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  1. We mailed ours in (standard snail mail) the first week in Feb and received them mid March approx one week apart. Did not pay for expedited processing. Have not yet received our old ones. I also noticed that the status shown on the State Dept website was inaccurate.
  2. Until this past Jan, all of our B2Bs were in the same cabin. We were unable to book the same cabin for our B2B on the Jubilee. We had read all the FAQs, as well as the experience of others on CC and FB but we were still somewhat anxious. It went flawlessly. It may have helped because we only moved a few cabins down the hall and had the same cabin steward. Because the hanging clothes are moved while still on the hangers, you should have ample suitcase space to easily pack your other items. We use a shoe organizer over the bathroom door for misc. items and I simply laid it on the bed and rolled it up before putting it in a suitcase. The cabin steward was VERY accommodating and made some suggestions which we followed. It is not as easy as remaining in the same cabin but it is easier than your fears may lead you to believe. 🙂 I think the best advice I can offer is to listen to your cabin steward and do as he or she suggests. FWIW - we were gathered in one of the MDRs and the officials came to us rather than having to depart and return to the ship. Doesn't save much time but is a lot easier, especially if you have mobility issues. Enjoy your B2B!!! 🙂 🙂
  3. When we received our transportation "tickets" while on the cruise, there was a time indicated. It was the same time we chose when we made the reservations. We used that time to pick our debarkation time. It all worked itself out nicely - even with the debacle we encountered in the terminal at Galveston.
  4. We got off the Jubilee on Feb 3rd after a B2B - It was the worst debark in recent memory. Not so much due to the on board crew but the folks in the terminal were absolutely clueless and allowed a bad situation to get worse by the second. They just stood back and let the whole situation "take a dirt road". Just my opinion.
  5. Nope - next cruise wasn't scheduled until Oct so............
  6. Submitted renewal applications on 2/9/24. Checks were cashed shortly thereafter. Have not received them as yet.
  7. Initially, I felt the same on our Jubilee B2B in Jan/Feb. The lady who answered the phone at the room service number was so friendly and the order arrived in less than 15 minutes every morning. I changed my mind after the first two days. 🙂
  8. Got off a B2B on the Jubilee yesterday. This is exactly what we encountered.
  9. Got off a Jubilee B2B yesterday. You can get either or both.
  10. Von Lane bus service is available from Dallas to Houston for about $200 pp round trip. Greyhound is about $70 pp round trip. Airfare is around $275 pp round trip. Regardless of mode of transportation, add shuttle/Uber - cost unknown. Your choice. Good Luck.
  11. There are videos and photos of similar "V2" category rooms but I don't see anything for 7210. What am I missing?
  12. We were on a B2B on the Beyond in Feb. The food was the biggest disappointment of the two weeks. The OVC was pretty much a joke. The selections were very limited. We have an 8 day booked on the Equinox in Oct and then 2 B2B's on Carnival. We are looking forward to the MDR on Carnival after seeing the new menus that are being rolled out. We first cruised X in 2019 and thought we had found a new favorite cruise line. Probably not so any more. 😞
  13. We did a B2B in cabin 11133 in Feb 2023 and it was very quiet.
  14. I enjoy them both equally. I enjoy visiting Mayan ruins and they are available at both ports. Belize is a tender port. Costa Maya has a rather long, hot walk from the ship to the port although the port facilities are probably a little more inviting than Belize. Personal transportation from "Ship to shore" is available in Costa Maya but in our experience is not on a very reliable schedule. Neither location is a St Kitts, Saint Martin, or Cozumel both both are fun places if you have a positive attitude. After 36 cruises, I would gladly look forward to a day in either port. On occasion, my wife does, however, choose to stay on the ship when we visit one of these ports. Isn't it wonderful that we all don't enjoy the same things? 🙂
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