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  1. Shawnino - Indeed, it is all about varied travel options, cruise lines have many obligations - lets see how the Globus and land tours do, et all do. If you want to see the world (not everyone wants to, some want to do the ship only). Just purchase what you want. The cruise lines have the petri dish isolation obligation - just not doing that any time soon. Will fly or drive but not held hostage by a cruise line ever. To each their own.
  2. CintiPam, good to hear you were pleased with the food. I do remember the "bland" food era as you describe! It will be interesting to see what the food quality will be in the future. Cruise prices have no where to go but upwards at least until all the FCC's are used up. Food costs are rising as well. What I believe is that the choice between purchasing a cruise versus a land vacation etc is going to become more about the experience versus the cost if there is residual restrictions that linger on cruises versus land. Might not be the simple, I will take a cruise decision process of the past. If this happens, then cruising will have to become more price competitive. Time will tell.
  3. I concur with your assessment DaCruiseBug. Canada is reporting significant increases in cases and our testing is lagging well behind the USA and our media loves to disparage the USA. A further complexity for the USA is that you have 51 states, a lot of different administrations at the state level with different approaches. Canada has only 10 provinces and 1 territory with very different approaches and outcomes. The media reporting in the USA is not focused on comparative reality, it is only about the negative in everything, pathetic. This is very important to cruising as the cruising public receives info via the so called 4th estate. The constant negative bashing does not instill confidence in the American people and that impacts consumer choices. Get R Going there USA!
  4. Considering none of the trials have people who are operating in the real world - their exposure is therefore limited to this virus restricted configuration. This will not aid in the accuracy of the vaccine. This is a flaw in the vaccine process.
  5. The virus is reporting to be increasing significantly in Canada as well - it is the end of the summer season in the US, Canada and Europe. To be expected. In Ontario we have had the highest reported number of cases since the pandemic started! We are in a stage 2 lockdown in the major urban centres, still....... It is not just the USA, so try to not beat yourselves up so much! It is my observation it is the young people in bars, the high school kids just off the property standing in big groups with no masks, the boys at the skateboard parks with people everywhere with no masks,..... it is not the older people in the stores with masks on etc. The sheer volume of young people in the Greater Toronto Area with no masks is astonishing, have their parents not been successful in terrorizing them as to the consequences? I wonder about that.
  6. CintiPam - the menu introduced in August 2018. A search will bring up many comments on the reduction in size, increase in repetition and use of lesser quality ingredients, particularly the meat items. For me and the group I travel with, it was very obvious there was a food change. The Grand Dining Room, in particular, suffered from the downgrading. It was the before and immediately after the menu change that brought the clearest knowledge of the negative impacts. My dear friends did 4 Oceania in 2018 and they were startled at the difference. Enough change they said to not consider Oceania, which they have not, they moved to Crystal. Hope this is of assistance.
  7. Indeed fly. The golf clubs shipped. Rental vehicle. Will live in Florida in the same manner as here in Ontario, with caution (mask, shield and gloves always in a store) BUT, loving it and warm and exercised and watching gators and eating great food made at the condo or delivered in, being on the beach. Life is meant to be lived and I am living it big time. No cowering in the basement of the frozen hell. For me here is the reality..... Most if not all of our pandemic viruses have come from China, so that is an issue that the G20 needs to deal with. Cruise lines need to deal with. If we do not deal with it, the G20 economy will be perpetually destabilized and so will cruising. I lived through the toughest situation of SARS (from China) in 2003 in Toronto ( the worlds epicenter of SARS), it was a big shutdown like we are dealing with now, with no tech, everyone had to physically go to work, was very difficult. So this is my 2nd pandemic and I am not in any way tolerant of China; Asian flu 1956, Hong Kong flu 1968, Wuhan virus now. To be able to cruise again means that we will always have in the back of our mind this virus, what that means for the future is to be determined.
  8. The vaccine, there may not be a vaccine. There has not been a vaccine for the members of this virus family so far. Further, with the rush to produce the vaccine, I and others suspect, the side effects will be minimized and frankly hidden from the public. Under no circumstances do I expect to get the truth from the vaccine manufacturers. I am assuming no vaccine going forward, doing some preventative measures, but moving on living and traveling and ensuring the Wuhan virus does not keep me hiding in my basement. Time is precious and it is slipping away and the older one is, the faster is the loss of time relative to one's remaining objectives. Here in Canada there is now discussion that the Wuhan virus will become endemic, so not going away. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/will-covid-19-become-endemic-here-s-what-that-means-1.5144140 Becoming endemic then creates a very long term challenge for the cruise lines and other activities in closed spaces. The winter is approaching here and if I stay in Toronto, will not see good weather for upwards of 6 months. So I am off to Florida for all of January and most of February in a lovely condo in Ft. Myers and lots of golf. It is called living.
  9. Well here in Toronto, we are increasingly locked down. My sister in Ottawa is freaking cause the retirement homes (not long term care) will not let any residents out for even an emerg appointment unless, unless, upon your return, you have a negative covid test and even then you still have to do a 14 day isolation, a 14 day isolation, realize that means you can not leave your room. People who are 93 years old with dementia, can not get out of their room. Beyond insane. So you Americans, it is not just your most dear country, gather your selves up and move forward USA. Canada is not the paragon of success it has been portrayed in the media, by any means. Check out British Columbia.
  10. We are not interested in any perks. We pay as we go, if we wish anything. No booze, no nothing. Specialty dining if necessary. So all inclusive lines will not be purchased by us, we are not subsidizing anyone else. We pay for customized land tours, obviously this is an issue in the future. That is why we have recently only cruised with Oceania, basic level, but they have proven not to deliver the value commensurate with their pricing and their frequent cancellation of ports will not do at all. So we will await for a long while to determine if cruising is a real competitor to customized land vacations. To each their own of course.
  11. SusieQft - Well done. You are a discerning consumer and putting yourself first. Super. Thank you for your suspicious mind, your enquiring as to the details. Compliments to you. Believe nothing and question everything.
  12. Cruise-y, this very important item will in itself stop me from cruising, along with many other reasons. I do not trust insurance companies period, they do their very best to avoid payment. This industry will enjoy, love and thrive on the paranoia of travellers who will pay big $ to purchase covid insurance. There are other ways to travel that do not have the risk and inconvenience of cruising.
  13. Canadians can not enter EU countries. Lots of people here do not wear masks and our numbers are not good. Being in the Toronto area versus the USA would make no difference to me - so hence my trip to Hilton Head shortly. Time is precious and it is slipping away, not hiding in my house.
  14. Celebrity all inclusive, this class segmented cruise line. Really, what a laugh. Back in the 1990's with the Zenith and Mercury and Century, it was rather that. But that style died a while ago with RCL purchase as they killed the great cruise line that Celebrity used to be. If this is true, Celebrity mgmt must think there are many stupid consumers our there, well I guess there are. Celebrity, get over yourself.
  15. Hi KirkNC, please explain how me going to Hilton Head is any riskier than the European folks that have been on the cruise ships operating in Europe. Waiting and thank you.
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