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  1. There is a Roll Call (in the Roll Call Forum on here) for this cruise that might be a more convenient way to chat with your fellow passengers, and get some suggestions.
  2. Have wondered the same thing!
  3. Thanks so much for the "uber-fast" response!! Happy Sailing!
  4. Hi. Can you tell me whether or not you experienced any problems getting a taxi to the Cruise Port on the morning of embarkation? It looks a little far to try to schlepp our luggage on foot..... Thanks for any advice!
  5. Sorry if this is a silly question, but how does one find out what the amount of the flight credit might be if I choose to purchase our own air travel?
  6. Yay! Ours got here today! --- 3 days earlier than they said they would. Guess now all we have to do is finish packing all those steamer trunks! 😉
  7. Just got an email from USPS Tracking. Our Medallions are due to "arrive here January 3rd by 9:00 p.m." They'd BETTER. We leave early the following morning (the 4th) to fly to FLL! If they don't arrive the night before, I'm gonna be p*ssed. Wonder why they chose to wait until the very last second?? 🤔
  8. We have two friends from Denver joining us on this cruise. "Bill & Gary" We've cruised with them twice before, and Bill even flew here to Dallas to take care of our two big Weimaraners for us while we went to Antarctica last December. Both are super nice, and super fun! You'll enjoy them.
  9. Tried & tried to book a QG on QM2 for Dec. 2024, but it kept rejecting my World Club # every time I entered it (...and I was entering it directly from my card!). I gave up, but was pleasantly surprised when our Cruise Planner called me to tell me he had already reserved a room for us about an hour earlier. Got exactly what we wanted.
  10. Hi Mishelle & Sue. We, too, are booked on this Cruise to LAX. Thought we had the rest of 22 and all of 23 planned out & booked, but then out of the blue last week, DH decided he wanted to go somewhere "warm" for a couple of weeks in January before our already-planned "spring" trip. So here we are. We're Ken & Ray from Dallas. We've actually done the Canal before, but this trip adds a couple of new countries that we didn't visit before. We're seasoned travelers (a nice way of saying OLD), and have been to 67 countries. This cruise will bring us up to 70. Yes, we also wanted to do the old locks again. Before, we went through them on a very small flat-bottomed "tourist boat". It was fascinating being so low to the water that you could literally touch the slimy green concrete walls of the locks on both sides of the ship. This time though, we'll be on a tall enough ship that we can watch the little 110+ year-old electric locomotives (or "Mules") pull us through by cables. It's going to be fascinating. (again!) But first, this fall, we'll be going to Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, & Hungary, (on a Tauck river cruise), then taking a train to Nuremberg & Munich for our 3rd or 4th OKTOBERFEST!! <-- obviously we LOVE it! It's one of the most fun things we've ever done! Looking forward to meeting you two! Ken & Ray
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