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  1. In my humble opinion, they will be sailing out of Barbados to avoid complying with CDC policies, so as much as I miss sailing, and have even gotten vaccinated, I'm not playing this game with them. I will wait until they are taking the right policies that measure up to CDC standards. but I can almost guarantee all the other cruiselines will follow Royal over to Barbados
  2. It’s a scam if nothing else. Bashing NCL and the insurance company and consulate. Insurance would have covered her and a good portion of ncl medical. Once she refused to go to the hospital insurance can tell her to pound sand. She didn’t need to be airlifted because she was docked at Cozumel where there are good doctors most who speak English. Many ex-pats live there. How many suckers were scammed into thinking their donations were going to get this boy airlifted off the ship. I believe Cozumel was the only port of call. She set up this go fund me instead of getting off th
  3. Most travel insurance will cover you transported to the nearest qualified facility so I think that’s why she doesn’t think they will cover her sons infection. She refused to go to the hospital. But to start a go fund me page that I’ve heard is well over 50k just rubs me the wrong way. Her son had the cut before boarding but initially she did allude it happened on board. She probably quickly realized they had video of them boarding. I totally feel this is nothing more than a money grab. What’s wrong with people that were scammed by her. Did they really think they were giving money to
  4. I'm seeing some advertisement for "small group tours" in SPB, but then reviews state 14-16 passengers. The part I dislike is waiting on some of them to return from lunch, bathroom break, smoke breaks etc. I even read someone on a small group tour and an additional four passengers showed up they allowed in. Do you know of any tour guides that give tours to group 6 -8 passengers?
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