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  1. Wonderful morning, with coffee, kitty on my lap while watching finalists compete for the honor of Great British Bake Off - Star Baker on Netflix. Later I’ll be fixing the turkey which should surely be thawed by now, and chowing down on yesterday’s leftover pumpkin pie. Perfect!
  2. Turkey is still a bit frozen so it’s a classic meal of hot dogs and pumpkin pie tonight with turkey tomorrow. Just the two of us this year, with electronic touch fingertips with family and pals. Gobble gobble and best wishes to all!
  3. Just Phil and me to cook for tomorrow, so going with small 12 lb turkey. Ummmm leftovers! I just got back from Walgreens and am still cheesed-off (that really means paranoid 😊), as I didn’t notice the woman I was adjacent to at the checkout counter was wearing a chin diaper as she was talking to her senior mom. As she turned my direction I was about 6+ feet from her and well-masked, but it was troubling as we were just moved to condition Red and it scared me to be exposed to someone so unconcerned with the current COVID status in Colorado (an estimated 1 in 41 people currently inf
  4. Wow - cutting your own hair is a bold move! Hopefully you come out the other side with something you like, and are relatively nick-free.
  5. Scary here yesterday - I was driving home and saw massive plumes of smoke from a fire that started in tinder-dry brush on the fringes of my neighborhood on the west side of town against the mountains during a windy day. We were just south of the mandatory evacuation zone but swirling winds were a concern as they blew our way, so all the neighbors packed the cars (and we stuffed our very unhappy cat in her carrier) and were glued to the TV to watch the ongoing battle. Happily, a Chinook helicopter making 7 large water drops, 2 fixed wing planes making fire retardant drops, and a rapid-respon
  6. We sailed Royal Princess and enjoyed the experience very much. The hospitality was great, but there were also features that were special ,like the Enclave which is an adults only indoor spa (ie, no windows) with a number of yummy features. While the balcony is small, we found it perfectly suitable for just the two of us, reading a book, watching the waves and slurping down a glass or two of wine. Self-service laundry available on each cabin-deck, which is very handy as well. Congratulations on your marriage hope you enjoy your cruise!
  7. We’d book a 12-day round-trip Alaska out of Vancouver. Alaska is our favorite itinerary and we’ll have cancelled two of these cruises by the time travel is permitted. Hopefully Princess will offer this again - we’ve only seen it offered as a one-time itinerary (in May) before the regular 7-day season begins in full roar.
  8. Planning and anticipation is one of our favorite activities- your Queensland adventure sounds wonderful! Our family in New Mexico just told us that the state is going back to a 2 week shut-down Monday with only essential businesses open, though restaurants are available for take-out. We sent SIL/BIL a few masks from our favorite company since they have home health therapy coming in to help with Phil’s 97y/o mom, who broke her hip. Love the mask’s design and adjustable ears, which assures good fit. Yay! We are only 5 hours away by car, but won’t be traveling because members in b
  9. Just heard on the morning news that the CDC has come out with info that the mask wearer gets protection against COVID (of corse that means covering the nose too 😉), which expands the original messaging that focused solely on wearing masks to avoid spreading your own buggos . This echos the WHO’s information released awhile back. If effectively communicated, hopefully we’ll see more people wearing them. That’s more good news in my book. Yay!
  10. Thanks for that insight into a real-world experience - I hadn’t considered how difficult it is on a caring teacher. Hope the student recovers without lingering side effects, but that your son remains healthy as well. Our COVID cases here continue to climb unchecked with hospitals filled to levels significantly higher than our peak earlier this year, and their administrators expressing real concern. Still no action from our Mayor, who states that people already know what they should be doing. I have health issues so even if I keep safe from COVID, the state of our hospitals is tr
  11. So sorry to hear of your new fire - do you expect snows anytime soon to help curb its growth? Such a dry year!
  12. Wowsers - cold for a few days with lows around 7 and highs around 15. Did the shopping yesterday, just put a meatloaf in the oven and will happily stay put. We have a 12 day Alaska cruise booked on the Coral (our favorite ship) for May but will be canceling, and rebook when the 2023 itineraries are available. Love Alaska cruising out of Vancouver, which will be the first place we return to when we resume cruising.
  13. I’ve forgotten all about temperatures - I’m focused on that $100,000 bar...
  14. With our increasing numbers and rising hospitalizations Colorado Gov implemented tighter restrictions today, with gatherings limited to 10 people from no more than two separate households. 5 counties are exempt, as their numbers put them in the best “protect our neighbors” category. Folks in Denver must adhere to their Mayors’ more stringent requirement limiting gatherings no greater than 5 people. Hopefully we see a turn-around fairly quickly. Too chilly and gray to rake today (wuss!), but tomorrow looks better. Snow possible Sunday which hopefully can help curb some of our fir
  15. I miss getting a hotdog from the vender, and being the only one staying seated during a great play so I didn’t wobble the snacks on my lap.
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