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  1. Comparing HAVEN to a veranda on Royal Caribbean? Just wondering if price is the only thing you are comparing? Will your choice be based on accommodations and other perks?
  2. Good butter with a nice salty taste.
  3. We ordered fruit Danishes and were surprised to get 2 blueberry muffins and 2 slices of the stollen. The selections they made were a bit off the mark, but not at all a problem. It is very similar to an Italian Panettone or a European Babka, just flattened out a bit like a biscotti. LOL.
  4. On our recent Anthem cruise (Jan29/2024) They had it and was almost an everyday item FROM ROOM SERVICE. It was a fairly traditional (stollen) yeast raised sweetbread with raisins and a delicate sugary crisp crust. It was almost an everyday item when we asked for Danish pastries on our order.
  5. Any rollator/wheelchair assistance embarkation day, cape liberty?
  6. Do they still have the tram/trolley from the ship to the shopping area?
  7. Fact is everything that makes a cruise or cruise line from the telephone representatives to the President and board of directors is PAID WITH THE FARES COLLECTED FROM THE PASSENGERS. And just like any other service I pay for I understand that even those flipping the burgers, who I actually and indirectly pay, are to a degree my employees and deserve a living wage that most probably should rise with inflation. I don't wish to debate who is and isn't an employer, in my opinion it is a person who pays someone or a group of people to provide that person with goods or services. So, YES, the passenger is the ultimate employer of a series of employees. Tipping in the American culture IS PART OF LIFE and is and has been for decades considered a part of an EMPLOYEE'S salary (EVEN BY THE IRS.). I don't really care who tips or doesn't, but I worked in the service industry and did rely on tips just as the employees on cruise ships do. I also UNDERSTAND that there is such a thing as inflation as is easily seen by the increase in cruise fares over the years.
  8. We ALL expect a salary raise from our employers, and since passengers are actually the people who ultimately are the employers, I see nothing unusual with a minor increase. 12% does seem to be a bit steep but as part of the total cruise package and compared to the cost of living in some parts of the world once again I see nothing unusual.
  9. On their advertisement they claim to be MEZCALINE free, whereas BONINE and DRAMAMINE are NOT? This is very sketchy/ What is MEZCALINE? It is NOT MECLIZINE (Bonine or non-drowsy dramamine) and it is not MESCALINE a psychedelic protoalkaloid drug that produces hallucinations. Obviously they haven't a clue as to reality so why would ANYONE rely on their ridiculous advertisement for what might be what was called back in the day "SNAKE OIL".
  10. In the buffet or MDR for breakfast or lunch it's any of the juices, lemonade or iced tea. The FIVE drinks on my card go for drinks from lunch to the end of the day, anything more is no problem to pay for. My wife has the same 5 on her card plus her drinks are comped in the casino. For beverages in the room, we always get a water package and bring on 12 sodas.
  11. On almost all the Royal and Celebrity ships over the past 23 years the beer selection, aside from the usual carbonated defrost brands, seems to change depending on the ship, the cruise and the weather. LOL. Try all the bars and you might find one that at least tastes like a real beer or ale.
  12. Our last cruise in May the Evian bottles were one liter. The 12 liters were about $19.00 through cruise planner.
  13. Look for an agent that is part of a major consortium which purchases large blocks of staterooms on cruises well into the future. Sometimes the prices they offer are outrageous. Many offer deposit dates that are a month or two into the future as well.
  14. First stop once in the baggage area is to get a porter, give him our carry-ons and walk to where our checked bags are. Walk through customs and to the lot, as my wife heads to the car with the porter I pay at one of the kiosks. In the car within 5 minutes and on our way. LOVE BAYONNE
  15. I don't care what anyone else does as far as tipping and never have. I just try to imagine what it would be like if there WERE NO porters to just yank those fifty pound Samsonite anchors from a thousand +/- SUVs, and toss them onto a luggage trolley. For a couple of bucks when spending a few thousand on the cruise I do not want to wait while a thousand people are fighting over spaces to unload, finding a luggage trolly, stacking their bags so they won't fall out on the trip to the ship, handling their bags in the rain or the snow and keeping the line moving as fast as possible to get me on the ship.
  16. Even if you get it or one similar chances are it will not be accurate. On our last 5 nighter the app was wrong at times.
  17. La Casa Del Habano La Casa Del Habano Aruba is the place to buy, enjoy and learn more about the world of Habanos while you merge in this fascinating culture of the Caribbean tradition such as Tobacco, especially the Authentic Cuban cigars. Official dealer in Cuban cigars.
  18. led into the luggage area and went to the "PRIORITY" luggage area, all the way at the end of the line. There was another couple there so we waited a few minutes for our turn. The gentleman there was no help getting the 2 bags from the trunk, however he did check to see if we were on his list while we got the tagged bags to the cart for him. Gave him his tip (I don't know why) and drove to the parking area. We got our bags the same time all the rest were being delivered to the staterooms in our area. Actually, we would have spent less time at one of the regular porter stations as there were plenty open and waiting when we got there, which was about 10:45. Don't count on anything special with "PRIORITY" anything. LOL. However our suite was fantastic as well as our room steward, Joel.. Great cruise as ALWAYS.
  19. Our agent for the last 20+ years always gets us what we want and at outrageous prices. Our upcoming 11 night Caribbean was part of a VERANDA GUARANTEE group and we wound up with an unobstructed, not attached midship port side veranda on deck 8. Reduced deposit, moderate OBC, specialty dining (one night for 2) and at a price that could never be beat any other way.
  20. 1. There are special rates an agent can provide for staterooms on sailings where their AGENCY reserves a large block of cabins in certain categories. These rates are very often very low and even have some additional perks as well from the agency. 2. There used to be some perks offered by Royal Caribbean for small groups of friends or relatives that will be cruising together and create their own group. The amount used to be EIGHT CABINS if I recall, and those group bookings are available to anyone or any travel agent. This was true in the way back, when I had my agency. TODAY ???
  21. With enough cruises and points over 23 years to earn Elite plus as well as Diamond plus we are very happy with Royal and hope they don't switch to the Celebrity perks.
  22. Things and prices changed in the last 35 years. LOL. You still could not eat like you can on a cruise ship considering all the other things that are included, room, entertainment, travel and SO MUCH MORE.
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