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  1. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Due to start cruising in October 2020 A collection of artist's impression
  2. Now you see it -now you don't! It is entirely unpredictable! At all locations. We can't even establish an industrial process, to handle it here in beach-tourism Barbados -because of the erratic supply. Maybe we shouldn't have messed with the oceans and atmosphere, thirty years ago? We saw rafts of it, on our last cruise thru the Caribbean Sea!
  3. Meeting and talking is not always about making friends for the future. Sometimes it does work out (rarely?) but for a lot more of those meetings, you'll just meet and talk - and each of you will learn a little something - and yes indeed, you'll never ever see ea.other again, but that's OK! you met and you interchanged ideas and experiences. It is not time lost. It is never time lost, even all those years you spent with your dreadful First Spouse. Even during that verrry looong time lol you learned many things along the way.
  4. Half-day outings are The Bomb! lol I've always maintained that this Going Ashore thing can be hot sweaty work! Half-days work well for those past the age of 55 or so unless you're a fitness freak.......... Leave the ship promptly by 9:30 or so and be back on board for a late-ish lunch at 1:00 p.m. And you can always enjoy the pier-runners later
  5. My (Spanish-blooded) wife will talk to anyone who'll listen! She is gregarious. Me? Not so much, but I'm certainly not afraid of strangers like how I've read here, in some sections. Some folks....I dunno.... On a Southern Caribbean cruise, it can be handy at breakfast to let our table mates know that we actually live on the next island coming up.. so please fire away with questions re. destination and it's always a pleasure to help out with any worries and queries.
  6. I had a conversation one time, with an RCL Captain -Stig who mentioned that, although the marketing side of the Corporation loves full occupancy = Ka-Chiiing! lol as a Captain he prefers to sail with a few vacant cabins (if it works out that way) for unforseen eventualities! Cruise ships rescue people afloat on rafts, every now and then. Where do you house them? At times like this, it's handy to have an inside cabin or three to put them up until they can be put ashore safely in Port.
  7. Excellent choice and every Sunday afternoon/evening there's a local band who plays the best Latin music downstairs at street level out in the open. It's a nice gathering of people to hear the music!
  8. Aplmac

    WaterPark detail.jpg

    I don't even recall those markings when I posted it! Had I noticed them, I wouldn't have posted this. If Admin cares to delete it, I'm fine with that, please do so!
  9. Aplmac

    WaterPark detail.jpg

    I'm not sure. These aren't even my markings! Maybe the person is pointing out the height? I dunno!!
  10. Aplmac

    Stern deck-chairs.jpg

    Going to be.. Carnival's BEST Ship, by far!
  11. Burritos, on Lido deck, Carnival ships. Never get them at home! Quick and easy for lunch!
  12. Oooops! You're quite right. We did Antigua(bride) and Sint Maarten(Orange shirt) on the same cruise (our second) -back in January 2008. Older Memory starts to blur things! Apologies.
  13. Seems he was a Halifax lad!! I never knew that, until I came upon that statue of him, dockside! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Cunard
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