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  1. Mystic Mountain. Chair lift ride up, you can ride the Jamaican Bobsled, use the pool and then if you'd like, zip line to the bottom
  2. thanks for your prompt reply. this is a bucket list cruise, probably won't actually book for a couple of more years. But, that doesn't stop me from researching and seeing what's out there! I like to have options.
  3. How about the opposite? i found a cruise Amsterdam round trip, but the last day is in London. Could i depart the ship a day early in London?
  4. We too, have done many cruises and decided to go to the Western Med. DH served in the Navy and always wanted to go back to some of those ports. That was pretty much how we based which cruise to book. We did a round trip Rome, going 3 days ahead to explore Rome. After the cruise we took the train to Venice and spent a couple of days there, before flying home. I didn't use a TA, booked everything on my own. I did ALOT of research. Best vacation thus far. On my bucket list is a cruise to British Isles. Hopefully I can start planning for that soon!
  5. I do not have and will never have a cell phone. I have taken a stand and will not waiver. I will not become tethered to a device as I see so many people do.
  6. Not to hijack, but I've been wanting to do an Eastern Canada cruise. HAL does that route from Boston to Montreal and vice versa. I can book for next summer from 1K pp for an inside to 3K pp for balcony. I then discovered there was a tour from Montreal via bus and train, that does basically the same ports. since we're an hour south of Montreal, I checked the prices and they start at 5K pp. I've always felt cruises were a value and will be, even if prices increase.
  7. although this thread is over a year old, I'd like to ask a question: Is there any advantage for departing from Montreal or Boston? We are an hour south of Montreal and 4 hours north of Boston. I want to do this cruise, once the border and cruising in general open up. We would have family either drop us off or pick us up in Montreal depending on which port we depart from. We'd rent a car for transport to/from Boston. Just wondering if there was any particular advantage for sailing one way over the other. TIA
  8. As someone who lives on the Quebec border, i'll have to disagree. As some say - it's a sh-- show in Montreal. I don't know about the rest of Canada, but in Quebec, it's not under control. The borders have been closed and it looks they will be for some time to come. Vermont has been doing a good job and we really don't want them to come down and infect us.
  9. Great review. We've done one HAL cruise, to Alaska. It was a reward from work, and didn't have to pay for it. We did enjoy the ambiance of that cruise. we've also done Celebrity, and enjoyed that as well. We also did NCL to Europe and a couple of RCL cruises. it's not like I haven't sailed other lines. I always seem to come back to Carnival because the experience was 'good enough' for the price. I just think it's not anymore. I don't mean to offend anyone by trying to have a civil discussion about pros and cons.
  10. No need to get snarky. My point was the shows were all basically the same. I was anticipating a little variety.
  11. around 6:30. it was earlier than we intended, but hubby was up early. he went for coffee at 6 AM and saw people starting to go down. Once I was ready, we went down.
  12. Those with early flights went down to deck three, forward. We were directed to the Showtime Theater. We waited there until the ship cleared and those with early flights could depart. We went before FTTF. The lines moved very quickly. we never stopped walking or had to stand in line. I never expected to be off the ship so quickly!
  13. I can't say I didn't enjoy our cruise. this was in my original post. maybe it's because I'm now of medicare age and my tastes and needs have changed over the last 35 years. I've always defended Carnival to the haters and I'm not trying to slam them now. I've always wondered if the lines where you pay more, Princess, HAL & Celebrity, were worth the extra. I'm very frugal, and Carnival has always delivered.
  14. None of that. I expected we would be placed in an early line, but that didn't happen. The was a separate line for FTTF and priority but the rest of us were all in the same line. Maybe noon was the earliest boarding time and they were ready for us and let us board.
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