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  1. Great port to sail from. Embarkation is just about the easiest and fastest of any port. Sailed from there in January, February and March. Next day the weather warms up and just gets better each day. Sailed with snow and ice on the decks and warm enough for shorts 18-24 hours after sail away. We've seen it pool table smooth and 16 foot waves. the Anthem is a very stable ship. Kids will have a total ball.
  2. YES. AND maybe fixing a lot of little things like slow drains, leaky faucets, veranda door problems, air conditioning repairs..... There are lots of little things their maintenance crew can handle and since many crew members have been staying in regular passenger cabins MAYBE they were told to point out or list the minor problems...
  3. I know casinos are opening and are placing more sanitizer dispensers, and they are rearranging their dining venues to comply with distancing recommendations and they are limiting blackjack tables to 3 players and a dealer and they are separating or at least turning off every other slot machine. Why not cruise ships??
  4. 1. MASKS 2. SOCIAL DISTANCING 3. DRUG THERAPY 4. VACCINE ?????????????????????????????????????????? 1. Masks are very effective. Plain and simple. If they didn't there wouldn't be one person alive in Wuhan China and tens of millions in the over crowded streets, shops and unhygienic markets in the rest of China would be dead and dying at this time. They all wear masks, almost as a routine thing not only for disease control but also to to help with air pollution. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Social distancing works because the major means of transmission is by aspirating droplets from infected sneezes or coughs and the distance reduces that risk. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. DRUGS? So far that is a whirlwind of proponents and naysayers for Hydroxychloroquine, current anti-viral drugs and herbal remedies. Hopefully the powers that be can decide which if any work and do it WITHOUT politicization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Vaccine? Hopefully they will be able to do what they have failed to do with other Coronaviruses and that is develop a vaccine, which will be rejected by many, no matter how effective or safe it is. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For now Social Distancing where possible and the use of a PROPERLY fitted face mask when distancing is not possible, seem to be what we must learn to accept until like many flues in the past it just goes away.
  5. CROWDING-CROWDING-CROWDING... The best preventative would be to prevent crowding and maintaining the social distancing recommendations. Masks are great for crowds, BUT it would be better to really think about preventing as best as possible the log jams that we are all so familiar with on embarkation, MDRs, buffets and 10 dollar watch sales... Viral spread from doorknobs, elevator buttons, buffet spoons and tongs is easily controlled if the same hand washing and sanitizing that we all SHOULD be doing for Norovirus is all that is needed. People can of course introduce any germs of any kind into their own bodies with their hands and fingers, SO KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR orifices and keep them clean... My wife and I will cruise as soon as we are allowed to and have 2 cruises already booked for this November and January. We will try to follow distancing, use stairs as much as possible, and avoid crowded lines where possible. We will wear masks in crowds. Hand cleaning and hands and fingers do not belong in mouths, noses or eyes.
  6. I can see in the future ships built with escalators at each end and an elevator in the midships area for motorized scooters, wheelchairs and those who cannot navigate an escalator. Escalators have no real wait time and spacing would be no problem.
  7. One near us is doing the same at table games and they are turning off every other slot machine for distancing.
  8. Our first is in November 2020 and will be after the final ( OCTOBER ) payment is due on our January 2021. NO way around it and we will have to book another before December 2021 if we want to use the balance...
  9. This one really makes me doubt that they have any sense of LOYALTY to their passengers. They should be happy we are still considering getting on a ship during this current situation.
  10. Be careful if you use your FCC on a cruise and there is a balance. You cannot have access to that balance until you take and are back from your first cruise. If you intend on using the balance on another cruise make sure the final payment date is after the date you are back from cruise number ONE. Really stupid policy but they will make NO EXCEPTIONS.
  11. Celebrity did that as well, back about 15 years or so???
  12. We got a FCC from our messed up March 7th cruise. We have 2 cruises in the future already booked. We have paid the deposits on both those cruises. The first is in November 2020 and the second is in January 2021. Our FCC was applied to our November cruise and paid for everything except deposit, tax and port fees, beverage packages or other pre-cruise purchases. Also the FCC cannot be used for any Royal Up bids. The balance of the FCC will be applied to the January cruise sometime in November and will cover the cost of that cruise other than the same exceptions as stated above. Cruse FARE ONLY, I hope that helps.
  13. We were on the same cruise and opted for the FCC. We did nothing as the website suggested and on April 13th we got the Credits via email. We have applied them to one future cruise and since the amount of the FCC exceeds the upcoming cruise the balance will be applied to the second cruise we have reserved. We always use a TA and the FCC Certificates were sent to OUR EMAIL. I forwarded them to our TA and she applied them to our NOV. cruise. Royal will apply the remaining balance to our JAN. 2021 cruise after our NOV. sailing. Not a refund, but just some information on the timing of the FCC for that same cruise.. Hope you get satisfaction soon.
  14. Think about how much time you and your travel agent spent simply trying to get your money back. How many calls did you make? Why would anyone do business with a company like that again? I certainly won’t. I’ll find more joy doing other things with my money. We were offered FCC (%125) or Refund (%100) for our March 7th cruise.. Took a few weeks (nothing had to be done by us or our TA) and we got our FCC emailed to us. Emailed the certificates to our TA and she applied the amounts to our (ALREADY BOOKED) NOVEMBER 2020 cruise and there is a healthy excess amount left. The excess will be applied to our (ALREADY BOOKED) JANUARY 2021 cruise ??? No work on our part or really on our travel agent's part. Pretty generous as far as we are concerned and effortless as well.
  15. I wonder what effect an NCL closing would mean to the Cape Liberty market. NCL sails out of NYC to Bermuda and the Caribbean with cruises both short and long like 14 days. We didn't like the way the ship or terminal was run by NCL but our 14 day Winter cruise from NYC on the Breakaway to ports as far south as the ABC's was more than fantastic. They cruise 3 ships on an almost continuous basis. Might be something for Royal, Azamara or Celebrity to look into especially if they are going to reduce Asian and European cruises.. The passenger base within 100 - 200 miles of that area is staggering and a port that requires no air travel for that many people might be VERY attractive.
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