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  1. We recently got an email from RCI saying that they were cancelling our cruise on Explorer for 2/22, but they were going to put us on Radiance on a 'similar' itinerary unless we told them we wanted a refund. I called our big box travel agent and they filled out the paperwork, sent us a new invoice showing the cancelation, and called RCI to double check that they knew what we wanted to do. Checked my RCI account today and what did I find but that RCI put us on the new ship instead of cancelling the cruise and issuing a refund. Had to call our travel agent again and get them to call RCI again and
  2. Big difference from opening to small numbers of tourists flying in to a huge cruise ship with thousands of passengers.
  3. We got our email this afternoon cancelling our Adventure Baltic cruise. Got to love how they tell me I only have four days to decide if I want the alternate cruise on Jewell, but don't tell where the cruise will start/end or what the ports are. "SIMILIAR PORTS" on a Baltic cruise with an overnight in St. Petersburg is not what we are looking for. We wanted the itinerary that we booked. Already called our travel agent and they called RCI and the cruise is cancelled. Sad.
  4. We haven't got our letter yet, but from what others are posting it sounds like we are losing St.Petersburg on our Adventure June 27th. cruise. While I would prefer Jewel to Adventure anyways, spending two days in St. Petersburg was one of our main reasons for booking this cruise. Guess we'll just take the refund and book again once the 2022 itineraries come out. Does anyone know if it makes a difference that we booked through a Big Box travel agency as to why we haven't received our letter yet? Do we have to wait for the travel agent to contact us?
  5. Transatlantics with lots of great ports instead of one port and ten sea days! The Serenade crossing in April of 2019 had wonderful ports.
  6. Does anyone have a working link for the Lift & Shift option? I am booked through a big box travel agent and the dates RCI told her were for the wrong cruise. I want to do some research on our options before waiting on a lengthy hold again. Thanks for any help.
  7. Our friends that we often cruise with were told by a RCI agent that they could 'stack' two FCC each when booking a new cruise. They cancelled a back to back, and of course were issued two FCC for each person. Was the agent just blowing smoke, or it this a new policy allowing people to combine FCC? Knowing if this is true makes a difference when choosing between cash refund and FCC. Thanks.
  8. If it ends up the Grandma is unable to go on the cruise, what I would do is check in with your family, let Grandma be a no show. Then once you are on board, the crew do not care where anyone sleeps. I would switch people around and have the two cabins that connect sleep one of the adults and two children. Then the other adult sleeps in the cabin that is not connected with the other child. You can easily leave the connecting cabin doors open so that it is no different then sleeping at home. That way you do not have a child sleeping alone in a cabin that is not directly connected to a parent.
  9. We finally got partial payment for our April 13th. cruise this week. Nothing yet for the April 18th. one. This was for the taxes and fees as we took a FCC for the rest of the fare paid.
  10. I wouldn't worry about Covid-19 being passed through the water in the pool, but through the giant sneeze from the person standing too close to you! Think about how crowded these tiny pools are normally. Yes they will try their best to limit capacity and keep people six feet apart, but all it takes is one jerk who won't follow rules and now you have exposure to lots of people.
  11. So the rules change and they expect people to happily give away thousands of dollars to family and friends? How presumptious of them to assume that people can afford to do this.
  12. Would you get this upset if a car you bought last week had a huge discount program start this week? Also why are you harping over and over again about being a senior? Would it be ok if younger people lost the same money as you did? This is a huge world wide pandemic, and I feel that RCI and all the cruise lines are doing the best that they can. You chose to purchase without insurance - either through RCI or privately. Now you must face the consequences of that decision.
  13. We are scheduled to do a back to back on Brilliance out of Tampa starting on April 13th. The breaking point came today when my school Principal decided that anyone who travels internationally or goes on a cruise will be subject to a 14 day quarantine upon return. We are a small private school for special needs students - many of whom are medically fragile, so she felt that this was the safest decision. I am not going to cancel until three days ahead just in case things turn around.
  14. Thanks for the info and the suggestion. Much appreciated!
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