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  1. Aplmac

    Hull Art for Carnivals new LNG ship

    What really gets my goat is some kid scrawled writing all over the hull of the Mein Shiff's
  2. Aplmac

    Hull Art for Carnivals new LNG ship

    I agree - I too like the fresh new design. Looks like a wave. Only one thing, as someone above mentioned, the shade of blue at the bow could be (a good bit) lighter
  3. Aplmac

    Anyone collect cruise-cards?

    Would you believe, I am only now (a year later) seeing this post of yours. I just had a quick look thru your impressive collection of cards on Photobucket. Somewhere at Photobucket, I also have photos of cards posted... but I haven't visited or used Photobucket for years now (suspect I'm getting old! lol) Go look for user Aplmac
  4. Aplmac

    Sad, sad news from St. Lucia

    The way it happened sounds awfully dodgy!
  5. A quick update from today's local newspaper with some more details........ http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/158491/tour-bus-driver-averts-disaster
  6. Aplmac

    Sewer problems in Barbados

    Go WEST Coast and you'll have no problems. Attached photo shows Mullins Beach, quite aways up the West Coast The problems are on the South Coast - so avoid that. CRANE Beach out East is also cool, no sewage there
  7. OK I just saw the local island News on TV - at 7 p.m. seeking further info, and indeed the incident seems minor. Minor cuts and scrapes were addressed on the scene, and two cruisers went off to local hospital, as a cautionary measure Now I've seen more photos of the coach... the coach got the worst of it all by far!
  8. Seems that a ship's coach tour ashore at Barbados stop crunched against a wall over on the scenic side of the island. 32 Freedom of the Seas cruisers on the coach, of which three suffered minor injuries. Most unfortunate. There's a short article on the local newspaper's website but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link or not.. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/158323/mass-casualty-situation-st-joseph The photo shows not-severe damage to the coach
  9. Aplmac

    Anyone collect cruise-cards?

    That would be the small circular hole down in the bottom right corner.. .
  10. Aplmac

    What do you do with your cruise cards

    Glad to hear you keep them! If you are ever cleaning house and about to toss them out.. please think of me: I'd be happy to add them to my collection. Email: DH-jennie(at)outlook dot com .
  11. Aplmac

    Anyone collect cruise-cards?

    OK! Didn't know that! Many thanks! .
  12. Aplmac

    Which Carnival ship is best?

    Thank you for that! .
  13. Aplmac

    What do you do with your cruise cards

    I keep mine (and my wife's) in plastic sleeves stored in a 3-ring binder. I collect other folks' cards as well and now have a collection that wows everyone who look thru it! I have one album dedicated to Carnival cards including a range of crew-cards you'd not normally see. .
  14. Aplmac

    Vista Booking Conundrum

    It's only money. Seriously! That stuff is made of vegetable material and won't be worth quite the same value in 6 months time! .
  15. Wow! This can only improve my favourite (so far) Carnival ship! .