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  1. Great review. We've done one HAL cruise, to Alaska. It was a reward from work, and didn't have to pay for it. We did enjoy the ambiance of that cruise. we've also done Celebrity, and enjoyed that as well. We also did NCL to Europe and a couple of RCL cruises. it's not like I haven't sailed other lines. I always seem to come back to Carnival because the experience was 'good enough' for the price. I just think it's not anymore. I don't mean to offend anyone by trying to have a civil discussion about pros and cons.
  2. No need to get snarky. My point was the shows were all basically the same. I was anticipating a little variety.
  3. around 6:30. it was earlier than we intended, but hubby was up early. he went for coffee at 6 AM and saw people starting to go down. Once I was ready, we went down.
  4. Those with early flights went down to deck three, forward. We were directed to the Showtime Theater. We waited there until the ship cleared and those with early flights could depart. We went before FTTF. The lines moved very quickly. we never stopped walking or had to stand in line. I never expected to be off the ship so quickly!
  5. I can't say I didn't enjoy our cruise. this was in my original post. maybe it's because I'm now of medicare age and my tastes and needs have changed over the last 35 years. I've always defended Carnival to the haters and I'm not trying to slam them now. I've always wondered if the lines where you pay more, Princess, HAL & Celebrity, were worth the extra. I'm very frugal, and Carnival has always delivered.
  6. None of that. I expected we would be placed in an early line, but that didn't happen. The was a separate line for FTTF and priority but the rest of us were all in the same line. Maybe noon was the earliest boarding time and they were ready for us and let us board.
  7. When I go on a cruise, I just want to laze all day. but once the sun goes down I would like an excellent meal and outstanding entertainment. I just felt a little let down.
  8. We just returned on Saturday from a 6 day on Magic. There were some things that Carnival did really well and others, not so much. Embarkation - We had the 12:00 to 12:30 check in time. Our shuttle from our hotel only had the 10AM slot open, so we took that. Arrived at the port and it was crazy with passengers just getting off the ship. We went to check in and it went very quickly and efficiently. I believe we were aboard around 11AM. Dining - We immediately went to the barbeque on deck 5. there was no line and plenty of seating. the food was good. We ate our breakfasts in the main dining room. Food and service were always good. Went to the Italian place one day for lunch. Very good! We did Guy's for lunch one day. Good burgers and fries. The rest of the days we were in port. Never did eat at the buffet except for the chocolate extravaganza. What's not to like? We ate dinner in the Northern Lights dining room. We had assigned early seating. This normally takes place in the Southern Lights dining room, but I emailed the maitre'd and asked to be seated as mid ship as possible as we have some in our group who are sensitive to movement. I was very pleased he placed us in the mid ship dining room. However, the meals were very hit or miss. Some nights the food was excellent and others just average. Our waiter Joseph and his assistants were excellent! Room -- We had a mid-ship balcony. Our steward asked if we wanted morning or evening service. I asked for both and he accommodated us with stellar service and attitude! Entertainment -- This is where Carnival seemed to falter. We had four different shows but with the same cast. The Carnival singers and dancers were OK, but seemed to be trying too hard. A lot of screaming instead of singing. The quality is just not up to the standards of other cruise lines we have sailed. The Comedy club was good! Saw two different comediennes and enjoyed them both. The Love and Marriage show is always a hoot! Ports - LOVE Half Moon Cay. Grand Turk was good, although we didn't get a chair at the beach. The locals were charging $50 for 2 chairs with umbrellas. We found spots at the pool and enjoyed that. We stayed on the ship at Amber Cove. Just felt that lounging on the ship would be less hassle and more relaxing. Disembarkation -- Did self assist. We were at the airport by taxi at 7:30. Overall thoughts. - I can't say I didn't enjoy our cruise. I just think we're more in tuned for a more upscale experience in dining and entertainment. I still think Carnival gives you the biggest bang for your buck, but you do get what you pay for. I'm ready to try Princess and see how it compares. if there's something I didn't mention and anyone has questions, I'd be happy to answer.
  9. We just got off the Magic on Saturday. Did self assist. Waited in main theater until shipped cleared. we arrived at airport by taxi @ 7:30
  10. On one of our cruises, our 9 YO grand daughter ordered a lobster for appetizer, a lobster for her entrée and a lobster for dessert. Yep, she got them and ate every bite!
  11. One quick questions: do you remember if there were any traditional dining tables in the Northern Lights? Or is it exclusively for YTD?
  12. bump. any recent Magic cruisers - Are there any assigned seating tables in the mid ship dining room? Is that exclusively for YTD? TIA
  13. 1. Yes 2. No 3 No You can skip many of the questions to get to your check in time choice
  14. I always order breakfast room service. Carafe of coffee, good for two people and fruit plate and banana!
  15. Ah, I should have known that!! Farmers and fishermen taxes due March 1!! since we sold our cows and don't file any farm income, I have gotten extremely lazy and struggle to get it done by April 15!
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