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  1. All I got was an upgrade from inside to ocean view... Did not get the balcony but I only bid the minimum on each... In retrospect paying extra for the ocean view was a waste. I also wad there in a shoulder season (last week in October) and booked on 3 weeks notice..
  2. Go to the solo meet ups the first 2 nights if you would like to meet people to have dinner with...you can decide after that if you want to continue with the meet ups or possibly have met others and have made your own plans.
  3. I would look at Club MED Turkoise...adult only but not all couples, usually lots of singles of all ages. Cruises can be really hit or miss in regards to singles/solos. Been on some where there have been plenty of singles your age and then some where the average age was older( like me) If I had to choose I would look at the Breakaway out of Miami. Lots of solo cabins. Also look at 7 day only, it seems the longer the trip the older the crowd tends to be due to available vacation time. Just my thoughts Was at Club Med for the first week of July 2 years ago and had a blast.
  4. I took the Roberts tour after the cruise since I had time, but while waiting for the Roberts tour I saw a lot of people waiting around for the trip to the airport both through NCL and the Roberts airport shuttle, it was a little bit on the confusing side with all the different shuttles and tours..... if you don't want to sit and wait I would just take the taxi to be sure that you get to the airport on time. It may get checking in easier also since you may not be getting off a bus with 30 other people.
  5. The OP is asking about the Breakaway not the Escape
  6. Usually I found that those mid afternoon flights were the most expensive...I would not be surprised if NCL picked the cheaper flight... also even if they did make the change, wouldn't the airline charge them a change fee like they would charge us.
  7. Everything you said about POA being unique I knew. Just assumed since it had been almost a year between buying the package that prices had gone up fleetwide. Glad to see that the POA was a one off since it was about $50 higher in price for the 4 bottles
  8. I have gotten it twice, ordered once at dinner first night and then at a bar ..was curious about the pricing. The $88 is what I got on the getaway 12/17, but price was significantly higher on POA this past Halloween ...also the Pinot Grigio was on the second tier and nit available on lowet price selection.. Wondering if it was either because it was Hawai or a price change just after the above pictures
  9. Our Roll call is pretty light at the moment.
  10. I am traveling on the Epic in late August. As of now I have the excursion credit but am also looking at non NCL excursions instead. I am finding a lot of these excursions are gearing towards groups traveling together. I am also a skeptical on some of these small vans. The concept is great IF you have the right people, but with a group of maybe 8 people it only takes one jerk to ruin the trip ( or as my friend had a group that included 4 kids that were too young for a long day) Does anyone out there have any experience with finding an excursion company that is easy for a solo to join.
  11. I cruising on the Epic in late August out of Barcelona. what currency is used on the ship in regards to the casino. If you wanted to give an extra tip to your steward or bartender, do they prefer Euros, US$ or does it matter.
  12. One of the things that was great for me was being able to meet people right away.... there always seemed to be people hanging around before muster drill and to have drinks with prior to the solo meeting.
  13. Thanks. I just turned Silver on my last cruise so this should help on my Epic cruise in August
  14. Information on latitudes discount... is it for certain tier levels?
  15. There is a difference between check in time and boarding time. You will have your check-in time done online. After you check in you will go wait in a holding room where upon entering they will give you a boarding number. Not sure if they alternate between terminals when calling numbers. It is so far out that procedures can change . Also Spice H2o is not anything you need a pass for. I think the Vibe passes are different on different ships.... You may have to ask as you get closer..
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