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  1. If you look back at the last report, you will see that the Radiance changed captains about 2 months ago, so we are coming up on the "standard" window of 10 weeks. Even if no other information is available, that's a good first guess that they'll be switching back soon. "Radiance OTS - Capt Espen Been (started rotation 3-23-19)  Radiance OTS - Capt Marek Slaby" Theron
  2. 😄 You know what they say!!! Garbage in - garbage out!! Theron
  3. From some of his more recent tweets on his real account, I think he already knows! Sadly, it's a fairly common thing, and other that reporting after the fact there isn't much you can do to prevent it. Theron
  4. I think this is his account: @HarleyCaptain Lots of tweets, but nothing about returning to Harmony. Theron
  5. I did not, I booked one of the many shuttles to the airport for the morning return. Theron
  6. From my recollection of the ride over, I believe there are sidewalks. To be sure you could use Google Maps Street View and "walk it" yourself ahead of time! 🙂 Theron
  7. Thanks! I hadn't seen that. The left-most icon is a pencil, which let me edit the title, which is all I needed to do! Theron
  8. I set up a couple of Custom Streams under the Activity tab, My Activity Streams option. I need to edit the settings, or if not possible, then delete them and recreate them. Cannot find the procedure for either of those two options. Theron
  9. I mentioned it in the post-cruise survey! Theron
  10. Just found this review, and I can confirm your observations. I also made the assumption that something was broken. This was my first cruise on a Radiance class ship, and by far the worst one for smoke spilling out of the Casino into the Centrum area. It was quite annoying. Theron
  11. From the USGS map, it appears that the epicenter of the earthquake was 50 miles west northwest of Labadee. Theron
  12. I got off the ship about 9:30, and it wasn't very crowded. Right after I got there, they made an announcement and people started showing up. They did not implement a ticket scheme, so that tells me that they probably don't expect long delays normally. Theron
  13. My plan with Hertz went fine as well. Picked up at TPA, dropped off the next morning at the Marriott Waterside (700 South Florida Ave). One interesting note, they didn't actually have a shuttle on-site, they used the car I had just returned to run me over to the port. To return at this particular hotel, you just pull up to the Valet Parking in front of the hotel and tell them you are dropping off a Hertz rental. They held the car right there while I went in and took care of the paperwork. An observation: The hotel staff told me that it was likely they would use the car to shuttle me, so it is apparently not uncommon. So if you have multiple people in your party (I sailed alone, so I did not) it may be a good idea to just leave the luggage in the car (while your party keeps an eye on it) while one person goes upstairs to turn in the paperwork. If they're going to use the same car, no sense in unloading all the luggage just to have to load it all back in the car again! Also, apparently the hotel moves the Hertz desk around from time to time. Theron
  14. Thanks for posting your review! I also enjoyed the cruise very much! Theron
  15. For the October 1st sailing (5 nights to Grand Cayman and Cozumel) formal night was the first day at sea, which was Day 2. Theron
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