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  1. that was expected to remove the free internet minutes when they improved the speed of the internet. for the folks that use shareholder credit to apply to the crew incentives. making the $40 per day plan a good option as it caps the profit of the bar service. if 15 per day goes to "crew incentives" leaving 25 for the rest the $10 per day for fast internet is a deal the "drink" include premium coffees, bottled water, sodas, tips included, this makes the major profit centers: "art auctions" ship sponsored excursions, the retail stores and premium dining rooms, my issue is until things normalize w
  2. simong

    Stale news

    the Titanic sank in 1912
  3. that sounds like the crew will not get the full "tip" amount and the drinks do not include tip it will be added, this sounds like a reduction of this promotion
  4. if that is so i and a lot of folks will find other ways to see the world i like cruising as if worked right it is a great deal, avoiding to overpriced profit centers like "art auctions" ship sponsored tours on and on. my concern is the cruise lines will try a money grab as other corporations will try a short term rather then rebuilding their business and playing the long game
  5. ship sponsored tours are an overpriced product as a attempt to extract more revenue i feel that it will be likely to cruise passengers must provide proof of vaccine which we will have a "shot card" and the cdc will have a record of whom gets the shots give it about 6 months
  6. since the cruises longer then 7 days are cancelled per cdc and lines like princess wont book going up and back from vancouver bc can folks go one way on princess and the other way on another line like holland america
  7. looking at cruises to alaska in july from sf what is likelyhood they go
  8. is the internet on medallion ships able to make and receive wi fi calls?
  9. bigadorf i wish you much luck getting a refund. princess/carnival corporation is on the ropes as we see on the various threads giving fcc vs refunds. the cruise industry played the edges by ships being foreign flagged paying pennies to crew working long hours. thats what made the costs so low. also preying on folks buying "art" selling for 20-50 times retail, overpriced shore excursions and rip off casinos. if they cant fill the ships they cant stay in business, so they cant have social distancing. so the bottom like they dont care i do wish you good luck
  10. i am going on the star princess and i am elite for 15 days what is price for 4 devices on first day on board and is the wi fi any faster then without package as star is not medallion
  11. anyone know some of the movies being shown on the 12/19 sailing of the star princess
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