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  1. There are some agents and agencies and then there are others... Some good and others much better.
  2. Depending on the amount of business the cruise agent (or agency he/she works with) gives the cruise line the commission varies. Less commission means less that can be given back as an OBC. Travel agents can be members of larger groups or consortiums and these book large blocks of staterooms long in advance and at considerably low prices and therefore can offer more in the way of reduced prices and perks than just a cut from their commission.
  3. First thing is that we have been cruising for 20 years and have booked with brick and mortar, internet, big box, Cruise line and through my own travel agency, (retired 15 years). Now our cruises are booked with the same TA we have been using since I left the business. Her access to large blocks of staterooms at prices considerably lower than what is offered by the cruise lines always has something that fits our needs. Always an email or phone call away she provides us with the room we want, the cruise we want and at a can't be beat price plus the ever present OBC and usually an added on board perk of some sort.
  4. Nothing can beat a steak and kidney pie if the kidneys have been prepared well, if not....
  5. One time when we were returning from SJ the line at the airport went across the length of the terminal and back on itself and was not moving. I called over to a redcap and he loaded our bags onto his cart and escorted us to an empty ticketing area. We had our bags tagged and were off to security in less than 5 minutes.
  6. When we have booked cruises that require flying we've had our checked bags sent ahead using Luggage Forward. Picked up at our house and delivered right to the ship. And with Luggage Valet on the return, our luggage is no longer a problem even when flying..
  7. At 73 with a temperamental back and knees I do not worry about a couple of bucks spent so I don't have to load or unload my 50 pound or heavier checked bags from the back of my car or any other place.
  8. That's why I would rather see it done, if done at all, at a place like the fresh egg omelet station and not far removed from the table like a ship's galley, or sitting in a tray for who knows how long at the buffet. It might take a minute or two longer to make than an omelet but it would be nice and fresh, served right from the pan.
  9. It is a prime example of advertising and image over quality.
  10. On some Saturday nights my bar would easily go through two or more cases of that (ugh) "Tennessee Whiskey." Could never understand its popularity, but to each his own. I never complained, LOL.
  11. Jack Daniels is unique and in my opinion can't be categorized other than it's "Jack Daniels".
  12. I bet they could make fried bread at the omelet station? Ask one of the food managers at the buffet. They have skillets, bread and oil and butter so why not???
  13. Same basic product but they have differences in taste.
  14. I check out all the smaller liquor shops in Phillipsburg and have found a number of hard to, if not impossible to, find items.... Prices may not be super special but the selection is often very very good.
  15. Seems like what many large corporations do these days. Treat the clients like lab rats and see just how much they can take before they start jumping around on the hot plate..
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