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  1. Just had a look at the P&O site - the price for the same cabin grade is £572 (53%) more than we paid this morning through our TA. That’s some mark up!
  2. Just booked the 18 day Southampton to Malta on March 22 with our TA. Very happy with the cabin choice and price including flight back to Manchester.
  3. Omega1


    Are you a hacker?😂😂
  4. Omega1


    I too read that post. It would appear that the release of such sensitive information is a serious breach of GDPR and other data protection legislation. Consequently, MSC is required to self report the incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office. The individual affected could also report the breach. In answer to your question, your data is probably not safe with MSC - and many other companies/organisations for that matter.
  5. Addo Elephant Park has both hard surfaced roads and dirt roads - vehicles are not permitted to go ‘off road’. It would certainly be possible to do a visit to Addo and not do any rough stuff. When we visited Addo as part of a diy land tour, we used a guide and his Land Rover in the morning and drove around in our rental car in the afternoon. If you could find a private guide in PE, you could customise your own ‘smooth’ tour.
  6. Thanks Terry. I don’t think the crackdown on gang violence has a great deal of significance for tourists. On our six extended visits to South Africa, as independent travellers, we have always heeded the advice of our hosts in b&bs. They know the local intelligence and it’s in their interests to keep their guests safe. Needless to say we never venture near townships, although when we drive between Hout Bay and Franschhoek we pass quite close to Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha. Taking simple precautions, as you would in any city, and being alert will serve the tourist well. We undaunted and are planning our next visit to the Cape along with a visit to Durban, St. Lucia and a safari in the Hluhluwe–iMfolozi National Park.
  7. It’s five years since we had a guide in Casablanca. Our guide was good but I’m not sure if he is still in business- I’ll email him.
  8. Six visits, never had a problem with taxis.
  9. Sorry, I can only offer help with Lisbon, Casablanca, Lanzarote and Cape Town - not been to any of the others.
  10. What info specifically would you like?
  11. A few Revolutionary Guards would stand no chance against 2000+ cruise passengers - especially if they blocked the way to the buffet.
  12. I think you are only allowed to eat in the cookery section.😎
  13. What’s the difference between a Great White and a cruise ship passenger? One is a highly evolved, predatory, eating machine and the other is a shark!😂😂😂 I’ll get my coat!
  14. With the look of that phone, I’d say you’ve been on hold since 1997. Apologies, only joking.
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