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  1. Got mine back also...filed on 4/13 for trip on Jewel 4/17. Also checked my Latitude points wondering if they would take the points allotted for the cancelled trip away when they processed the refund, but they are still there. Don’t know if I will ever need them again the rate that we are going .
  2. I would really holdup doing anything for awhile. I just don’t see them traveling all the way to Tahiti for a few cruises. Made sense on the way back from Sydney but a long haul coming from anywhere else. I was scheduled for this cruise this past April and I had to cancel everything.
  3. If you really want to go I would either wait it out or put as little of a deposit as possible. I have just read 2 articles in the last week where the EU will open up travel between their countries but they are not going to welcome people from the US. Even though Getaway has been my favorite ship, itinerary would beat that out. I was actually looking at a trip over to the Med this fall, but have totally put those ideas on the back burner.
  4. Have never had a Pina Colada after I had one there since I know they would never compare. The best ever
  5. First I apologize if this has come up since I have not read over 100 posts. I see people talking about the Florida ports opening, but where would they go other than a private island IF the Bahamas would allow it. i can’t see any of these small islands with small medical outlets allowing a ship with a few thousand people from the US being allowed to port. I realize that many of these ports are in real need of money but it would only take one infected ship that could put their medical resources in a tail spin.
  6. Wait for NCL to cancel. I was supposed to cruise this week and only got notification on the cancellation about 3 weeks out. Your insurance company could refuse you since I am sure they will want NCL to pay out and they know that the trip is not going anywhere. In regards to air which I am assuming you booked outside of NCL. Has the airline changed /cancelled your flights yet. AA did not notify me on flight changes till about 2 weeks ago and my original flights were cancelled. The new IT was not acceptable since it not only changed times, but from 2 legs to 3 and changed class of service in 1 flight. The airlines are only promoting credit, but read their policies about cancellation, and the refunds are backed by the DOT. I got everything back by waiting. Also got hotel refund that was originally non refundable. On top of that since I did not file a claim I got a full refund on my insurance policy. Maybe this does not work for all, but did for me. The only thing is if you need the refund quickly and insurance is willing to pay out faster. I would wait till about 2 weeks out. Just my opinion
  7. Even though NCL Jewel had no reported cases on board, they could not find a port that would allow them to enter. This was a trip from Sydney to Tahiti, finally was allowed to port in Honolulu only because of major mechanical issues with the ship. (Honolulu had originally denied them)
  8. I am looking at what is currently happening in places like Hong Kong, they are realizing that they tried to go back to normal life too soon and now the virus is re-emerging into round 2. I think we will see a few rounds of ups and downs until a vaccine and/ or herd immunity kicks in.
  9. So far the Jewel for 4/17 is still showing available so it may be a matter of doing the cruises that they know are impossible to go out. It has to take some time for them to go in and make all the changes so. As of now Tahiti is also closed till 4/11, so much if this matters between French Polynesia being open and Hawaii.
  10. Reports are also that the Jewel has turned back to Figi
  11. Sadly above is already out of date information. Since they now have a case of the virus they are going to ban all ships till 4/11 except done that are in route then those passengers must go straight home
  12. From what I read am an now seeing people post that are currently on the Jewel that FP will be closed. They will allow those on ship to go home but no new passengers allowed on at least till 4/11
  13. Whoops meant 4000 , still too rich fir my blood
  14. French Polynesia has shut down to cruise ships till at least 4/11 which affects the Jewel sailings
  15. This in from one of the NCL Roll calls This Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) described the Covid-19 epidemic as a global pandemic. A first case of coronavirus is confirmed in French Polynesia. French Polynesia is now in phase 1, with the activation of the ORSEC device and the HC Crisis PC, to curb the introduction of the virus into the territory. It is essential to preserve all the resources of the Polynesian health system for the treatment on land of confirmed cases, and in dedicated hospital structures on the islands. The transport of passengers by cruise ship to French Polynesia, and in particular remote archipelagos, must therefore be subject to specific measures. The authorities of the State and of French Polynesia have therefore decided to suspend cruise stopovers in French Polynesia. This decision takes effect immediately until April 11, 2020. This period may be reassessed or even renewed depending on the international situation. Cruise ships currently sailing to the islands of French Polynesia must divert to the nearest international port of their choice. The vessels at the head of the line currently present in territorial waters must reach the Port of Papeete without delay, where they will be authorized to disembark their passengers, to allow their repatriation to their respective countries. The ship's health check should bee forwarded to the authorities before docking. On the other hand, no new passenger will be authorized to embark on one of these ships. The technical details of the landing operations at Papeete will be communicated shortly by the shipping agents to their respective companies and by the Tahiti Cruise Club. The methods of repatriation and accommodation of passengers will be coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with the airlines and hotel groups present in Tahiti.
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