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  1. May want to check out some raw numbers before posting https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2767980 Findings In this cohort study, the number of deaths due to any cause increased by approximately 122 000 from March 1 to May 30, 2020, which is 28% higher than the reported number of COVID-19 deaths. Meaning Official tallies of deaths due to COVID-19 underestimate the full increase in deaths associated with the pandemic in many states.
  2. they can't even issue bonds, this is a pretty desperate move with how much they're paying the bankers to even offer it for them and pretty small amount ..probably figure not too many takers
  3. Unless you don't eat anything or ever leave the room on a cruise and don't let steward come in, you still don't get the fresh air circulation that exists on a plane A cruise is way more dangerous and easily infected than on a plane. When was last time you heard a plane get infected by noro? Covid19 on cruise ships is well documented with thousands sick on cruises and many dying. Has there even been reports of covid19 on planes let alone dropping dead before landing?
  4. Planes have fresh air in cabin unlike cruises . Also pretty sure even longest plane ride is around 17hrs or so. Way less time than on a cruise
  5. No. A bus will have around 40-50ppl max, maybe less. Also, you're not sleeping on the bus and food made on the bus right? Cruise will have 5k easily including crew.
  6. glad they've updated as my cruise was on May 9 now to decide FCC or refund. i don't have an issue with fcc except who knows how long these conditions will last and what if HAL is no longer around or around in it's current form where they will honour the fcc?
  7. I think they're quite lucky with timing from PR perspective as with so much covid19 news and development domestically, this cruise ship isn't really making headlines like diamond princess was Huge majority are not and will never be aware of what's happening on the zaandam
  8. You take public transit including ride-sharing as transportation. Cruises arent transportation really and you're not on a bus for 7+ days with 3000+ other people Huge difference in risk You also don't get multiple people dying while on public transportation or in an elevator
  9. Wuhan is at 0 now and Starbucks has reopened their Wuhan store even rest of country is back to "normal" with all major retailers, restaurants opening up for a while now.
  10. it's not hype that's causing italy to quarantine their entire freaking country nor is it hype that they're triage people in italy and turning sick people away (especially older ones who they don't view as viable to use resources on) covid19 is much deadlier than the flu and there's no vaccine against it unlike the flu and as it's novel, our bodies have never encountered it and not well equipped to deal with it. Flu also doesn't cause severe symptoms in 20% of the infected requiring hospitalization so you can and of course free to evaluate your perception of risk on it, but to call a pandemic media trap and political agenda? that's just irresponsible
  11. it's a much deadlier (around 10x) of the flu and of the many who don't die, they will require hospitalization with severe symptoms. this is not just regular flu and the regular flu season this year has been anything but mild. you seem to not have any facts at all in your post 2019-2020 Flu Season on Track to Be Especially Severe, New CDC Data Suggests https://time.com/5758953/flu-season-2019-2020/
  12. it's their country and their right to refuse entry to non citizens including those on cruise ships for any reason just like US has right to refuse entry to any non citizen for any reason. it's good that those islands/countries are being proactive instead of head in the sand like the US. the US has uncontrolled community spread with next to zero mitigation, it's a bad idea to permit cruise ships from the US to dock for their citizens health.
  13. if you booked with TA, do you have to go through your TA to get the FCC with the new cancellation rules? or can you do it through HAL directly?
  14. Hong Kong is still low risk. much lower than the US at this point and all of Europe really. But lots of cruises still departing from the US
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