlike the dreadful Royal Club.
  14. lisiamc


    The mall opens at 10 am, so if you plan to be at the airport at 11, I don’t think you’re going to see much of it! The mall is enormous and you could spend hours there and not see it all.
  15. I pack both. I have a teeny travel umbrella. It will keep my head and one shoulder dry, and I don’t have to worry too much about poking someone in the eye with it. When it’s windy it’s no good at all. So if it’s raining hard enough that I mind one wet shoulder, or it’s blowing a bit, I have a thin nylon rain jacket with a hood. It weighs nothing and stows in its own little travel pouch. If it’s cold, I can wear a fleece or a jumper underneath.
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