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  1. Wow Memoak - I hope our session is as good as yours! It will be weird having a new person in the house. I’m guessing our fuzzy scaredy-cat will be hiding after hearing a strange voice but hey, we have the cat box, her feeding station and loads of fur around the house to prove we really have a cat that will need care. Fingers crossed!
  2. Got a house/kitty sitter name from my hair stylist and will have her over to the house tomorrow for a meet and greet. No travel plans yet but if she works out we can drive to New Mexico for a few days to see Phil’s family, which would make a nice test run with her. Yayyyyy!
  3. We bought our own snorkel vests (slip over your head and blow into the tube to inflate) and used them for many cruises since the are very light and fold flat so it’s not a strain on luggage. While we’re both good swimmers we usually book sail and snorkel excursions, and prefer using our own floatation gear when it’s use is mandatory. We vacation with friends and often one will just remain on the excursion boat talking to the crew, enjoying the fresh air/views and watching us in the water. We all get to share the overall excursion experience which means no one feels excluded from the day, a
  4. That’s how we feel too, MamaFej! A new TV is exciting when you first get it and nice to enjoy, but we’re more engaged and excited when we think back to our last vacation (2018…yikes!), look at the pictures and are transported back to those enduring memories. I’m guessing that’s the same for most of us here. We don’t buy each other gifts for special occasions - never have - but we do plan new vacations, big purchases etc together. It really cuts down the unnecessary stress, and is way more fun for us.
  5. Donating platelets - what a stunning gift on so many levels. And with snacks and great personal care - Wonderful!
  6. Wohoo! To complete the loop - all is resolved and the Medical Center has updated my records, to be uploaded to the state registry tonight. Apparently an administrative barf with my data, but they jumped right to it and we’re able to get it verified and handled in about ten minutes. My but that feels better.
  7. Yep, the card shows both but if the airline or cruise lines verify that the card isn’t bogus or require more formal documentation using the state database, I have a problem. The QR code thingy sounds like what my cousins downloaded before they flew to Hawaii. I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, but now realize it was probably important to know. 😊
  8. Arrrg! The Colorado Database shows Phil’s Moderna vaccine data, but only shows me with one shot. Glad I checked because I don’t know what vaccine-verification will happen for travel in future, and fear my card might not be sufficient. Don’t want to be in the position of standing on the pier waiving goodbye to Phil. Now the hassle factor of trying to run down the procedure to correct this in the system. We’ll, nuts!
  9. We got extremely lucky and have a week of clouds/sporadic rain with highs in the 70’s before returning to our usual temps. Running the evaporative portable fan just to keep the water from getting yucky. Have reached out to our niece and her husband in Woodinville (WA) - hoping the little window unit air conditioner we gave her years ago is still functional. MamaFej got it right with that Hawaii vacation - perfect place, perfect timing!
  10. We’re awaiting the 2023 Alaska itineraries and will book for us plus an extra cabin for either family or our cruising pals. We tried to book our favorite VRBO - Big Island house for next fall, but their October is completely booked, and then prices crank up for tourist season. Considering September, but it’s still part of the rainy season, so we’ll see. Need a trip to anticipate!
  11. Thrak - we'll be holding good thoughts for you (and all those in the terrible drought areas we're seeing) that the winds don't drive the fires too far. Even 5 miles away must be unsettling. Sounds like it's going to be a rough summer, though fire season is pretty much year-round these days. Oh to be on the water enjoying those waves and cooling breezes!
  12. We have two portable evaporative fans to take the edge off. Would love a more effective cooling system but baseboard heating means no ductwork (and narrow casement windows so no window air conditioners), so we’re looking into a few mini-splits. But first, complete the kitchen remodel, rebuild deck with composite materials, and replace the old fence. We’ll, maybe next year.
  13. We’re also under fireworks ban, which means the neighborhood dogs will be happy.
  14. Interesting re Holland America. This would encourage us to book one of their cruises.
  15. Irish Spring? Do you put shavings of soap by the plants, or make a soapy solution? We have deer and bunnies galore, and have even given up on potted geraniums on the deck because they come up and graze there too.
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