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  1. Got it, thanks! In the meatime, the price reduction has narrowed to being not much, lol, so I will keep my eye on it.
  2. Thank you so much!! Yes, I have paid, but we are more than 40 days out! Great news. Nancy
  3. It can't hurt to try! I thought that there was a 24 hour limit on repricing flights, but I will give it a whirl. Thank you.
  4. Air2Sea prices for our Detroit-Nassau flights are actually about $50 less per person than when we booked. Having said that, we are glad to be sailing in August, and I am not complaining!
  5. This reminds me of the spinach/artichoke dip and chips that used to be available via room service. My kids loved it!!! Sorry if this is viewed as a hijack of the post (about maybe making room serivce complimentry during this restart), but you stirred up a memory:)
  6. My husband and I are booked on the Mariner for a B2B in August. For a handful of years, we have cruised during our anniversary week, whether it is someplace new like Cuba or what I call the "no brainer" cruise of Nassau and CoCo Cay, where there isn't a lot of intense planning required. LOL When we booked, I was convinced that these would sail. Lately, I have been keeping my eye on the Bermuda and Nassau sailings and remain truly undecided on making the switch.
  7. Somewhere I read that our FCC relating to our June 11 Anthem Cruise would be issued within about 2 weeks. I "thought" that sounded pretty optimistic. LOL Thanks all.
  8. They said that they weren't going to bill them, anyway, so we'll see.
  9. In Ohio, we only had to show our driver's license as an ID. We had uploaded our insurance info online, but were told we didn't need it. We live about a mile into Michigan but our service providers are in Ohio, so we were able to get the vaccine in Toledo. DH and I get our 2nd dose on Saturday.
  10. We are in the same boat (LOL) with the June 11 reservations and are waiting for the cancellation. We also booked the Artic Circle for 2022. The June cruise was already a replacement for Aug of 2020 that was supposed to go out of Copenhagen. Hoping that the third time is a charm.
  11. That's what I was thinking. Soooo, if you fly in a day early and have to check out of your hotel by noon, how soon can you drop off your luggage at the port, I wonder. Maybe you just have the desk hold your luggage and hang around at the hotel.
  12. Yes, of course. DH and I get our 2nd vaccine on Apr. 3. Mask is okay too. I am am hoping that we can keep the mask off when on the beach at Coco-Cay, but totally okay with the vaccination part, and are also okay with masks on board when necessary.
  13. We have five booked; The closest being one that won't go--Norwegian fjords this June, and the farthest out being the replacement Artcic and Norwegian Fjords next July.
  14. I got one for our January '22 cruise on Brilliance, out of Tampa. We have other cruises scheduled before this one and one after. Nancy
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