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  1. Glad some of you were also able to re-price. I realize that my original booking price was inflated because I didn't book immediately when the cruises were released. May was much cheaper, but I need to go in August instead for work reasons. I agonized about it long and hard and had to decide if I wanted to go even if the price didn't drop:) Nancy
  2. While on the Majesty in August, my husband and I booked a 7 day Norwegian fjord cruise out of Copenhagen (August of 2020) and I have been checking prices almost daily. We have gotten a couple of small price drops but tonight got another one, saving $489 for the two of us (Guaranteed balcony). I am beyond shocked--to the point of checking the itinerary while on hold in case they had quietly dropped a port or two from the planned ports! Just sharing in case any of you are tired of checking for price drops. This one really took me by surprise, but was "oh so worth it". Nancy
  3. He loved the Huston Astros, and we happened to bring him a hat. That's about all that I can think of!!
  4. Yes, Raul was our guide in August and we had an awesome tour!
  5. I have had all of the same (above mentioned) issues about getting into the check in area, and have tried all of the tricks: going Incognito, changing computers, clearing out the cache, changing browsers, waiting 15 min. for the reservation to "unlock", etc. My thoughts are 1-that the reservations just randomly lock up sometimes and/or 2-their system is just unable to handle all of the traffic and getting in might just be hit or miss. Today, none of my tricks worked. I just called Customer Service and even she couldn't unlock the reservations and said that they will print at the port. The good news--we are not crazy. The bad news--their systems have not improved since this last website overhaul. The old one worked like a champ!
  6. Thank you all for the updates. My husband and I will be on the Mariner later this month. Our first cruise was on the Mariner in 2008, so we are looking very much forward to the trip! Nancy
  7. We also just used the Parking Doctors. Super easy and no problems at all. Nancy
  8. My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary at the Chef's table on the Majesty last August. I don't remember the entire menu, but there was a great soup, some sea bass, a pasta dish, and a lovely steak. The desserts were incredible and they topped it all off with chocolate martinis! Neither of us are huge wine drinkers, but it was interesting to hear about each type served. We were only somewhat interested in the Chef's Table and followed the advice on CC and waited to book until on board. We were in the Windjammer (watching the eclipse) and dining room staff wandered around trying to sell seats at the Chef's Table at a discount. When the discount increased to 30% off, we took the plunge. Nancy
  9. Hello! So glad to see this thread. I joined WW on Jan 2 after trying various things on my own for many years with short term success and long term re-gains. So far, I am down about 30 lbs--not losing super fast and really not even super steady. I will lose for a few weeks and then stay the same or even go up a little before losing again. All in all, I like this program. I actually cruised and spent a long weekend in FL a few weeks after joining and lost over 2 lbs. (Lots of fish and veggies, no bread, walking 10-12,000 steps, etc). My current goal is to lose another 15 before our next cruise to Cuba/Cozumel in August. This seems doable. I have not tried the that pizza crust or any WW baked goods really, but the above ideas sound great! Good luck to all! Nancy
  10. I just saved a whopping $9 on an August sailing on the Majesty to Cuba and Cozumel, but also will get $50 OBC that wasn't available when we booked a little over a month ago. I was also considering another cruise that leaves later in August, but that one went up!
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