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  1. Just before the virus got bad, bought a new Porsche Cayenne, well oh my. Doing driving trips in North America, albeit we have already seen alot of Canada and the USA. Going to eat and drink and do biscuits and golf. The foreign travel fund is mostly emptied, so cruises not getting my business. Here is the thing, I get 365 days of value from my new amazing Porsche, cruising does not deliver that. With the constant downgrading of the cruising product, it was quite easy to change focus and do land travel. Cruising is the loser in my household.
  2. Consumers must always treat themselves first, the top priority. Many do not. Posts on other boards show concepts like, I will leave my deposit to help Celebrity etc, quite nuts. Ponant is obviously an anti-consumer, vicious corporation with no reasonable principles and values, who takes the view that PG customers are "obedient consumers" who can be abused but still come back. I note that all the cruise lines these days have this attitude about cruisers because so many repeatedly book despite downgrading and increased prices. I have cancelled my one and only PG cruise booking and will not recommend the line to anyone. In fact, I was already on break from cruising because of the anti-consumer behaviors of the cruise lines - moved on to Globus land trips and had the best trip of my life last June to Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany with a QM2 departure from Hamburg to NYC. It included the Glacier Express to Zermatt and many other great side events. Ate much local foods. Simply outstanding trip and no cruise has ever came close to this trip. I would recommend that us PG folks give strong consideration to other vacation options as quite frankly, the cruise industry does Not deserve us.
  3. Paulchili. You are right. The CC issues a temp credit to ones card while the investigation proceeds. My card company has given the cruise line 45 days. If the cruise line provides me with my refund within that time frame, it is posted to my card. If they do not, then the credit card company makes the refund permanent. During this process the refund is temporary and should not be touched in ones account. The card company saw my TA's email to me indicating "over 90 days" and they indicated that is not acceptable. This process gives the cruise line a chance to do right by the consumer, but in the end if they fail, the CC pays.
  4. Hi Wendy. A third party default is the cruise line - the TA is the 2nd party who we notify to cancel, adjust etc. Because the travel agent does not have our funds, they can not provide a refund as the 2nd party. The cruise lines holds the funds and if they do not refund the customer within 30-45 days (my Master Card standard - MC is operated by Chase Bank) then the cruise line is in default of the terms and conditions. I provided MC the TA paperwork and the terms and conditions of cancellation which were very straightforward. My TA checked with PG as to timing of my deposit refund and she wrote us "over 90 days" and that was that. The deposit sits in my MC account for 45 days. PG has that long to provide me with my refund, if they do not MC does. They will notify me of which way it goes - but I get my deposit back. As soon as I used the words "third party default" - I was forwarded to the Dispute Resolutions section who were efficient. Given the attitude change with the arrival of Ponant, they will not be getting any of my cruise business. I strongly recommend everyone awaiting a PG refund to get to your credit card company immediately.
  5. ORV, a "third party dispute" is where the person you contracted with (TA), is considered the 3rd party after the customer and the service provider. The TA is in default because they do not have the money and can not provide you with your deposit return. My credit card company leaped into action. I had my deposit returned on my credit card in 2 days after submitting my paperwork. It is held there for 45 days or less. The card company goes after the cruise line - I am not involved anymore. The credit card company considers 30 -45 days as maximum for withholding a customers funds. So when one has paperwork from the TA saying "in excess of 90 days" - well game over for the cruise line. Highly effective approach to deal with the continuous delays of refunds.
  6. I had cruised Celebrity since 1992. I ended sailing with them in 2018 for many of the reasons Baron Barracuda mentioned. The Celebrity creation of an overt class system on their ships is not something I support, not withstanding I can pay for it. Further, Celebrity's new ships have totally eliminated the forward viewing area a top the ship. Some of the S class have had the viewing area reduced by 1/2 or so. Let me see, I am on a ship. I wish to see where I am going and to see islands and ports rise from the ocean (ie see the approach to Venice for example). The new Celebrity with its shrilling for sales, downgraded food and service for everyone not in a suite, declining entertainment - while posting high per diems is a turnoff. My travel companions have also stopped purchasing Celebrity due to its over promising and under delivering. I have not been on Viking and will not until their pay in full well in advance requirement is adjusted. Everyone has a different set of needs so it is up to you.
  7. I cancelled a cruise for Aug 2021. Submitted my "third party default" paperwork to the credit card company. Got the full deposit back on my card 2 days after, less the $100 pp admin fee. Folks, move forward and protect your funds. You do have to abide by the cancellation terms at the time of cancelling the cruise.
  8. Got my deposit returned to my credit card 2 days after submitting paperwork to the credit card company. Ponat will not ever get a booking from this household in the future. Anti-consumer practices combined with arrogance.
  9. Get to your credit card company and initiate a "third party dispute". I got my deposit $ back from another cruise line on my card in 2 days after I submitted my paperwork. With the news of NCL do not bother waiting for them.
  10. Ellen. Exactly. What is the fixation with cruising and the need to prop up mega corporations? I have cruised since 1987 but have moved on to include custom land tours and escorted tours and fly/train trips. There is a big world to see in the future - and cruising is only one small way to see the world. Get your refund via your credit card company and explore other travel options. Remember, the cruise lines have been working hard for years to downgrade their product and charge people more. People who keep booking in this paradigm are affectionately called "obedient consumers".
  11. FYI Check out the latest from HAL. Princess just announced similar. Where does this leave Cunard - and the QM2 TA's?
  12. Folks, stop waiting for NCL/HAL. Initiate a "third party dispute" with your credit card company. Get your cash back. You should not be the banker to a cruise line. Stand up for yourself. There are other travel options than cruise lines - explore them and move on.
  13. iancal - that is exactly how the credit card companies are viewing it. See my just now earlier post. Consumers - stand up for yourself. Get the cash and move on. There are other travel options out there - cruise lines have been taking you for granted for a long time.
  14. Well precisely. Everyone, get to your credit card company and initiate a "third party dispute". I did and got my deposit back in 2 days on my card account. The credit card said that the cruise line (Paul Gauguin) has 45 days to dispute. I cancelled over 1 year in advance of a deposited cruise. Stop being a banker to the cruise lines who obviously had no cash in reserve for troubles. No contingency, no risk management scenarios. Incompetence. Not on my dime.
  15. While there may be future cruisers wishing to use their FCC's, the bigger question is - outside those with FCC's - will consumers be willing to continue to cruise given their financial situation? A national poll conducted by Nanos Research in Canada, released this morning, indicates consumers plan a long term spending decrease. Ontario and Quebec have the highest % of the provinces with plans to decrease spending at 41% and 39%. A good portion of Canadians cruising come from these most populated provinces. Quoted - "sales of non-essential items could be thin gruel compared to the pre-COVID-19 world". I suspect this Canadian result is mirrored in many places in the G20. Celebrity's future cruise pricing may hit up against the reality of future cruise spending.
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