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  1. Shouldn't matter. It's not like they would run out of internet access. We always book ahead of time but that's because there is a sale and a slight discount. So if this rate is less than what they would charge you onboard or you would feel more comfortable getting it now, then book it now.
  2. From our perspective, no. We used a HAL PCC many years ago. Rates offered we never as competitive as a TA, and extras were unheard of. Our TA gets us a better rate, OBC and extras. Never arrived at the dock and did not have a reservation. Cabin on our reservation was the one we got. Other's may have a different opinion. Dan
  3. You are spot on with your belief on any advantage of purchasing the beverage card. If carrying two (or more) cards and not having drink purchases on you regular account, though you can still buy drinks on your key card, is an advantage, then get one. Some folks like them others don't care.
  4. On our last cruise we had an outside cabin. The weather wasn't very good and over a couple of days the windows got so dirty we couldn't see out of them. So we went down to the front desk and told them the problem. After a few minutes the manager came out and said not a problem, we've changed your room status to an inside cabin! Naaa, just kidding.
  5. Some folks love their PCCs. Had PCC years ago and wasn't very pleased with the service. Move on to a TA and had to cycle through a few until we found a good one. TA can almost always get a lower price and more OBC. In our experience TAs are hungry and looking for your business. PCCs, not so much, and don't have a lot to offer.
  6. In the past 6 years we've done 5 of our cruises in the Mar-Apr time frame and flew to Fl. We are from NJ and would consider a cruise from NY/NJ. But the big overlooking issue we have is the weather. In most cases you have at least one day out and back with not so good weather. Many times it's 2 each way. So that 10-11 day Caribbean trip is now a 9-6 nice day trip, assuming the Atlantic cooperates. Since most of the cruising will be in the Atlantic rough seas are pretty much the norm. And because you book many month out you have no realistic way to know what the weather will be. We hate flying and we always go a day early. But after the 3-4 hour flight we are in warm weather and can start our vacation early. We have done cruise line air so we don't have to go a day early but it's usually not as cheap as booking your own and getting a hotel room. So for us there is not as big of an attraction to sail from NY/NJ except to avoid the flight hassles.
  7. When we went last on our cruise last March we stayed at Four Points by Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport/Cruise Port. They offer free airport to hotel shuttle and reasonable rate to the pier. Prices were the best we were able to find in the area. Service was good and accommodation were very good with onsite bar and restaurant.
  8. Used HAL PSC years ago. No benefit whatsoever. Migrated to a TA and get better rates and add ons.
  9. Well done. And thank you for your service.
  10. Been on both large and small ships. We like both. Only downside to the larger ones is the ports available to stop at.
  11. The cake actually is one of the best desserts on the ship. On every HAL cruise someone in our group has a birthday or some other important occasion, real or imagined. 😉 Just mention to the staff and they always have accommodated us.
  12. https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/travel/medical/emergency-transportation-costs.htm The above link is a bit dated (Dec 2017) but the information is very good. Evac and Medical coverage are different. HALs $50k Evc & $10k Medical might sound like a lot but it depends on where you need help. If you buy too much coverage you just spent some extra dollars. Let's face it, most cruisers never need the insurance they bought. That's a good thing. Buy the wrong or inadequate coverage and you could be financially hurt. I also made a stmt in a prior post on this thread that you won't be allowed back on the ship if you get hurt. I've been corrected by others, that they may, in fact, let you back on, as long as HAL determines they can handle your issue. Point taken, but HAL makes that decision, not you. Bottom line? Be prepared for any emergency or be prepared to pay/pray.
  13. I come across these stories from time to time. You may be correct in that HAL will evaluate you prior to forcing you to disembark because they may feel their care would be inadequate. But's it's a decision that HAL makes not you. My point was that many younger folks may not realize an injury on a tour could prevent them from continuing their cruise and having adequate insurance is just a smart thing to have.
  14. We almost never buy HALs insurance. Not worth is for coverage vs cost. We get comprehensive coverage that does medical, evacuation, and cancellation ins for covered reasons. Many offer the ability to get the insurance before final payment to get the pre existing medical waiver. Always way cheaper than HALs. Cancel for any reason can get a bit costly. All offer it. On our current cruise coming up in two weeks for a 13 day cruise in the Caribbean we're paying a bit more than $600 for both of us with trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage, $150k medical and $1 million evacuation. Bought it at just before final payment. HALs plus is all it takes is a phone call. We have had to use the insurance for last years cruise due to a medical emergency. Other than some paperwork, it wasn't bad at all. But the biggest issue, especially if you are older, is medical coverage and evacuation. You just can't enough coverage but you can have too little. Many cruiser don't realize that if you come back from a tour hurt, limping, arm in sling, etc, you most likely will not be allowed to board. So not getting insurance is crazy talk. The internet is full of stories where insurance was not purchased or inadequate.
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