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  1. Then we would finally know the answer to the question of "Does my state attendent get to keep the extra tips I give him?"
  2. I do. In an industry where the crew are super worried about offending or ticking off a passenger, it puts them in a very awkward position. In addition, if I had paid to have suite privileges, then I would be unhappy if freeloaders were getting the same extras that I paid a lot for. Why bother booking and paying for extras if all you need do it tailgate off your friends and family?
  3. No. Just don't. People who pay for suites pay a HUGE premium over those that don't. It simply isn't fair to ask to include others in your party that did NOT pay that premium. It puts the Concierge in an awkward position, and it causes the suite areas to be more crowded than they should be. Not fair the the paying suite guests.
  4. I would be "Royally P@ssed" if people who had strollers were allowed to board before Diamond Plus. Seriously, that is just wrong. It's not like on a plane where they need extra time to get their and child and gear stowed and strapped in.
  5. View from six cabins from the end. Your view would be even better!
  6. That is your opinion. Maybe YOU are a mature 16 year old or 17 years 11 months old - that can handle themselves perfectly fine, but that is not the case for many 16 year olds. Or 17 year olds. In the eyes of the law you are still a child until you reach 18 years old. Even then, certain activities liking drinking alcohol are still out of reach until you are 21 years old. For whatever reason, there are always going to be rules that are set based on the maturity level of an age in general - NOT specific to an individual. You can complain here on CC until you are blue in the face but nothing will be done to change the rule. Perhaps if enough people are unhappy about this rule the adults can make a comment on the survey they receive from RCI at the end of the cruise. Even then, as long as RCI continues to sell enough tickets to Thrill Park under the current rules, they have zero incentive to change them.
  7. Because teaching your kids to lie when they don't like a rule is always the best solution! RCI has set the rules. You either agree to abide by them, and use the water park, or you don't agree with them and don't use the water park. It is really pretty simple. Whether this is a money grab or a supervision/safety concern is really inmaterial. It is the rule set out by the owner of the facility.
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice and information! This is really very helpful! We are do excited about this cruise.
  9. We are doing a back to back on Allure in October 2020 sailing from Barcelona. Does anyone know how early back to back guests can get off the ship on the last day of the first cruise? We were hoping to be able to make the 9AM mass at La Sagrada Familia church on turn around day. They say the doors open at 8:30AM, and it would be a taxi ride from the port. Appreciate any help from those who are familiar with this port. We have never done a back to back before - our first will be next April on Brilliance from Tampa. We are hoping to be able to visit the Tampa Aquarium on that turn around day.
  10. I hope I get to keep my Sea Pass card. I have kept every single one of them and would hate to be missing one.
  11. Actually my comment had nothing to do with your daughter being shunned. It had nothing to do with her at all! It had to do with the other kids and how they would feel being grouped with an 11 year old - no matter how smart and mature she is. This isn't school where academic needs are met. This is a social club, and I would bet that there will be 14 year olds who feel it is unfair that an 11 year old gets to be in their teen club. Pretty much all the other kids had to wait until they were the right age to be in that club.
  12. But it is not just about YOUR daughter and what she wants. It is also about the fact the 14 year olds in the club might not want to have an 11 year old in their club. It's a TEEN club. Not a teen plus 11 year olds who think they belong there.
  13. I don't understand why you would want your 11 year old girl in the clubs with 14 year old boys?
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