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  1. Tring - That sound an excellent evening. Do post your experience on here.
  2. Many things are different between the US and other countries (thank goodness). Higher food standards, much better cars, hundreds of cheese varieties, far better health service, unarmed police, metric measurements, passport control personnel that smile, different currencies, different languages. You realy need to do your homework and get a life.
  3. I too love 'Last Night of The Proms' events - in fact I proposed to my wife during such a concert (just before the canon fire and fireworks of the 1812 - timing is everything !!!). But there is a time and a place for everything. I'm sure many Fred cruisers love it, just as Celebrity cruisers love their art auctions and having their photo taken every hour, so each to their own.
  4. Why ever not? I don't have a problem with 'British Nights' IN BRITAIN (or Norway day in Norway for that matter - in fact I'm actually planning to be in Bergen for the 2020 Norway Constitution Day) but when in foreign waters we should show some respect. It's not clever, for example, for P&O to play Dambusters March as they manoeuvre past an Aida cruise ship, or to blast out 'Rule Britannia' when leaving any foreign port.
  5. It's not just about the 'event', it's the fact that the company and fellow guests revel in such xenophobic behaviour in the name of 'fun'. Just not for me.
  6. No it's not a age thing. We're mid-60s but our recent trip on Hurtigruten convinced us that 'traditional British/American' cruises - even Fred - are not for us. We met, and shared experiences, with wonderful people from the UK, Norway, Germany and elsewhere and enjoyed the culture, events and scenery that Norway had to offer... and not a British flag, 'sail-away' or formal night to be seen. I'd still love to visit the places visited on the Fred cruise that we had earmarked as our next cruise but while Fred has UKIP nights we're going to give it a miss.
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