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  1. Carnival Magic departs Port Canaveral, Florida.
  2. Aplmac

    Carnival's new hull livery!

    As they emerge from recent dry docks Carnival ships are looking much better.
  3. Only four of them left now and I don't see Fascination mentioned among them - so she may be a goner fer real! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_Cruise_Line#Current_fleet
  4. One particularly happy ship was Carnival VALOR while she was assigned to the Southern Caribbean route and we could (and did) board at Barbados, to go P. Rico and back. We did three quick cruises on Valor between June 2013 and June 2014. and the happiness of the crew was obvious: we noticed it all three times and in betweewn there, we did a Canada Cruise on Glory, ex Manhattan -for comparison and the feel on board Glory was nothing like Valor's esprit de corps!
  5. Fascination was last on the Southern Caribbean route from Puerto Rico to Barbados and back. Here she is at Barbados two or three years ago now.
  6. Almost certainly they freshed the ship generally. That's what dry docks do.
  7. Oh man they're making a killing!! lol
  8. Aplmac

    Liberty ready to.jpg

    Carnival Liberty ..ready to rock
  9. Carnival Glory docked in Roatan, Honduras - Western Caribbean
  10. Aplmac

    Radiance at CADIZ.jpg

    Carnival Radiance freshly afloat after dry dock -in Cadiz, France.
  11. END OF SEPTEMBER and the situation re. Soufriere seems to have settled nicely, as expected after four straight days of blowing her top -and getting it out of her system! There has been no significant action since late April These pics are fairly recent - August and Sept. 2021
  12. Local vaccination rates are progressing well.... now that Pfizer is here - for those who were scared of AstraZeneca, for whatever reason
  13. Want to see your PICS of that new hull livery! better than this one..
  14. Aplmac


    Rolling right by da funnel!
  15. Aplmac

    Bolt stationary.jpg

    These guys look ready!
  16. Aplmac

    Entering Port.jpg

    Anyone recognize which port this is? San Juan, P.Rico?
  17. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Mardi Gras started cruising in 2021. A collection of artist's impression and photos from the shipyard at Turku and from Florida!
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