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  1. how much was your cab from Ft.Lauderdale to Port of Miami?
  2. Roxxy

    Horizon and movies

    We found the best place to enjoy the movies were on pool deck 11. It was still not at eye level & the seats are more comfortable than the reclining sun loungers.
  3. We just spent 8 days in cabin 8476. It was not categorized "Havanna Cabin" at the time of booking, but months later it was !! You will love the 8th floor. With that being said, there is 0 privacy on the aft balconies in the Havanna area, so if you are OK with that you will be fine.
  4. Off the wall question ... but for those of you who are far sighted ... lol Do they have the magnified mirror on the wall in the bathroom? I don't want to unnecessarily bring mine.. Thanks !
  5. Roxxy

    Horizon Movies for December ?

    Thanks Crewsweeper ! Can anyone confirm December's movies ?
  6. Any recent cruisers can tell me what movies they were showing at the Dive in Movies or at the IMAX?
  7. Roxxy

    La Romana - Hotel Day Pass

    any experiences?
  8. Roxxy

    Crown/Emerald Cabin B750 / B751 AFT

    Thank you ! Is there deck lounge chairs provided for the balcony? I didn't see any in your pictures.
  9. I hear a lot of negativity abut these cabins but they are the last two choices for AFT cabins on my sailing and we really enjoy the wake. Has anyone here actually stayed in either of those two cabins and if so, how obstructive is the beam? If sitting on the deck will I not be able to see my spouse sitting on the other side? lol Thanks :)
  10. Roxxy

    Iguazu Falls - Excursion

    Do any of the cruise lines offer an excursion to Iguazu Falls? Which port of call would be closest to them?
  11. Roxxy

    Carnaval & Iguazu Falls - Which Ship?

    Thank You .. I am looking at Celebrity Eclipse that actually overnights in RIO 2 nights during Carnival, so no hotel would be necessary here. Would you suggest the best way to see the falls then would be to arrive early or extend our trip at the end? Any comments on the Azamara ? I believe they do the same itinerary.
  12. Just starting my research into the above .. Is there a particular cruise line you would choose that provides ease to doing both Carnaval and Iguazu Falls during the same itinerary? Traveling February 2020. Looking at Azamaras and Celebrity ... or other choice.
  13. Roxxy

    Ship time vs port time

    Your time conversions are all correct :)
  14. Roxxy

    Vista checkin at the Port

    April 15th embarkation ... I had my printed questionnaire's in hand. They did not ask for them nor did they verbally ask me any health questions. Who knows what they're doing now?
  15. Roxxy

    Carnival Vista Seafood shack?

    I didn't care for the clam chowder .. no flavour and it was served in a crusty, stale bread bowl that you could not break apart :')