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  1. And of course the world must wait until December 10th for the F.D.A. to convene and THEN AND ONLY THEN begin examining the application,..???
  2. Every pharmacy that gives injections, and almost all do, give you (identification needed) a document stating the drug name, the lot numbers the immunizer and the Physician of record along with every other piece of information anyone would need for proof.
  3. My bad on that first report I heard early this morning as it was not accurate. The 90% is now stated as after the SECOND injection.
  4. Maybe they didn't opt into Operation Warp Speed but a big fat $1.95 BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT from our government ( with plenty more to come ) may have helped them speed up their efforts just a little ????
  5. I wonder what the effectiveness was after 2 or 3 weeks was? If Fauci said a 50% immunity was what to expect, it would be interesting to see a 2 week response...
  6. Distribution lines are and have been in place for weeks. From manufacture to the shot in the arm. States have all been notified as to what laws they have in place for immunizers and other regulations.
  7. Pfizer has researched and has developed a complete nationwide infrastructure for the extreme low temperatures required, from manufacture to the actual shot in the arm... They have all transport, storage and local delivery problems solved. Amazing that this was all being done over the last months.
  8. 50% has always been looked at as effective. This is 90% and that is before the second or booster dose... GREAT NEWS for all..
  9. Looks like it might be available before December 1st... Just heard Cruise Line stocks are on the upswing.
  10. I bet all those empty food and supply storage areas along I-95 will be getting filled with tables, chairs, loungers and all the things that will be un-used with the new percentage quotas dealing with passenger capacity. Imagine walking around on any of the ships with such drastically reduced capacity. I over 20 years I have never been on a ship that wasn't either at maximum or slightly under capacity. Anyone ever sail in a ship with just 50 or 60 percent capacity ??? This will also lead to a decent well needed shot in the arm to hotels and restau
  11. I think the last 3 star was Michele Roux on Celebrity. Ramsey actually trained under Michele's brother Albert. Our first cruise was when Michele Roux was with Celebrity. We sailed in a suite and back then there was NO difference whether you had a suite or an inside over the propeller shaft. No specialty restaurants as well because they weren't needed. No flaming as I understand that things have evolved and my wife and I will continue to sail as log as we can, but to reminisce..... The menus were far different that today's and the entire dining event was special each and eve
  12. Sure you can.. However there were several choices for each of the courses. And they were spaced out over the dining period. Soup Salad Appetizer Main Course Dessert And many evenings there was an amuse en bouche to cleanse the palate between courses.
  13. Everyone likes to reminisce about the food 20 or so years ago. Back before specialty restaurants were in vogue or needed. Gone are the 5 star chefs like Michele Roux and the true 5 course dinners in the MDR. Times have changed and we have learned to adjust to many things over the last few decades and cruising is just part of that evolution. Of course it was much better then, but those who remember what it was like have to admit it isn't all that bad today..
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