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  1. Shogun! So nice to see you posting - hope that the efforts there are successful. Hot hot here today (though nothing like Thrak has been seeing) with about another week of this in sight, but at least it should cool to the high 60’s later tonight so we’re grateful. Have kept busy filling the large dumpster rented for the past 2 weeks as we clear decades of yard and house debris. Boy do we miss heading out for a cold beer and hot burger at our favorite (air conditioned) brewpub right now, but will just have to settle for running through the sprinklers and ice water. Today we had to go to the bank and while masks were required - with free ones available at the entrance -I realized I was standing at the counter next to a proudly maskless couple. After 3 cancers and caring for my 100 y/o mom at home I do feel threatened by that attitude, so it’s best for me to avoid interacting with most people at this point. Grrrrrrr.
  2. We always cruise Northbound on the port side. Great views coming into glacier bay, and equally beautiful views while in the true inside passage. Like seeing the sunsets from our cabin.
  3. Lovely/windy day here, but those pesky deer came on the deck and snacked-down on the geraniums. Fortunately they didn't nibble too much on those, probably because they had already filled up on my cherry-tomato plants. I'll be preparing a nice frosty glass of champagne to celebrate July, and will sit on the deck (with a newly erected deer-barrier in place) and fantasize that I'm on our cabin balcony. Thinking now that the earliest we might consider cruising is sometime in 2022. While I'd love to plan a VRBO on Hawaii first, don't know when we'll be comfortable enough to be on a long-haul flight. Ah well, we'll watch what comes along, and think how history might report this period in time. The Governor has just reinstated closure of bars and night clubs for July in light of the uptick in Covid cases. I do worry after seeing photos of various political campaign gatherings from yesterday's primaries, with people bunched together and only a handful of masks in sight. Geeze!
  4. Wowsers - good luck on the tests - I know it could be a long two weeks but hope you get results on the “sooner” side.
  5. We aren’t sweating the return of cruising, but do have two booked that we know we will cancel. Cruising without a vaccine would be hugely stressful for us, so our rule is no cruising until one is widely available and in use. Until then it’s staying close to home and later, some car travel. Once cruising opens up and vaccines in use we’ll book our favorite VRBO on Hawaii for a few weeks as our first big vacation, and watch to see how cruising is panning out. Realistically we don’t expect to travel for about 2 years... bummer as we’re mid 60’s but still feel lucky because we’ve had some pretty great travel over the last 12 years which is when we started having true vacations vs just traveling to visit family. And hey, it gives me some time to drop the Covid quarantine-weight before I need to wedge into my bathing suit. 😎👍
  6. We've moved a balcony deck chair into the mini- sitting area in the past. If the ship doesn't have a barrel chair available perhaps your steward could bring you one of those to avoid having to shift your chair from balcony to room and back throughout the day. Not a great solution or particularly comfy for long-term seating, but at least it's an option rather than being stranded on the couch.
  7. We’re driving up to Denver tomorrow for my medical appointments, so Phil is pouncing on the opportunity for a hair cut. Ironic that after 2 months his longer hair is driving him crazy, when he had a ponytail reaching the middle of his back when we first met decades ago in Santa Fe. I’m just letting mine grow at this point and slapping it in a ponytail, as I’m not comfortable seeing my stylist located in the heart of downtown Denver, which is just to congested for me these days. the raccoons are gone and attic buttoned-up now, but we have some new critters hanging out , no doubt attracted by our wooden decoy by the back railing. Can you see why they are called mule deer? At least the bear seem to be keeping their distance so far - provided we remember to close the garage door at night so they don’t raid the freezer again. Bear love ice cream....
  8. My sewing skills are pathetic, so to change my mask-wear from drab bummer, we ordered some cloth masks from Hilo Hatties. If we can’t vacation, at least our masks can help put us in a tropical playful mood. Eager to see how they fit since our old N95 masks from Phil’s woodworking projects can only be used so many times. Did a curbside pickup from our favorite brewpub last night and all the groups we saw going in were without masks. Servers all masked and gloved, outside tables available and inside tables spaced very far apart which hopefully will keep the place functional, but we won’t be dining-in for a very long time. Bummer, but small enough sacrifice to make.
  9. Have sailed all three and the Coral remains our favorite for Alaska. Wide promenade deck encircling the ship, fore and aft deck public viewing, terrific library with large comfy chairs in front of picture windows, with the card/game room (also with large windows) on the opposite side. We enjoy the Horizon Court location - in addition to the panoramic viewing it’s much easier to find seating when the dining area is a contiguous space. Any of these ships would offer a great experience, but we would choose the Coral.
  10. 😱. Think I’ll go double-check the window screens now.
  11. El Paso County (where we are in Colorado Springs) has received approval on plans to open restaurants on Monday, restricting them to 50% occupancy, 6 foot table spacing, no mixing between groups and I believe servers required to wear masks. No bar seating unless bartenders can be at least 6 feet from patrons. Though we miss sitting at the bar for a beer and amber ale at our favorite brew pub, we’ll stick with curbside delivery until vaccines in use. Know we are getting a bit starved for human interaction, as we’re excited when Jeff from Shoo! comes to swap out occupied raccoon traps. Both Phil and I rush out to the yard and all stand 8 feet apart (masked, as are the raccoons), chatting. I know LOTS of cool stuff about wildlife critters now.
  12. We're huge fans of single malts which is why we go wayyyy early to Heathrow Airport when we've had overseas cruises. Great duty-free opportunities (Oban is our favorite), and one of the best tastings we've had was killing time at the Harrods liquor display where they nicely dispensed a number of excellent options. Probably were overserved then, which would explain us clinking up the gangway with excess carry-on.
  13. Nice! Hopefully you purchased the Welcome Aboard photo to commemorate your cruise.
  14. Unfortunately I fear that stupid is here to stay, leaving healthcare workers and first responders there to clean up the mess.
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