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  1. thanks for the review - we just booked B2B on Summit over Thanksgiving
  2. We actually bought more cruise stock when it hit the bottom and are still in the plus side Don't use a cruise line credit card so can't answer that one We have had 2 cruises cancelled and have already got FCC and/or been told we would get credit card refunds soon
  3. Like others I had the issue with Chrome but Microsoft Edge worked fine. Chrome worked if I brought up an incognito session. Deleting/clearing browsing history solved the problem with Chrome.
  4. dkata - thanks for the review/info - will be doing this exact thing in April
  5. we just got rejected for a Sept 2020 cruise saying Fare Code does not permit Stock Holders Credit. Although we booked this cruise July of 2019 we did use a prior booking made in 2018 as the deposit (future cruise booked on-line) so I feel the rejection was due to that.
  6. Here are the cups for our April cruise
  7. do not need to have both people upgrade. I usually do and wife stays with classic
  8. I have found it on all ships I have sailed on - except the Viking River cruise.
  9. But Zager & Evans do have a record - they are they only artists to have a song that went to # 1 on both the US Billboard chart and the UK top 100 and never had another song to reach either chart.
  10. But Zager & Evans do have a record - they are they only artists to have a song that went to # 1 on both the US Billboard chart and the UK top 100 and never had another song to reach either chart.
  11. while we are on the topic - May I suggest George Dickle Tennessee whiskey aged in Tabasco casks - great price point and very interesting .
  12. After reading a number of times how great Fever Tree tonic is I tried some since Costco had a Fever Tree pack with club soda and tonic included. It's good --- but not worth the extra $$ to me. I'm more concerned with the quality of the gin. Also - tries the club soda and not excited about it either.
  13. we go to Dollar Tree here in the states and get 10 shower caps for $1. They work great for covering food and other uses as well.
  14. thanks for that info Gives you that free hand for a plate or even to open door. https://smile.amazon.com/CarryAround-Coffee-Drink-Carrier-Holder/dp/B00UJD3D2K/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=plastic+4+cup+carrier&qid=1579621603&sr=8-3
  15. doing a Transatlantic - England to Boston. On cruise critic roll call group chartered bus from London to port and we realized midway we had left our passports in the hotel. Fellow roll call members 2 seats away heard our problems and said another couple in their party was still in London and would be taking the train to the port in a few hours, We called hotel and they went to room and found the passports (a bed pillow had been placed on top of them so we missed them) and said they would give to person for me, Other couple called their friend - he stopped by and picked up the passports and brought them to us at the port. This was before all the beverage packages --- I did buy our new best friends several drinks It sure pays to join the roll calls. We are certainly more careful with the passports now as we both remember this and remind each other of it every time.
  16. enjoying your posts. Will be on the Island for 28 days Hawaii/South Pacific in April. If you could can you find out of Matt O will still be on board then. Thanks
  17. Appears Eclipse goes into dry dock April 6 and then sails again 12. Obviously not time for a complete refurb. No idea what it is going in for. The April 12 cruise was supposed to leave April 10 but Celebrity shortened it by two days saying the ship would be spending 2 more days in dry dock. Saw this info on that sailings roll call.
  18. several on-line fax sites - I use https://www.gotfreefax.com/ free is limited to 3 pages I believe which is all you should need. Scan pages onto your pc then use web to send them
  19. Len thanks for the offer -- but we are flying in and staying in San Pedro for two nights prior to the cruise. Niece will drive down to us. Hopefully you can get all the cards - glad I could be of assistance.
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