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  1. It is against Cruise Critic rules to mention travel agents or booking sites. Sorry.
  2. With permission, you can bring them in to see your cabin. As far as just "hanging around" in the YC area, the answer is no. You can also pay to have someone join you in the YC restaurant for dinner (believe it is $50/pp w/permission) or sometimes you can buy day passes for friends @ $100/pp+ - limited availability. Small tours are given on almost every cruise, but they are very short and the number of people is usually quite small.
  3. It is a well known fact. Use a credit card that does not charge FTFs! The title of your thread is pretty unfair to MSC.
  4. I love it! Celebrity has been operating this way for years and years and years!! Miami usually has no clue as to what is going on on the ships. Communication is horrid, and not just in the cruise industry.
  5. Yes they offer reduced deposits every now and then. 2 of my 4 cruises with MSC in the last 3 years have had the $99/pp deposit.
  6. Not offered in YC either.
  7. Well, I have my 4th MSC cruise coming up the end of this month........the first one on Seaside in 2018 had the itinerary changed when they pushed back the opening of OC. Guess I am used to delays. I hope you are right if OC is not open.
  8. I'm sure the reason they are offering "goodies" is because the cruise is already in progress. My guess for future cruises - they will just change the itineraries at the last minute and offer zero. Hope I'm wrong! (They are still showing the countdown clock on the website - 3 days, 22 hours, etc.)
  9. Even if booking is changed, the final payment date remains the same as when originally booked.
  10. The current charge is $12.50 per person, per day. The $14.00 charge does not go into effect until Summer, 2021. Tips: MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff. WINTER 2019 - 2020 (new rates apply starting Summer 2021 for Caribbean, USA & Canada. Please review the new costs in the below chart listed for Summer 2021 & Winter 2021-2022). CARIBBEAN, USA & CANADA CRUISES Caribbean, Canada & USA cruises MSC Grand Voyages from the Caribbean Sea (Northbound) MSC Grand Voyages to the Caribbean (Southbound) Adults (12 and over) $12.50 USD per night Adults (12 and over) $12.50 USD per night Adults (12 and over) 10€ per night Child (2 and over) 6.25$ USD per night Child (2 and over) $6.25 USD per night Child (2 and over ) 5 Euro per night Child (Under 2) No Service charge applied Child (Under 2) No Service charge applied Child (Under 2) No Service charge applied
  11. Actually, that space is gorgeous! And the elevators are certainly available for those who don't like the Swarovski crystal staircases.
  12. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! You should be well taken care of on the Grandiosa. Capt. Massa is extremely personable! If you happen to encounter Onil Jay Pedernal in the YC you will absolutely love him! He will either be a butler or assistant butler as he was just recently promoted and also a brand new father. He is an amazing young man! Enjoy your cruise!
  13. My experience sailing Divina and Seaside out of Miami (since 2016) has been that the "bulk of passengers" have been European - not American.
  14. Great post, glittergal1. I totally agree with you. I first sailed w/MSC in 2016 after 10 years and many, many sailings with Celebrity. Friends of mine invited me to join them on the Divina then and I went along with some trepidation. It was a great cruise (albeit, different from X) and I thoroughly enjoyed the European flavor. I have since been on the Seaside twice and will be going again in November. Celebrity has priced themselves to the point that I really don't even consider them anymore. Are there some things I miss? Sure - especially the perks I received because of my loyalty, and the great crew. But then there is more to a cruise than the perks, and MSC has some great crew also. MSC has taken good care of me and has earned my business now. All of the cruise lines have their "flaws" and as you say, none are perfect. Just choose the one you are most comfortable with.
  15. You do not need a PIN # when registering your credit card at one of the kiosks on MSC - at least not for the U.S. sailings - i. e. Seaside and Divina. I have sailed on both - no pin required!
  16. WonderMan3 - You and Mike really need to try out the One Pool for breakfast in the morning! They have a very nice selection! I have never eaten in the restaurant for breakfast on any of my YC cruises except for day of departure and much preferred the One Pool. I will be interested to hear your thoughts if you do try it. (My experiences were on the Divina and Seaside.) I am enjoying reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
  17. Yes, you can book the YC on line. However, it is very very popular and sells out quickly. Also some rooms can be held back due to occupancy restrictions so it pays to keep checking. On some MSC ships there are also inside YC cabins. Since you spend so little time in the cabin itself (due to all the great available areas within the YC), the insides are not a bad option. They also sell out fast!
  18. The chair hogs do not utilize the loungers until they are good and ready, thus depriving others of their use. Those who stay in a lounger for the entire day - their choice - are utilizing the lounger! They are not "hogging" the chair for future use. Big difference!
  19. Keep in mind he was in a suite with a butler. You are comparing apples to oranges! 😀 The standard slant balconies do not come with a butler or one chaise lounge.
  20. Have you also noticed that they now classify some of the slant balconies as Concierge vs 1A??? Never did understand why there were no chaise lounges on them, what with all that space! The extra large balconies on the M-Class always had chaise lounges! i. e.: 6143/6144/6135/6136
  21. David - There are definitely balcony cabins on the Connie that have larger balconies - they are just not considered "slant or hump" balconies. Since you don't mention your cabin number it is hard to describe the balcony for you. I do know (from experience) that there are some wonderful (larger) balconies on Deck 6 that I love! I'm sure you will enjoy, regardless of where yours is located. (The aft balcony cabins are also much coveted, with much larger balconies.)
  22. "Hump" cabins or cabins on the "slant off the hump" are not on the Constellation or any M-Class ship. Not sure where your cabin might be located.
  23. Vishnu is one of the best!! Trust me.......you won't offend any butler by giving them an extra tip, whatever that amount may be!
  24. You should each register your own individual credit cards. That way, any charges will be made to the card of the person charging. Same goes for daily gratuity - will be charged to each credit card for the person registered w/that card. It works well and should not cause any problems at the end of the cruise. Enjoy the Seaside! It's a great ship with a wonderful crew.
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