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  1. Why not get currency before you leave from AAA? You can order it from them if you have membership and they will have it for pickup the next day.
  2. I agree. It's worth a visit. Lots of stuff and pictures from the ranch (which was sadly burned in recent wildfires). They also have a piece of the Berlin wall. The shuttle stops there if one doesn't want to walk.
  3. It gets applied as soon as you book. I would read the letter to see what the terms are for how long you have to use it. Some must be applied within a year. Take your time and pick out something you really want to go on. And if using a TA again, make sure they check that it's been applied. When the time comes to the name change after final payment, using a good TA will take care of that for you. But be cautious. Some agencies charge a fee for a change. It's ok to use a different TA that specializes in cruises for this next booking.
  4. You don't have to bump on this message board. Are you looking for another answer like being able to transfer the credit to someone else? The answer for that is no because they tied the credit to your Ex-BF's C&A account. It doesn't matter who paid for the cruise. I paid for both with my credit card as well in my situation. If you do what I suggested above (which is what you asked), once they get final payment and the credit is applied they don't care (or check). One lesson learned is to purchase travel insurance through a broker like insuremytrip(dot)com the next time. That way you would have gotten a cash refund instead of Future Credit.
  5. The penalty is $100 per guest per change. So starting with $900, 1st change of $200 for the 2 of them. Balance is $700 applied to changed cruise. Second Change of $200 for the 2 of them brings the balance down to $500 to apply to future cruise. They were give only $300 to apply for a future cruise instead of $500. So there is still $200 outstanding that should be applied to FC or refunded. Here's the policy - Should multiple changes to the ship and/or sail date be required, will multiple change fees be incurred? Multiple adjustments to the ship and/or sail date of a booking will result in the assessment of a $100 per guest change fee for each qualifying change made to the reservation. There is no limit on the number of change fees that can be incurred.
  6. OK.. I know I'm going to get slammed for my response.. but whatever.. Here's what I did when the same thing happened to me. I booked a cruise with my name and my BF's name. They applied the credit for both. Paid the final when due. Then maybe a week or 2 before the sailing, I changed the name on the booking. I did not have to pay anything additional and was able to take advantage of the credit. Your answer is yes. It's possible to do.
  7. I'm not a TA, but I remember getting a credit for a future booking that had the wrong amount and got it fixed a couple years back. RCCL isn't talking to you because the booking is with the TA. However, I think I was able to talk to someone in the Crown and Anchor who routed me to the right people to fix it. It didn't happen quickly - maybe a few weeks. It's possible with the holidays, the credit hasn't been processed yet. You might want to give it 30 days.
  8. I'm with you Cindy. Been around since it was an AOL Keyword (used my AOL ID before this one). As you have experienced, this happens every time there is a change to the board. I'll never forget the melt down of people when they lost their post counts and Blue status or whatever it was called. Posters thought the world was ending. This will work itself out.
  9. The dry dock is scheduled for the week of Dec 1st. The balcony cabins are smaller than the other Princess ships. Caribe is a good choice for a deck. if you go aft, people can look right down. I've known people who didn't care for these. If going for traditional dining, the dining rooms are far aft. Something to consider when deciding the location of your cabin. There are videos out there if you google. It may give you a good idea of what would be a good selection. I personally like the far forward Obstructed Deluxe Balconies on Lido and Mariner. Granted you have to hike everywhere, but the balcony size is generous. Others don't care for this because of their experience with wind but I haven't had that issue.
  10. When the market tanked about 10 years ago and that's when it was under $20 a share. It was just by luck a lot people bought in back then. It wasn't that it was a lot more money than it is today. It was all about timing. Now is not the time to buy.
  11. I agree. And I bought it years ago when the market tanked. The OBC I've received from it since then covered the original cost.
  12. Why not get a drip cone and take that with you? It's easy to make a cup of coffee that way. You won't have to mess with something electric and bulky. And you can bring your favorite coffee with you.
  13. Ordering the Atlas won't help because it just shows the Oct 22, 2019 sailing. The way to find out is look through the roll calls. There was one this year in April 2018 on the Star Princess. Not sure if there was one in October on that ship or another one but you search through to see. I don't see a Spring 2020 one but there could be one in the fall.
  14. Mine is showing up 4:45. I thought that was weird too. That's like a late lunch. Not sure if I'll keep it or go late. I'm not a fan of 8pm but the earlier late time might be a better alternative.
  15. I rented a car the last time my cruise ended in Vancouver. Super easy as the car rentals were at the port. I dropped the car off at SEA
  16. Not all beaches on the French side are highly populated with nudity like Orient. I go to one every time I'm there but it requires a rental car. I've never seen nudity at this particular one and very few if any cruise passengers. For a newbie with kids, I wouldn't recommend renting a car. As someone recommended, Divi beach is your best bet.
  17. Noro isn't something you worry about catching from the pool/hot tub. It's the bacterial infections you run a risk getting as a result of the hot tubs. But to each their own. As far as babies in the pool and hot tubs, you see it a lot on many of the cruiselines. I've said something to an attendant before when I saw a baby in a hot tub with their reckless parents. It's too hot for small kids and babies. They say that they don't want to make the passenger upset so they can't say anything to the offender. They can only report it to their supervisor. I tend to swim in the adult pools on ships that have them. Otherwise I just skip it and do something else.
  18. The points are tied to the individual's credit card. So the answer would be yes if each person has a credit card and enough points to exchange for OBC to apply to their onboard account. To be honest, it's not that great of a deal for me to accumulate points for OBC. I have other credit cards I get better perks. But I keep it as a backup card.
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