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  1. We've done both Celebrity and HAL, all things being equal, we would choose Celebrity. Dan
  2. Horrible overreaction by all parties. As a US citizen she should be allowed entry to the US regardless of her medical condition.
  3. Last cruise that we were on leaving from Tampa we stayed at the Hotel Barrymore. A cab ride from the port but more than reasonably priced and many local shops, and restaurants around. The closer to the port, the more expensive they tend to be. Shuttle ride to the pier was trouble free and reasonable. The hotel had an inhouse bar and restaurant. Both were great. Rates on this hotel are easily less than half the big name hotels at the pier.
  4. While I don't totally disagree, these changes will in-effect kill the cruise industry. No one will go and no ship line could afford all of them. Clearly there will be some major changes in the cruise industry. Not entirely clear if many will survive.
  5. If these procedures get strictly enforced across all cruise lines, they better be prepared to lose a good portion of their customers. Older folks cruise. They have the time and money. Younger folks aren't going to pick up the slack unless they build ships that look like Coney Island Amusement parks. Heck, even before the Wuhan Flu, you had passengers coming onboard who didn't feel all that good, but due to cruise line rules, at the time, if you felt sick, and voluntary or otherwise, did not go, it was on your dime, unless you had specific insurance to cover it.
  6. They did. Check out this thread:
  7. To be able to answer the OPs initial question I would want to know what type of thermometer they would be using to measure my temp. Oral or digital and I would have no issues. But rectal would not be good. And also, where would this be done? During boarding? Would cause a lot of other issues that I would not care to get into right now. 😯
  8. We were on her many years ago when she was relatively new. No issues and had a nice time. We were back on her a few years ago and had issues. A/C and toilets were out for a period of time. Some posters on this forum don't get bothered by these issues. We do. Others have posted all is good with the ship. Sorry but the ship is over 20 years old and HAL maintenance isn't the best. (Search the forum). So unless the cruise the ship is on is spectacular, and worth putting up with these issues, we will pass on sailing on her. We work hard for our money and there are many other ships ou
  9. Interesting bit of info. We never ask the Maitre d' for anything but a table. We always mention it to the waiters and they have never disappointed. And why would they care? But if it didn't work try some other recognition item. My table mates got me a cake for my son's college graduation.
  10. We cruise with another couple. On every cruise we go on, we take turns having a birthday, all at different venues. ( MDR, Pinnacle, Canaletto) Never had an issue. One at a time, of course. You can also use graduations, promotions, etc. Just ask the waiter. Never even had to give notice ahead of time. I will say the small cake the Pinnacle has is the best dessert on any ship we've been on. As long as you like chocolate. And who doesn't? Dan
  11. Spot on. 👏 And to repeat what was said before: I want what I agreed to, and paid my hard earned money for. A room not flooded, hot & cold running water, A/C that works and food that is edible. "ship happens" is an excuse that gets bantered around way too often especially to cover up minimal /poorly scheduled maintenance. And if there is an incident that causes my cruise to be less that what I paid for, I expect compensation. While I will not rail on and complain I will not return. If someone wants to put up with these issues that some trivialize and cont
  12. Shouldn't matter. It's not like they would run out of internet access. We always book ahead of time but that's because there is a sale and a slight discount. So if this rate is less than what they would charge you onboard or you would feel more comfortable getting it now, then book it now.
  13. From our perspective, no. We used a HAL PCC many years ago. Rates offered we never as competitive as a TA, and extras were unheard of. Our TA gets us a better rate, OBC and extras. Never arrived at the dock and did not have a reservation. Cabin on our reservation was the one we got. Other's may have a different opinion. Dan
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