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    That is indeed probably what the OP intending to say.
  2. And have you been having a very nice time?
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    Not when I last looked, and indeed not when I last visited.
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    Rotterdam and Copenhagen are in different countries and some distance apart. Do you mean Amsterdam? If so, they charged when I was there. In any case, I'd stay in Rotterdam, it is very nice.
  5. I'm sure you will have a quite splendid time.
  6. I agree, but I am also completely mystified by the occasional male who posts here, saying they are not keen on cruising on Cunard, because they would have to wear a jacket. Seems very strange to me, especially with the air conditioning.
  7. I have never heard anyone express their horror at the thought of a skirt, and I've been going on Cunard for a while.
  8. And there is, of course, nothing to stop you wearing a DJ and a glamorous evening dress any night, or even every night. You might even set a trend.
  9. There's always keel-hauling, if needed.
  10. I don't really think this hangs together. Has anyone refused, as opposed to forgotten, to wear one? We don't know. Throwing people off the ship on a cruise with no ports would be exceedingly stringent. But, again, we don't know whether anyone has been left at a port. And it seems a strange criterion for whether they are taking something seriously. Why not confine them to their cabin, if you are felling punitive? And wouldn't people who actually refused do so at check in and not be allowed to board? . We simply don't know enough, I feel.
  11. So are we at Sunnylvsfjorden?
  12. Very good. It is indeed the delicious and underrated island of Alderney. Apparently, until they moved the shipping lanes, the liners used to pass very close, and the pubs would all post lists of what was passing when. Nowadays, many of us have been on cruises that call at St. Peter Port, and hence pass one side or ther other of the beautiful island.
  13. He may be concerned about exciting spousal jealousy.
  14. While we are wracking our brains about Norway, here is a very old postcard, clearly showing a Cunard sail by, which I gather at the time was a frequent occurrence. It is also a route many of us will have followed on cruises, though not mentioned as a sail by. No points for the ship, by the way.
  15. Or maybe they just haven't got round to deciding yet? Or to promulgating their decision. I should think the number of passengers who would object to being jabbed is considerably lower than those who dislike wearing masks.
  16. Looks even more Norwayish, but one Fjord does look much like another.
  17. If this were the case, where and when would the people on second sitting for dinner, which is open seating, be able to eat their breakfast and lunch?
  18. Wouldn't it be prudent to check with the embassy?
  19. Sorry, I meant tours of the ship, not from the ship.
  20. Thank you for your reports and the vicarious enjoyment you have given us.
  21. For an awful moment I thought you had a really bad back, but now I deduce it is something IT related: deeply tedious, but less agonising.
  22. I assume the expensive but fascinating ship's tours have been ditched for now?
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