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  1. Got off a B2B on the Jubilee yesterday. This is exactly what we encountered.
  2. Got off a Jubilee B2B yesterday. You can get either or both.
  3. Von Lane bus service is available from Dallas to Houston for about $200 pp round trip. Greyhound is about $70 pp round trip. Airfare is around $275 pp round trip. Regardless of mode of transportation, add shuttle/Uber - cost unknown. Your choice. Good Luck.
  4. There are videos and photos of similar "V2" category rooms but I don't see anything for 7210. What am I missing?
  5. We were on a B2B on the Beyond in Feb. The food was the biggest disappointment of the two weeks. The OVC was pretty much a joke. The selections were very limited. We have an 8 day booked on the Equinox in Oct and then 2 B2B's on Carnival. We are looking forward to the MDR on Carnival after seeing the new menus that are being rolled out. We first cruised X in 2019 and thought we had found a new favorite cruise line. Probably not so any more. 😞
  6. We did a B2B in cabin 11133 in Feb 2023 and it was very quiet.
  7. I enjoy them both equally. I enjoy visiting Mayan ruins and they are available at both ports. Belize is a tender port. Costa Maya has a rather long, hot walk from the ship to the port although the port facilities are probably a little more inviting than Belize. Personal transportation from "Ship to shore" is available in Costa Maya but in our experience is not on a very reliable schedule. Neither location is a St Kitts, Saint Martin, or Cozumel both both are fun places if you have a positive attitude. After 36 cruises, I would gladly look forward to a day in either port. On occasion, my wife does, however, choose to stay on the ship when we visit one of these ports. Isn't it wonderful that we all don't enjoy the same things? 🙂
  8. Date Port Arrive Depart Saturday, December 16 Miami, FL 3:30pm Sunday, December 17 At Sea Monday, December 18 Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 9:00am 5:00pm Tuesday, December 19 Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands 8:00am 4:00pm Wednesday, December 20 At Sea Thursday, December 21 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00am 4:00pm Friday, December 22 Miami, FL 8:00am
  9. We have a B2B booked for 1/20/2024 and 1/27/2024. Booked the first leg a long time ago and just decided to do the B2B last week. The cabin we were in was not available so we had to settle for a cabin not too far away from the first one. This is the first time we are doing a B2B where we had to change cabins. Not really looking forward to that but, oh well. Just happy to find a cabin as close as we did. We wanted to find another suite for the second leg but there wasn't one close and the cost had more than doubled since we booked the first cabin. 😞 We are just concerned that the completion date will slip causing the cancellation of cruises through January. We hope that our concern is unfounded.
  10. We have sailed from Galveston quite a few times and I will echo the advice to arrive a day early. Whether you actually stay on the island or in a community just to the north is your decision. We have done both and each has it's own set of pro's and con's. Laundry is really up to you since you aren't flying. You can bring as much as you can drag with you. 🙂 I have been on over 20 cruises as a diabetic. Cruising as a diabetic presents it's own challenges, none of which can't be dealt with. If low glucose levels are an issue for you, I would suggest carrying a couple glucose pills rather than "snacks". They work fast, inexpensive, easy to carry, and can be taken without affecting anyone around you. Win - win. Have a Great cruise!!
  11. I find this web page to be helpful in answering questions such as this. 🙂 https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/category/c/25
  12. We have done B2Bs on three different cruise lines. On each one, the room steward knew we were B2B on the first day of the first cruise.
  13. Did B2B last month on Beyond. The lunch was on Day 1 on both cruises. It was convenient but not "special".
  14. We did a B2B on Beyond last month. We had a 17 minute wait once for a MDR as a "walk up" which is what we did every night. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the shows as a 6. Just my opinion. A couple of the comedians were pretty funny.
  15. We were on a B2B on Beyond 2/5.23 - 2/19/23. Kids had been screaming in the solarium for hours with staff just going on their merry way. Finally, I asked what appeared to be a supervisor of some sort (white shirt with shoulder boards of some variety) why kids were allowed in the solarium when the signed obviously said it was not allowed? His eyes got big and he said, "What kids?" I replied, "The screaming ones two feet behind you." I will admit he had them leave but it was a temporary solution.
  16. In the past 16 months we have sailed B2B on the Independence OTS, B2B on Beyond, and single 7 day sailings on the Allure OTS and Carnival Dream. As it pertains to MDR food, I believe the Beyond was, without question, the worst. The MDR service on the Beyond was, in my opinion, tied for last with the Allure OTS. Just my opinion.
  17. The ship's staff has to handle the luggage regardless. The terminal to airport is, I am sure, a contractor paid for by the fee charged to the user.
  18. This has nothing to do with $$. It is a matter of convenience that is paid for by those who use it.
  19. I did - and they do respond but I don't think enough people have communicated this to X.
  20. I doubt it. I assume there would be some fanfare from X were they to reactivate the service. I am somewhat curious as to why it was not restarted after the pandamic.
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