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  1. If you are going to sail on Celebrity again ... any time ... I would pay it off in full and receive your 125% FCC. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. You either go on the scheduled cruise or take the additional 25% on your 2022 cruise (or any other cruise!).
  2. Hi There 🙂 All of our cruise plans keep getting cancelled or shifted to something we cannot do 😞 We are looking at the Christmas sailings now departing Fort Lauderdale. The itineraries are quite similar and we have been on the Reflection before and loved it! I just can't decide if we should go with the unknown or not. I am not a fan of the infinite balconies but there are some Sunset Verandas available I could choose. The Reflection does do a stop at Puerta Plata which we have not done and that is why I am leaning towards her. Any input will help! Thanks !
  3. What are the preferred cabins for a balcony cabin? I have a C3 booked but now have discovered it is an Edge Balcony, which I do not want. Thanks !
  4. Definitely the NCL POA. She is going to be refurbished in June of 2020. Also, with the other lines you will have a mostly 'rough' ride from LA to Hawaii. Why not just start in Hawaii and extend your land vacation while there? In my opinion, wouldn't do it any other way.
  5. I believe this was the sailing where over 100 PX were sick with the Norovirus? That could possibly have had something to do with it?
  6. Which resort has the nicest beach and pool? Preferrable one with a lazy river? Thanks !
  7. Seeing that no one has done this .... I am back to report ! One of the best excursions encountered all week visiting Italy and Greece! There was alot of mountain start and stops in a manual transmission jeep .. but what fun! It was an awesome day! Left us the rest of the day to enjoy Mykonos shopping and having dinner and drinks on the waterfront with waves smashing up against the wall. Absolutely wonderful day ! now ... MSC on the other hand ... different story 😞
  8. Stick with what you have! MSC really lacks in their bar services and we found it very hard to even 'pay' for our drinks! Servers are no where to be found and you must join a long line of people at the bars to get a drink. I think they have cut back on the services as everyone has an 'all inclusive' drink package of some sort. Just my .2
  9. Hi There, Is there a floor or location that has a better view for a Fantastika balcony room? I like full sun and looking out to sea ... not overlooking a promenade.
  10. All this info is great! What is the best way to get to the airport from Hotel Olimpia? Make our way to Piazzale Roma then take a bus? How much time do you think is required? ... flying to Paris.
  11. Panamapd ... I really have to inquire as to why you couldn't wait to disembark the Opera?? Please tell ... what was so bad? How was the entertainment ... night life ?
  12. Can anyone provide me with your opinion on this Montenegro Coastal Tour Scenic Route offered by MSC? Also, if you happen to know the timing (MSC does not provide that on their web site) Thanks !
  13. Has anyone done this excursion through MSC? I'm looking for your reviews! Also timing as MSC does not list the timing on this one. Thanks !
  14. Has anyone done this tour through MSC? I am looking for your reviews. Thank you !
  15. You usually can't go wrong with an AFT facing balcony! When available that is our preferred cabin location ! Watching the wake ... seeing all of the ports that you have just sailed away from :)
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