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  1. Sailing in all types of suites and similar type accommodations for 20+ years. Whether Concierge, Junior, Sky, Royal, Grand and other staterooms on both Celebrity and Royal the differences and extras in each are clearly stated. Bigger, room(s), better bath or shower, shampoo, better veranda, butlers or concierges and restaurant choices are all part of the stated fares and YOU make the selections from columns A and B. Sure, maybe Royal should eliminate the suite part like X did when they added concierge class as a bridge from a regular veranda to a true suite with butler. Caveat emptor.
  2. November 7th here.. It has been a long time since we sailed on March 7th and wound up sailing the Caribbean with only 2 ports letting us dock.
  3. Back then you got all your documents in a personalized bound booklet. Everything you wanted to know about your cruise, itinerary, excursions, transfers, luggage tags all in a thick slick package with your name on all the required stuff . That's when we all did the fabled DOC DANCE.. LOL
  4. 1. Sign on to CRUISE PLANNER 2. CLICK ON VIEW BOARDING PASS 3. If checked in and your luggage tags are ready you will see VIEW LUGGAGE TAGS or it will say luggage tags pending. 4. Print them from there when they are ready.
  5. They will probably work something out to deal with Buses and shuttles'
  6. Will there be an UP-SIDE and DOWN-SIDE marked on the towels.. LOL
  7. Thanks. I went back into the planner and when it got to arrival time the only option was 3:00-3:30. I think we may have an hour leeway in either direction with a suite ??? Would love to board at 2:00 or so. Time will tell. Thanks again, bosco
  8. Where on Cruise Planner is there a boarding time choice ?
  9. I imagine that Royal is going to take a lot longer getting passengers both on and off their ships in Cape Liberty in order to prevent crowding and allow for social distancing. This would necessitate a longer period in port and a later departure time.
  10. Yup.. And we have a 3:00-3:30 boarding time. .
  11. In 2004 I did Orlando to Schenectady N.Y. in 22 hours straight driving on July 4th. 11:00 am to 9:am the following morning. It was a lot more fun a few years earlier when I did it in 3 legs and then I didn't feel like I had been run over by a truck.. LOL
  12. Hand cut, SUPER MARBLED NY STRIP $13 a pound every day of the week.. Sure I have to drive 5 miles to get a HUGE 2 pound amazing steak for $30. There is NO WAY chops, and yes we have been there many times, has ever served a steak like this. Chops is good for what it is, ambiance (sometimes), service (sometimes) but not quality or value. I have been cutting meat since the day I was born and lived over my grandfather's butcher shop and am pretty sure the steaks you get at the MDR and those at Chops come from the same Cryovac only maybe from the best side of the primal piece. Last visit was on the March 7th fiasco from Baltimore. The entire meal, from the medium sized still semi frozen shrimp to the the mediocre sized asparagus served by a disinterested waiter was a joke. Maybe better luck on the Anthem this November, we will see.
  13. It's NOT the price it is the QUALITY. No way are any of the steaks in Chops worth 50+/. Steak for TWO at Peter Luger's is only $104. and there is absolutely NO WAY they can be compared.
  14. Hopefully with the ANTHEM apparently in the Twilight Zone during the end of October there might be enough time for it to perform a TEST cruise. The Cape Liberty sailings starting November 7th are still listed as available.
  15. Can you take a wine corkscrew on a plane? The Transportation Security Administration currently states that corkscrews without blades are acceptable in carry-on bags, while those with small blades must be placed in a checked bag (as with any sharp object, they prefer it be sheathed or wrapped to prevent baggage handlers and inspectors from being injured).
  16. Photo of the passenger with their CDC card. Any outbreak traced to or including them should be grounds for legal action ? Maybe arrest or severe legal and financial penalties suffered by the cruise line and all others infected, all part of a cruise contract.
  17. Glad you had a cold. LOL.. (and not the C-19) .
  19. So it sounds like a case of the seasonal flu. "Fortunately, none of us seems to be seriously ill. When fully vaccinated people experience so-called “breakthrough” infection, they tend not to progress to serious disease requiring hospitalization, and I expect that will be the case for us. But I can tell you that even a “mild” case of COVID-19 is pretty miserable. I’ve had fever, chills and muscle aches, and I’ve been weak enough that I can barely get out of bed. I don’t wish this on anybody." As far as testing positive for COVID after being immunized, it is very possible. Being EXPOSED to someone with Covid may cause immunized people to show positive until their antibodies completely rid the body of the Covid proteins that the tests look for. The vaccine is not an impenetrable force field that keeps Covid from entering or invading your body..
  20. Where is that story ?? I tried to find it and only came up with one about 15 family members at a party in TEXAS and one was hospitalized, but that was over 8 months ago. ?? There is NO MENTION of a vaccine at all..
  21. +1 +1 +1 +1 Especially with passenger capacity limits that must be followed. ANYTHING TO GET STARTED ---PLEASE
  22. And if you can't please everyone show them the way to the egress.. LOL
  23. To at least begin sailing and generating revenue the line will do whatever it can. If it means sailing at 50% and tight restrictions on the 12 year-old thing I am sure they will have NO PROBLEM getting half a ship filled with adults.
  24. They may be geared for family cruises, however I am darned sure they will sail under any circumstances they can at the present time. If that means there are restrictions due to Covid so be it. It is not WHAT THE CRUISE LINE WANTS, IT IS WHAT THEY CAN DO TO SAIL.. . They have to sail or go out of business. I am sure they can get 50-60 % occupancy with the new restrictions and at least generate revenue..
  25. The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands has informed Royal Caribbean of a new policy that requires all cruise passengers ages 12 and older to be fully vaccinated in order for the ship to be allowed entry into the port. This latest requirement applies to all cruise ships scheduled to enter U.S. Virgin Island ports. In a statement by the cruise line, Royal Caribbean will require all guests ages 12 and older to provide proof of vaccination in order to sail on itineraries visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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