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  1. As excerpted from U.S. Code of Federal Regulations § 36.202, there are two instances cited in federal law where a business may exclude a Service Dog: The Service Dog is out of control and the handler isn’t doing anything about it The Service Dog isn’t housebroken and urinates or defecates inappropriately
  2. It's sort of like having a "NO PEEING" side of the pool. I hate, hate, hate smoking. If Celebrity can be profitable being non smoking in the casino and almost all pubic areas, why can't RCI? Forty-one cruises and we have never spent a nickel in their casinos. We can't even walk through them due to the smoke.
  3. This was our view on Harmony in 11729 - the very last Boardwalk cabin. Pretty darn good if you ask me! Yes the slide and structure were in the way - especially in the daytime, but we had no trouble at all seeing the show!
  4. Ask for a table just for your family. That way if the service has to be 'hurried' along, no one else will be impacted.
  5. The pack and play that RCI provided for our Granddaughter on Oasis was in perfect condition. The only thing is they don't provide fitted sheets, so you might want to bring your own one of them.
  6. Why on earth would you have ever sat there and let him do that? Seriously, your car - your rules.
  7. Gosh, I don't know - honesty, integrity and enough self pride to do the right thing? Those attributes don't come from how much money you make but from your internal quality.
  8. Keep in mind too, that as more and more people are buying the alcohol package, the cost of free drinks for Diamond and Diamond Plus and Pinnacle goes down. That alcohol has already been paid for through their package. That is one reason that I am sort of surprised that they don't ask for our sea pass cards in the lounges, so they could track how much of the lounge liquor is a C&A benefit and how much is a drink package benefit. Not all of the drinks served in the lounges are costing RCI freebie benefit money.
  9. Remember the good old days when a C&A Balcony discount actually mattered? When you could actually use them without being told - "Sorry, that discount cannot be combined with the neverending fake sale that we are constantly running!"
  10. Keep in mind that NO ONE boards until the ship has reached a ZERO COUNT. That means that every single passenger from the previous cruise has to have exited the ship before any new passengers can board. We have found that usually happens around 11:30 AM, but could be slightly earlier or a LOT later! Once on Navigator they had an issue with the previous cruise, and no one was allowed to board until 1:30pm. So be prepared for a possible delay.
  11. One thing that I think should be pointed out, and I am not trying to be mean or petty about it. People keep lumping Diamond and Diamond Plus in together as if they are almost the same. Keep in mind that Diamond starts at 80 points - probably only 11 cruises or so. Diamond Plus stretches from 175 points all the way up to 699! Very big difference there between 80-174 and 175-699! I too see the writing on the wall for the Diamonds. I see them being limited to their three drinks each evening at bars throughout the ship. I honestly think that that would be fair and equitable given the number of nights of loyalty and the number of Diamonds on each cruise. We too have seen the problem with certain cruisers taking over lounges late in the afternoon and not leaving until late dinner starts. They always seem to be the heavy drinkers too! Perhaps this behavior is going to see us being limited in how many drinks they will serve us in the Diamond Lounge/Concierge Lounge?
  12. If you take a taxi, just be absolutely sure that you leave in plenty of time to get back to the ship before sail away. There is basically only one road between Maho and the ship, and if there is a crash that closes the road you will be SOL. At a Captain's corner one of the Captains said that Maho beach is the reason that St. Maarten has the highest number of passengers left behind of all the Caribbean ports.
  13. I just ordered my king size memory foam mattress topper from Amazon. We are sailing on Serenade for the 16 night crossing and there is no way I am risking get stuck with a hard bed for that many nights! Since it is a one way trip with a flight home, we will have to just leave the topper behind, but we figure it is well worth the $50 for a guarantee of 16 nights of good sleep. Hopefully the cabin stewart will be able to just leave it on the bed for the next passengers.
  14. Keep in mind that the soda package only includes soda from the soda guns. If you are buying cans as you go, you can purchase any kind of canned soda they have. For me, since I drink diet soda, this means I can have Sprite Zero instead of being limited to Diet Coke or Coke Zero as they only have those two on the gun.
  15. Sorry, no she will not. Imagine how crowded the lounge would be if everyone bought extra guests? Most nights there is already a long wait for drinks, and few chairs to be found. Just use your 3 free drinks and go to any bar on board with her.
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