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  1. Florida's population makes up 6.6% of the USA population. (22 million out of 333 million - roughly) Florida is currently making up 20% of all new USA Covid-19 cases last week.
  2. Yes, that is how it is NOW, but for millions of Canadians who were at the front of the line, THEIR two doses were months apart. I will be honest and say that we have concerns for our Mom that she is fully protected.
  3. I wonder what other countries will also think about Canada delaying the second dose to months rather than weeks? My mother-in-law waited almost FOUR MONTHS between her first and second dose of Moderna in Ontario.
  4. Has there been any mention of RCI extending the time frame that FCC can be used? They are good until the end of Sept. 2022 now, but that would be a LOT of cruises they will have to fit in to a limited number of ships sailing. A RCI agent recently told our friends that they had heard that an extension was coming soon. Ourusualbeach have you heard anything?
  5. I look at it this way. These are Royal's ships, and THEY get to set the rules. If they feel that out of an abundance of caution everyone must be masked in certain venues irregardless of vaccine status, then those are the rules that passengers must agree to abide by. WE don't get to decide which rules make sense and which ones do not. If we don't like the rules, then we should not be on the cruise. It is not appropriate to go on the cruise knowing we cannot abide by their rules and expecting RCI to make exceptions for you. Once you step on that ship it is not a democracy where your opinion will
  6. There is a similar cruise on Radiance of the Seas leaving Miami on the same date - Nov. 12/21. Do you think that would be a safer bet? We really want to cruise that specific week for work reasons, and the double points are a bonus. Thank you for your help.
  7. The Vision November 12th. cruise is out of Fort Lauderdale. Does that help her situation for November 12th.?
  8. We are scheduled for Vision on November 12th. 2021. What do you think our chances are for this cruise going?
  9. Does anyone have the list of gifts available to choose from for the various C&A levels? We are just about to hit 340 points. Thanks.
  10. We recently got an email from RCI saying that they were cancelling our cruise on Explorer for 2/22, but they were going to put us on Radiance on a 'similar' itinerary unless we told them we wanted a refund. I called our big box travel agent and they filled out the paperwork, sent us a new invoice showing the cancelation, and called RCI to double check that they knew what we wanted to do. Checked my RCI account today and what did I find but that RCI put us on the new ship instead of cancelling the cruise and issuing a refund. Had to call our travel agent again and get them to call RCI again and
  11. Big difference from opening to small numbers of tourists flying in to a huge cruise ship with thousands of passengers.
  12. We got our email this afternoon cancelling our Adventure Baltic cruise. Got to love how they tell me I only have four days to decide if I want the alternate cruise on Jewell, but don't tell where the cruise will start/end or what the ports are. "SIMILIAR PORTS" on a Baltic cruise with an overnight in St. Petersburg is not what we are looking for. We wanted the itinerary that we booked. Already called our travel agent and they called RCI and the cruise is cancelled. Sad.
  13. We haven't got our letter yet, but from what others are posting it sounds like we are losing St.Petersburg on our Adventure June 27th. cruise. While I would prefer Jewel to Adventure anyways, spending two days in St. Petersburg was one of our main reasons for booking this cruise. Guess we'll just take the refund and book again once the 2022 itineraries come out. Does anyone know if it makes a difference that we booked through a Big Box travel agency as to why we haven't received our letter yet? Do we have to wait for the travel agent to contact us?
  14. Transatlantics with lots of great ports instead of one port and ten sea days! The Serenade crossing in April of 2019 had wonderful ports.
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