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  1. I think the cruise will definitely be cancelled but not until after final payment on the Dubai to Capetown cruise passes. I know they'll have to give out a lot of FCC but they will have that cash that they still need to "stay afloat". I dont think the cruise restart is as robust as we all hoped. No secret info but they're still only sailing half a fleet at half capacity. I wont give them $10,000 in final payments next week for these possible itineraries. Instead I'll cancel and use the money on some last minute cruises closer to home. Tony
  2. That would make sense, but I think the Escape will require a PCR test taken in the last 72 hours (might have changed that to 48 hours) before administering the Antigen test to check in at the pier. It might be easier to change to back to back on the Joy. I don't think we would need those tests if were staying on for a second week. Tony
  3. Thanks for the reply and link. It seems they will cover it for a flight home but not if we have other travel plans. I wonder if they would make an exception since our travel plans are to go to another NCL ship? Tony
  4. Will NCL provide a covid test on board that I can use for my flight home? Is there a charge? Our flight is early afternoon from Miami but I don't want to stress about getting a test in Miami before the flight? In Feb. 2022, we will be getting off the Joy and boarding the Escape later the same day. Will NCL give us a test on the Joy that we can use to board the Escape? Again, is there a cost? I know everything could change by spring but I'm just wondering what the situation is right now. Thanks, Tony
  5. We are hoping to do 4 cruises back to back in Feb. 2021. NCL, then MSC then NCL then Royal. Will we be able to get a Covid test done on NCL to use on MSC, and then get one on MSC to use on NCL, etc? Or will we have to get off one ship, taxi into Miami, get a test and taxi back to our next cruise? I know testing protocols could change by Feb. but what would the situation be if we did this now? All the cruises leave out of Miami, so we would just walk our luggage to the next ship. Thanks, Tony
  6. We were booked on Spirit in Jan/Feb 2021 for B2B Athens to Dubai to Cape Town. We gave 2 cruise next deposits on each cruise. We had to cancel before final payment because of Covid and moved everything to the Jade Nov/Dec 2021 for B2B Athens to Dubai to Cape Town. We are coming up on final payment and want to cancel that cruise (most of the ports are closed and Cape Town won't allow ships). We don't want to make the final payment (around $8,000) and have NCL cancel and give us an $8,000 FCC to use within a year. We want to cancel now and book 2 Caribbean cruises in March 2022. Can we transfer those cruise next certificates as deposits on the Caribbean cruises? They may have had expiry dates of 2021 (or even 2020) and were possibly extended. Thanks, Tony
  7. Our Armonia cruise was cancelled March 2020 because of Covid. Took the refund, no problems. We are Diamond members after doing the status match about 5 years ago. Our last MSC cruise was a TA in March 2019. How soon do we have to cruise to keep our Diamond status? I seem to remember reading somewhere that you had to cruise every 3 years, but not sure if that has been affected by Covid. Thanks, Tony
  8. We have done the dinner with officers many times. Its always a good time, talking to people from other countries about their jobs on board, how they got there, what they do for vacation, etc. We tend to have a table for 2 in the MDR so don't mix too much with others. We have dined with the fire security officer, safety officer, recycling officer (?) photography manager (got us a free pic, lol), shops manager, hotel manager, staff captain. They always have interesting stories and the wine flows freely (we never get the booze package, so that's a nice perk). Usually in the MDR but a couple of times in a specialty restaurant. We got to Platinum Plus the old fashioned way (1 point per night) so maybe we appreciate it more, lol. We still think the best perk is the free laundry. And the specialty dining, remember when that used to be 1 dinner for 2 per person, so we ate twice at le Bistro, but like everything else its getting scaled back. We would love to see another level before Ambassador because we'll never get there. Tony and Debbie
  9. I think someone at the parking lot told us. I think it was just pulling up to the lot when we got there. I don't remember if it was marked in any way, there's so many shuttles and vans there, they all look the same.
  10. We were there in March 2020 and dont remember which lot we parked at, but I do know when we returned we were docked at a different spot and had a 15 minute walk dragging our bags behind us. We found out when we got to the car that there was a free shuttle circling the port for that purpose, lol. I guess we burned a few of the calories at least. The elevators at both garages didn't work either. But I would still park there again in future, much safer than what I read about off site lots in Miami. Tony
  11. I think you're right, the aft area does look more like a dining are. I wonder if the aft pool at the top of the ship will be Haven.
  12. Love the look of the Prima, very similar to MSC Seaside as someone said. I read somewhere that they were moving the Haven to the aft section of the ship. I wonder if that area of deck 8 will be for Haven guest only? The pool areas on deck 8 look very spacious and luxurious for us inside cabin guests, lol. Like the size of the ship too, although we enjoyed Getaway and Epic, we still like the older ships, Jewel, Sun, etc. Tony
  13. Thanks for the answers, we would have been diamond by now without Covid. What are the crystal blocks and when do you get them?
  14. I think some countries require your passport be good for 6 months after your arrival date, so yes I think you should renew before travelling.
  15. We have 52 points and hope to cruise 7 nights in Feb. 2022 at double points that would give us 66 points and bump us up to Emerald. We have an 8 day on Odyssey in March 2022 giving us 16 more points and putting us at 82 points and Diamond. My questions: Will we get the Emerald benefits on the cruise we achieve Emerald status or on the next cruise? The same question for going from Emerald to Diamond, we will become Diamond near the end of the Odyssey cruise, will we get the benefits from the start of the Odyssey cruise, midway through when we attain the status or on our next cruise? Our next cruise after Odyssey would be a week or 2 later. I know the small print says allow 30 days for your status to be updated but I'm sure someone said they can check that onboard and give you the status. Thanks, Tony
  16. Just found this thread and am binging the show. Does anyone have any idea what ship they used for the aerial shots? Is it CGI or maybe an old liner? I assume the interiors are on a stage somewhere, but they do remind us of the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach. Tony
  17. When you book NCL air, can you fly in 3 or 4 days early? Stay over for 3 or 4 days after cruise? What if you're doing an Athens to Dubai cruise, can you fly into Athens and then fly home from Dubai, or is it only good for round trip from the departure port? Thanks, Tony
  18. That's what we're thinking too. We just don't want to lose the value of the CNs. We have no problem booking with NCL again, once they resume cruising. This cruise was a "one off" going to unusual ports (Dubai, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and some South African cities). I think NCL will be more focused on getting their "regular" cruises up and running, Caribbean and Med mostly.
  19. We have a Dubai to Cape Town cruise booked for Dec. 2021. We booked it in April 2020 using 2 Cruise Next deposits that would have expired on Oct. 30, 2020. If we cancel the Dubai cruise before final payment, will we get the CN's back with another year on them or will they be deemed to have expired? If we wouldn't get them back, would we be better to pay in full, wait for NCL to cancel and then get an FCC? If NCL doesn't cancel we would still go on the cruise. We would only cancel before final, if we thought NCL was going to cancel anyway. Thanks, Tony
  20. One year ago today, we got off NCL Pearl in Port Canaveral and drove to Fort Lauderdale to board the Adventure of the Seas on the 14th. They emailed later on the 13th to say it was cancelled. Nothing booked until March 2022 Odyssey, it will be 2 whole years between cruises, we haven't gone that long since about 2007, I think. Tony
  21. I'm thinking of booking the Brilliance to get the double points. If I get off the Brilliance on March 10, 2022, the 10 points I get would make me Diamond. I am boarding the Odyssey on March, 2022. Would the paperwork have gone through by then so I could get my Diamond perks? Thanks, Tony
  22. Don't see her in Valetta today, did I miss her or was there a change in itinerary?
  23. Thanks, so 3 years normally would expire March 2022 and 1 extra year extends it to March 2023. I sure hope we'll be sailing long before that lol. Tony
  24. My last MSC cruise was in March 2019. We had one for March 2020 that was cancelled and we took the refund. We are Black Voyagers Club members (I think that has been changed to Diamond, but I can't get any info from the website). I think the status match program we used about 6 years ago said we had to cruise every 2 years to keep our status active. Does that mean we have to cruise before March 2021 (I know, not going to happen) to keep our Black/Diamond status? Or has MSC extended the deadline? Thanks, Tony
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