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  1. Thanks for the review, we are doing the same 11 day in 2 weeks. Love your attitude, some of the negatives you listed, I have seen others say never again, it ruined my cruise, lol. Like you we matched to Diamond from NCL. For embarkation, do you just show up at your scheduled time and find the Diamond line or can you show up anytime and go to the diamond line? For debarkation, did you carry your own luggage off or can diamonds put it out the night before and still get priority debarkation? Did you have any trouble getting show reservations? Or Butcher Cut reservation? Thanks, Debbie and Tony
  2. Great review, thanks. Love looking at the menus and planners to prep for our trip. Going on an 11 day in Feb, really looking forward Ocean Cay (we go there twice). Budget traveller too, in an inside cabin. Tony and Debbie.
  3. We are thinking of booking for Feb. 19 on Mera and would love a half full ship. Is it half full for all 11 days or just the 4 day segment and then it fills up with the 7 day segment? That is Presidents Day weekend too, will that make the 4 day segment full? Thanks, Tony and Debbie
  4. These are the 3 companies we are booked with. We have Juneau on the northbound leg, then Seward on turnaround day and Icy Strait Point on the way back. I think we will keep Juneau and Icy Strait Point and maybe cancel Seward. We don't want to do only one in case we cant dock that day or miss the port for another reason. Thanks for all the answers. Sounds like Icy Strait Point with Glacier Winds is the best choice for getting close to the whales on a small boat (I think our tour has 13 people).
  5. Which port is best for whale watching tours? We are on Radiance of the Seas B2B Sep 9 and 16. We have booked private excursions in Juneau, Seward and Icy Strait Point. They are each about $400 for 2 people so kinda pricey to do all 3. Any recommendations on which one to cancel? We booked them all online and can cancel any time but we really want to see whales close up and preferably in smaller boats. Thanks. Tony and Debbie
  6. Just read the last few pages and I think I've got it straight. We are Canadians flying from Toronto to Vancouver and boarding Radiance of the Seas for 7 nights to Seward. We are staying on board and returning to Vancouver, so a back to back cruise with 2 different reservation numbers. Do we need to do ArriveCan before boarding in Vancouver or do we do it 72 hours before our arrival back in Vancouver? Do we need a Covid test to fly Toronto to Vancouver? Do we need one to board the ship in Vancouver? Do we need another test on the second cruise? Nice to have a board where we can get information specific to Canadian travelers. Thanks, Tony
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