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  1. I suspect that BM has 'Dropped the Ball ' yet again and now Silversea are trying to retrieve a very embarrassing situation. One wonders what her latest ' Shopping ' Survey recently sent to Venetians is meant to achieve as the general consensus seems to be that the On Board Shops leave a lot to be desired ???
  2. Interesting thought Randyk47 but surely Silversea were cooperating all along the line as they clearly gave Jane McDonald a substantial Suite and they were promoting the Broadcast to Venetians well ahead of the date. It smacks of poor Management at some level not to ensure that The Line got some benefit, even if it was only to the UK Potential Guests. Jane McDonald has subsequently aired a Christmas Cruise Edition on the Norwegian Hurtigruten and they received substantially more coverage.
  3. Perhaps The Chief Marketing Officer should have been more thorough in checking exactly what was to be broadcast prior to the event ? - This was not a ' Secret ' visit to the ship and surely any sensible Company would have exercised some Editorial control ?
  4. Best wishes to you both Brimary - lets hope we get no more Rain for a few days - most of the local Lanes are flooded here and only passable with great care.
  5. Good Afternoon Brimary - I was not aware that Jane McDonald has such VIP Neighbours !! - What you say about her Charitable Works is not surprising and very praiseworthy - she comes over as a genuine and friendly Person. I feel any lack of worthwhile Publicity for Silversea must lie with them as surely they would have insisted on Viewing the Piece before Broadcast ? - Perhaps Barbara Muckerman was involved following her success with recent Venetian Surveys ??
  6. I would echo all that is said above and am surprised that Silversea wishes to be a Partner in such a Broadcast for which they would seem to get nothing in return. There was nothing to attract one to the Ship as so little of it was shown and it was ironic that the Advert between the two halves majored on the luxuries to be found on a Regent Cruise !!!!!! The reference to her Mother sailing on The Shadow in the past was somewhat odd as the Picture shown was to my mind displaying a Funnel that was not a Silversea Ship ?? - all in all a very strange Programme.
  7. Be aware that things change - Our June Cruise on The Whisper is already allowing Excursions to be booked on ' My Silversea ' - When queried with the London Office I was advised that the 120 Day Booking Window is changing ??? I hope this may help but dont be surprised if your particular Cruise is not affected.
  8. Perhaps Silversea are are expecting The Recipients to remember the old phrase ' Its the thought that counts ' ???
  9. Good Morning Brimary - Thank you for your good wishes which we reciprocate. We hope that we will be meeting up again before too long on a Silversea Ship - it wont be the same without you.
  10. Good Morning Beaujolais - So pleased to hear that you were invited to Dinner with Peter - no doubt you were able to quietly put forward some of your views regarding various ' Issues ' - hopefully Peter and his Colleagues will garner some useful information from long standing Venetians. The Champagne Issue is interesting - albeit that we do not drink Champagne I could never understand why continuing Segments did not result in Replacement Bottles. Hope The Cruise continues to go well and you are now more settled in your Relationship with Silversea.
  11. Good Morning Observer - You are quite correct concerning the Zodiac Issue now available on The Whisper which will certainly make her more appropriate for The World Cruise. Maybe She will receive some more refurbishment in due course. We will be on board for a month in 2020 and will no doubt be supremely comfortable in her present Format.
  12. Thank you so much Beaujolais and Others for providing us with a clear sense of how the Shadow now looks following the Refurbishment - in my opinion it looks great and now largely conforms to the Musified Palette . Certainly the Ship seems to have been modernised well and the results should give her a new Spring in her Step. I am somewhat surprised that she is not being used for the forthcoming World Cruise as The Whisper in comparison is now showing her age in the Style Stakes. The Picture that was posted elsewhere showing the Codged Up Pool Steps merely indicates that she is outdated and needs attention. I know The Ship has a substantial following and has received some Museification but The Shadow must now be regarded as a more attractive option.
  13. Good Afternoon Jollyjones - You may well be right concerning the exact dimensions of the new ' Shower Only ' Bathrooms but as I did not have a Tape measure with me, my remarks relate to my ' Impression ' of the size which I agree is probably created by the removal of the Bath. I would however say that the new Shower Cubicle is very capacious and contains a Seat/Wide Ledge at one end which many would find useful. We were not able to secure one of these Suites for our next Spirit Cruise but will be entirely comfortable in one of the original Suites which does have an adequate separate Shower Unit as well as a Bath.
  14. Good Morning seaquay - we have had one of the Rain Shower Suites a number of times on The Spirit and they are fantastic - the configuration makes the Bathroom appear bigger and the Shower itself is large and very efficient ( an adjustable Hand Shower as well as a Fixed Rain Unit ). We were lucky to get one of the 2 Non Connecting Suites but cannot see that a Connecting One would be too much of a problem from a noise perspective ( The Sound Insulation is not great anyway !!! ). I am a little lost as to the relevance of the cost of changing Shower Heads in ones own Home as described by SWFLAOK ???
  15. Good Morning Brimary - Thank you so much for your analysis of Saga. It seems that there are some pluses and minuses and the Guest Numbers can only add to the variance of standards. The Pool area sounds very disappointing but the Main Dining Room was at least a success. What happens now ???? We wish you both a splendid Christmas and New Year and hopefully we may meet up again before too long ??? .
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