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  1. Because passport data is a field in the Princess personal information section for booked passengers, we assumed it was a Princess requirement.
  2. Actually the current price I’m seeing now is less than our originally fared date for Pan Pacific (we called and re-booked). Another good benchmark for hotel research is the price comparisons offered by various third party booking sites (eg, Hotels.com etc) to give an idea of range. The price we’re booking Pan Pacific is less than we’ve paid in downtown Denver so worth it to us today, but in past years when things were tighter at home, we’ve made other choices. Note that when doing price comparisons between hotel and other sites, be aware of what currency is being used. it’s exciting to be researching options for a new cruise - have a great time!
  3. The Ports of Call - Canada (Alaska/pacific) section also has some excellent discussion on this. We went with the Pan Pacific after reviewing discussions on those two sites and have really enjoyed the experience. Love the Vancouver skyline and bustle, and taking an elevator to the port. A tad pricey (though not as bad as I thought since prices on my site were quoted in Canadian $) but we monitor the hotel site and pounce when we see a price drop. Have also used Hotwire In the past, seeking properties in that area.
  4. I was surprised about the “closed loop”designation, as we just assumed passports were needed for non-US ports, so completed the passport data in Princess’ passenger info for all our Caribbean cruises and used passports as identification when going through US customs upon our return. So much for reading the fine print... As an aside, we were interested to see that Phil’s passport info was deleted from passenger info for our 12-day spring 2020 cruise out of Vancouver, as it was due to expire less than 6 months prior to the cruise.
  5. You could keep tabs on someone tempted to sneak out if you cruise a ship with the medallion / medallion app functionality that lets you track someone’s location. But please don’t book the November 30, 2020 Sky Princess sailing... 😊
  6. Love Duluth Trading Company’s “Noga” pants. Comfy, slightly heavier stretchy materials in a variety of leg styles. Easy wash, double-stitched seams, not rumply, good for casual and as a base for slightly dressier dinner tops. Pull on, wide comfy waist band they come in lengths (ie, 29”, 31, 33, 35). Zip thigh pocket, and discrete little pouch at the top of the waste band. ok, so you can tell I’m a fan.
  7. My opinion is if they are not be specifically banned, it would still be common sense to leave it at home. Cruisers most likely will be unfamiliar with local rules, traffic requirements. On the practical side, ports are usually crowded plus sidewalks can be an inappropriate surface for riding. (Personally) I HATE being on the lookout for them while walking Denver sidewalks, having seen too many situations where some distracted rider has slammed into a pedestrian. Arrrrggg! Please oh please no, not while on vacation!
  8. I’d recommend leaving the thread as it’s a good illustration of decision-making considerations. Might help other cruisers who could be processing factors for their own cabin selection.
  9. After 18 Princess cruises we’re sailing on Pacific Princess this spring. From what I’ve read she harkens back to earlier times, with about 650 passengers in well-appointed facilities and a warmly welcoming crew.
  10. LoriPhil

    Glacier Bay

    Bring binoculars! DH and I carry ours around the ship, and often just find a place to sit watch the shore or water.
  11. For Chilkoot I believe we tipped the driver/narrator $30 or $40 covering the two of us (chilkoot tour was great) and $10 for the guy on the train.
  12. We typically book early for flights, though will monitor prices on my preferred route for a few days to get an idea of pricing, as they can bounce around a bit over the weeks. Thursday I booked our flight to Vancouver for May 15, 2020.
  13. Table for 2, as DH and I enjoy dinner as a special time for the two of us. Typically have wine with dinner (I do use a glass for that) but would happily drink from a bottle of beer depending on the entree. But of course, in my case that would solely be for the purpose of showing off the really exotic beer I had selected. 😊
  14. Good point. The more people communicating directly to Princess concerning this the better.
  15. Prior to cruise we create a paper file folder with key info - dates, base cabin price, reservation number - on the cover for fast reference, and print all documents associated with cruise ordered by activity date. We pack in our carryon for easy access during travel. After cruise, any remaining paperwork is shredded. Retain emails associated with cruise in “vacation” email folder for nostalgia. (This morning we printed flight confirmation for our May 2020 Alaska cruise, and it’s in the file with Pan Pacific confirmation and Princess docs.. yay!)
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