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  1. Just a quick ride up the escalator from the terminal and a level walk right onto deck five. Departing passengers leave from another gangway towards the aft.
  2. Obviously it is not the menu but of the different choices it just feels comfortably classic to most of us. Chic (least ambiance) would be last choice with Icon #2 and Silk #3..
  3. We have always been seated in the Grande and will continue to be seated there. A polite, well in advance pre-cruise request has never been refused.
  4. Was I addressing you or your expertise in drinking water quality ? NO I was simply showing how, to different people in different circumstances the term SAFE may mean different things. Is water SAFE that has been processed through a water softener or other filters to remove things like calcium, magnesium, sulfur or chlorine ?. Is removing chlorine by using a filter in a water pitcher effective at removing Chloramines ? Does the increased amount of sodium in most softened water have deleterious effects on certain people and even their pets? Are high levels o
  5. Lots of residential water sources are "CONTAMINATED" as it depends on how you interpret the term. Look at the water test reports from your local supplier. The water you drink comes from surface water or from wells drilled into local aquifers. Depending on where these sources are, the amount and variety of chemicals is eye opening. Sure for the most part the levels fall within ranges considered to be safe but still either taste terrible or clog you pipes and coffee machines with mineral deposits. So what level of organic or inorganic contaminants is REALLY safe
  6. Crown and Anchor Society Member Benefits (royalcaribbean.com)
  7. Looking for a diagram of the GRANDE on Anthem. We realize the table numbers may be different from cruise to cruise but our party is interested in general seating plans.
  8. With all the Covid changes there may be changes to all the cruises in itineraries and excursions as well as various beverage and dining packages. Final payment for the November cruise is approaching rapidly...
  9. It IS working for one of my cruises in January but NOT the one 114 days away in November. .
  10. When I go into cruise planner it shows Both of my upcoming cruises on the Anthem OTS sailing out of Cape Liberty. When I try to access the November 7th (2021) cruise it has been telling me "not available" and to check back in 15 minutes? I have been trying for days ? When I try to access the January 20th cruise (2022) it opens up with no problems and allows me to make purchases.
  11. I imagine the court had every frame of every video of the entire incident studied one at a time with every enhancement feature available.. The video shows exactly what Mr. Anello stated. "Anello also testified that he first lifted Case 1:19-cv-25100-DLG Document 233 Entered on FLSD Docket 07/13/2021 Page 13 of 1514 the Decedent and placed her feet on the wooden handrailing (ECF No. 134-5 at 160). He states that he then reached his hand out to touch the window but did not feel any glass (ECF No. 134-5 at 160). Despite not feeling any glass in front of him, and without confirming tha
  12. In the uppermost section of your ROYAL CARIBBEAN GUEST COPY of your booking you will see the category next to the stateroom number.
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