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  1. Thank you. Yes, I did compare Royal Caribbean’s tour options and the tour I picked covered my priorities (more time in Denali, Talkeetna, Fairbanks than the other tours). I’m retired, so number of days is quite flexible. I’ve visited Denali and Talkeetna very briefly years ago on a very quick land visit for work, so this would be a chance to revisit and refresh my memory. As I mentioned elsewhere, I would probably also look at the option of another tour company’s arrangements besides the cruise line. It’s just nice to know the options and choices. 😊
  2. Thank you! That’s basically what I wanted to know.... if the cruise tour is an “entity” that can’t be separated out, and must be repriced if I decide not to take the tour after the cruise. To answer the other question asked on this thread, I’m not intending to book something I won’t use as my FCC won’t cover the entire cost anyway. Just to explain: because specific cruise tours can sell out I was thinking to grab it now since I do want to take the cruise. My thinking was if I could find a “better” post-cruise tour (e.g. with another company) I could just do that instead, and eliminate the ship’s option. Hope I explained myself better!
  3. Actually, not wanting any further FCC as my future cruises will most likely not be on Royal Caribbean.. Just wanting to know if anyone had found it easy to delete the tour part and convert to cruise only, in terms of having to re-book (and possibly losing perks in the process).
  4. Using my Royal Caribbean FCCs, I'm considering an Alaska cruise tour 2021. Has anyone booked a cruise tour, then decided to drop the tour and keep the cruise (before final payment of course)? Mainly interested to know if it was no hassle to drop the touring part - as in, no penalty or not having to totally rebook the cruise?? TIA!
  5. Ask yourself: so, if you don't buy travel insurance, what's your plan if something happens? My philosophy: if you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the trip...
  6. Heard about CABIFY as an alternative to taxis and maybe better than Uber? Interested to hear anyone’s experience in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. TIA for feedback.
  7. For anyone who has experienced La Reserve on the Marina... if you're not totally into wines (i.e. 2-3 glasses is your limit), did you feel the extra cost was worth it? (Note: not the Dom Perignon Experience). TIA!
  8. Patrick Watts and Estancia are sold out for Volunteer Point excursion. 🙁 Has anyone ever booked with: Derek's Tours Jimmy Curtis Carrot's Tours Shaun Jaffray Thanks for any feedback.
  9. Wow - thanks everyone for all this info! Sounds like the meal plan is not super-popular... at $998 for 2 people for the Triple Denali (2020 pricing) there's a lot of hesitation at the cost, even with Alaska food prices being higher. And the snack boxes look like carb overload!!! :-)
  10. Lovely to hear the nice reviews for the RT Vancouver cruise! We will be on the Symphony for the 3rd year in a row - this time in early September for the 7-night RT Vancouver / Alaska itinerary. Can’t wait!!! Happy to hear Santana is still onboard (best waiter), Shane was on last year as well, hoping to see more of the familiar smiling faces when we board. Symphony is one of our favorite ships! ❤️
  11. Questions for anyone who has done an Alaska Cruise Tour with Holland America: Did you buy the Meal Plan for the land portion? Did you dine in the hotels or get vouchers for restaurants? Food quality? Most importantly, did you think the Meal Plan was worth the cost? I’ve got a quote of $998 for 2 people for the land portion of the Seattle Triple Denali cruise tour. TIA for your insights!
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