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  1. Aplmac

    Safes in the rooms

    . He did the right thing! 99.9% of cabin stewards are OK guys, who play by the book -or else! .
  2. . Like you, I've done the Southern Caribbean loop on Liberty and Valor - and Victory and feel hard to spend $$$$ on a Fascination cruise - although I hear it's not so bad after all! Those of us on the Southern Carib. loop are stuck with Fascination until April 2021!! so yew better get used to it. .
  3. Aplmac

    My stateroom is above a dance floor

    . I'm not like that but.... let's assume I'm a late-night party-er, drinkin.. smokin.. sexin.. I routinely crawl into bed around 0400 hrs. Sun comes up at 0540 hrs. and wakes me up, dammit! -and it's on my side of the ship, dammit! There's NO Block-Out linings on the balcony cabin curtains so even tho they're pulled shut, my photo-sensitive blue eyes are working against me, and longer deeper sleep is a thing of the past! OMG how I wish I'd booked one of those 'dark-hole Interiors' where I coulda put a Do NOT Disturb sign on the door and slept peacefully until lunch-time. ________________________________ Takes all types to fill the freeway.. Takes all types to fill a cruise ship! . Oh God, here comes that sun again...
  4. Aplmac

    My stateroom is above a dance floor

    . Insides have their plusses too! They're inexpensive, compared to... and when you turn the lights off, it goes blaaack! Ocean Views are nice (all that lovely balcony area is included!) - but morning light will wake you up, before you want to be up. Carnival needs to consider BlockOut curtain linings for all OV windows!
  5. Aplmac

    My stateroom is above a dance floor

    . I love these urban legends!! "Once you do a balcony, you can never go back" How many times have I disproved this? LOL!
  6. Aplmac

    Safes in the rooms

    . Same experience here! (apart from the casino chips..) Cabin stewards know their axx is graxx if anything goes missing! They become the numero uno suspect if anything goes wrong.
  7. Aplmac

    Safes in the rooms

    . Cabin doors are left open while the steward does his thing not only for security reasons but also to allow the room to ventilate as much as is possible. On boarding day if you've ever been to your deck before The Time you'll see ALL cabin doors wide open (ready for you) but also ventilating the whole place!
  8. Aplmac

    Amber Cove Acquatic Center

    This is the sort of sign one usually sees up on Sky Deck at the entrance to the waterslide.
  9. Aplmac

    Amber Cove Acquatic Center

    . Not just 1.22 mountains, but 4 feet taller than that too. Read it again carefully! LOL
  10. Aplmac

    New x-ray technology - Carnival

    . Going thru TSA at JFK, I had the opportunity to be in a position where I could clearly see the other TSA lane's scanning monitor. The female operator called aside her colleague doing the physical checking and pointed to a rectangular object in the passenger's carry-on which was coloured an obvious reddish-orange! I could clearly see all other objects in the carry-on as well ea. of them showing a difrnt colour according to their density, etc. but this one red-orange(alert?)colour was singled out for further inspection. Draw your own conclusions.
  11. . Back when VALOR was assigned to the Southern Caribbean route us cruisers who live on the island and can board at Barbados took much advantage of this facility, and I've been on her three times. We found it to be a friendly noticeably-happy ship where personnel all got along well. Lovely ship! .
  12. You need more music-quiz fun after the early show??
  13. . Yes, that's right! And we've had some fun with them. Usually held on the small bandstand right outside the Casino on Deck 5. If it's a music-based quiz show, that Felipe Couto mad-child from Brasil can be a lot of fun! Carnival Valor trip.
  14. Aplmac

    Carnival Shareholder Benefit Expiration

    That's ^ a bummer!! DIS-like! Strongly. And I don't even own any shares, but I sure would be bummed if I did!