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  1. I've never cruised Carnival but this might make me give them a try
  2. OMG that would be awesome if it came to PC. I told my husband, even if we can't sail this summer we can stalk it....lol I will be at Port Canaveral pointing out my balcony for my Odyssey cruise next summer
  3. Me too! I love the Thurs-Monday cruises & prefer the smaller ships & it;s a super easy port
  4. I was supposed to be on Odyssey June 6 but I had already decided to wait til next year. I'm hoping there will be some cruise reviews from the Odyssey this summer to get me excited for next May.
  5. Delta Airlines called me about my Flight to Rome on June 1st. New covid testing protocols Get tested within 3 days before flight, get a rapid test at the airport and another when arriving in Italy. I don't see my June Odyssey cruise happening. We've already decided to go next May and right now I can do the 9 night Greek Isles for the same price I paid for the 7 night this year
  6. I'm booked on the Greek Isles cruise in June & booked airfare last July cause it was such a good deal! I can change it though with no fees. I'm pretty sure we'll be going in 2022 instead
  7. How am I supposed to get a covid test to fly home when I'm on a cruise? I think cruising Europe this summer is probably not going to happen for us
  8. It's my opinion that the reason we're not sailing right now has almost nothing to do with Covid & everything to do with the coming chaos on inauguration day & keeping our borders safe. The next couple months are gonna be a bit crazy Things should calm down by June. I have a Greek Isles cruise in June at until a few days ago I really thought we'd get to go. Now I'm not sure
  9. For the first time I'm starting to wonder if we'll get to do our June Greek Isles cruise
  10. Oh Portofinos!!! That's what I was thinking, we actually didn't care for Giovonnis the one time we ate there....lol. I'm probably gonna stick with Main dining room & the buffett anyway on this cruise
  11. I did not if know this. The new Jamies with the pizza ovens sounded good but I am SO EXCITED for Giovann's to come back. I've had some of my favorite cruise meals at Giovanni's
  12. So exciting to see the progress! I'll be on her 5th sailing & I've never been on a new ship or a Quantum class
  13. I was soooo close to booking the transAltlantic cruise with a Med following I'm glad I still have my June cruise I hope Odyssey is up & running by then. btw, I've had 2 price drops and saved $1,060 since I booked in November
  14. I really hope I get to take my cruise but I have a list of places within an 8 hr drive that I have been wanting to visit. I'm blessed to have such dilemmas.Canada seems to have VERY strict lock downs. I grew up In Michigan and they are really struggling. I say Daily, "I'm so glad I live in Florida"
  15. I live in Cocoa Beach and most of us are NOT wearing a mask it is not required I will NOT wear one on a cruise. If a vaccine or mask is required next summer I will cancel my Greek Isles cruise
  16. Greek Isles cruise on Odyssey next June is currently $77 pp per day!! No thanks!
  17. I didn't realize that, Thank you!
  18. I'm on the fence about my Odyssey cruise in The Med next summer! Party because I'm out of work, partly because I'll have to buy plane tickets by the end of the year & things are just so uncertain I agree waiting til final payment to see how things pan out is probably the best so you don't have any regrets..That's what I keep telling myself
  19. Even when cruising with my hubby I usually end up at lunch alone & sitting in the Solarium alone while he's off in the smoking section by the main pool. I think some people just can't imagine being alone. ENJOY!!
  20. I do believe they Have to claim at least 8% The minimum wage for servers now in Florida is $5 an hour. It still pays better than some jobs though if you work in the right place
  21. I'm doing Greek Isles on Odyssey in 2021 & with this ship the 7 nighter has just 4 ports with late stays in Mykonos & Santorini.. I too was worried about being able to relax & enjoy & I really think this itinerary lets you do that.
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