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  1. Thank you all so much for this thread! I just saved 340.00!!! I love this site! 😊
  2. That is what I am paying for the H5 room on the Bliss in Feb 2020
  3. Well when the lowest price room in the Haven area goes for 6,880.00 for two- you will dress how you want.
  4. Very confused.. what is the difference between DL and SL..what do they stand for.?
  5. Okay so where is DL , and Coastal Kitchen after dry dock for Oasis? Thank you
  6. You mean deck 16... I wish it was staying there.. but I thought I heard it was moving to deck 4????
  7. Thanks for the answers.. I booked a Grand Suite.. didn't want to chance it!
  8. I can book a JS for less money than the WS -"Suite Stateroom Guarantee" ..so does this mean I will be guaranteed a Grand Suite? Thanks for any help!!
  9. Port of Miami web cam... https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  10. Following, I am curious to know how NCL ends up handling all of this .
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