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  1. Thanks for posting. I guess that's why Pfizer is recommending a booster! Have to wonder if this study was done on people who received the vaccine within the recommended time frame only. Our government is telling us we are better protected if we wait longer between doses... would be interested to see if that was true. More fun to come apparently!
  2. One could reasonably assume that with increased Pfizer and Moderna supplies, a more traditional approach will be adopted (same brand within a shorter time frame) for those who are just now getting their first dose. I think we all recognize that the earlier approach was due to the limited supply that we had for months but which seems to now be (or is being) resolved. When I got my first dose in May my second dose was scheduled for mid-September. Increased supply and my area being designated a variant hotspot lead to me being able to received my second dose in July.
  3. I think we are going to evolve to a place where we have learned to live with COVID... I don't see COVID simply going away, but rather in the coming years we, as a global community, are able to better deal with it and as such it doesn't result in huge infections/deaths as it has been to date. With that in mind, I agree with what many others have suggested - that a positive case on a ship will become the norm rather than the exception in the near term, and possibly in the long term too. The protocols the cruise lines put into place and the way in which they are able to
  4. You're right of course but aside from the issue of testing requirements that you must pay for, in my case one out of four of us would be deemed vaccinated. From what I am seeing on the Royal board, it appears as though there are different shows, venues and restaurants for vaccinated/unvaccinated passengers. I'm not particularly interested in doing a dream vacation to the Med and not be able to eat dinner with my husband!
  5. Russ - please continue to keep us posted. I have time as we aren't due to cruise until August next year but my parents are scheduled to cruise in November and they are at 68 days between doses as over 70 they received their first dose early on. If things don't change prior to our cruise, and assuming we haven't had to get a booster at some point between now which would possibly change one's status, I am not interested in sailing. Since I am stuck with an FCC (already a bone of contention with me as I feel we should have been granted a refund but that's a whole other th
  6. That’s awesome! Once the kids are older, I hope hubby and I can get overseas many times so it’s good to know it’s affordable to get there.
  7. I'm glad that you have had a good experience with flight costs. In speaking about the costs of flights I was primarily taking about flying to/from Florida cruise ports. Once time we were due to cruise with our sons out of New Orleans, but the price of flights for four from Toronto was coming up to $3900 cdn. For about $1800 more than we had paid for the 7 day out of New Orleans, we were able to book a 12 night out of NYC and drive to port! In fairness I should also note that for the most part, we are a family of 6 travelling together. For us all the air cos
  8. I personally would feel more comfortable cruising with 100% vaccination compliance. That being said, we have an FCC with Royal that we are trying to make use of so will have to be flexible. I also do recognize that as I move through my regular life (now that things are opening up again-- finally), I am unknowingly encountering people who have willingly chosen to put themselves and their community at risk by electing not to get vaccinated. Nothing I can do about that. The only thing to figure out now across the various cruise lines is: are we considered fully vaccinated
  9. First off, thanks for posting this both here and on the Royal discussion thread. This is a policy I was not aware of. I'm not cruising with Royal until Aug 2022 and hope that things are different by then. I have a $3500 FCC that I'm stuck with forcing me to cruise with Royal by Sept 2022 or loose the investment. Unless this new policy changes (for us there is plenty of time for it to do so- that's the good news) that would mean only my husband could cruise "vaccinated" while my daughters and I would be considered unvaccinated (48, 49 and 43 days between doses)... and w
  10. An interesting note: on my first cruise aboard Norwegian's NORWAY in 1990 to the Eastern Caribbean, NCL collected our passports to pre-clear us at all ports (St. Thomas, San Juan and St Maartin). I believe this was standard at the time for all non-US citizens. I was surprised on my next cruise 8 years later that this was no longer required. We did have to surrender them to Royal for our UK cruise in 2015 and I am anticipating having to surrender them next summer in the Med/Greek Isles.
  11. Have been on the Escape twice in cabins 10842 (regular balcony) and 11856 (angled balcony). Both well located and comfortable with no noise.
  12. I just went through the process of price comparison the other day for NCL and ended up booking in USD as I had CruiseNexts in that currency to use up. In looking at the NCL site which only displays Canadian dollars (really should be able to choose like you can on Royal's site) I can't say for certain but based on my calculations (completely unscientific) it appears to be in the neighbourhood of 1.25. In USD their airfare is coming in at $149 and in Canadian it is $186.24. Likewise, their airport transfers are $75 USD but is $93.76 Cdn. Best bet would be to
  13. My family of six were supposed to cruise over March Break last year. We cancelled three days before the ship was due to sail not knowing the cruise lines would cease operations two days later. As such we have a credit to use up and have decided to do a cruise to the Med next August with our teenaged daughters and one to Alaska in 2023 with our sons. I am in the process of booking one for all six of us next March break out of NYC which we hope will be a go but we are prepared to cancel should things not look good through the fall. Also this is with NCL and their current
  14. You've gotten a lot of good advice here already but I will add my opinion as well. We aren't foodies and don't care for fancy food. I just expect my food to be served the correct temperature and seasoned well. I don't cruise Royal as frequently as most people who post on this board but in my experience the food in the MDR is very good. In fact, we were more impressed with our meals in the MDR on the Oasis than we were in our experience in the Italian place which we found was disappointing. For the past ten years we typically book the steakhouse for the first night of th
  15. Thanks so much! We have lots of research to do in advance but I love that part of the planning. I feel more comfortable with recommendations from people who have personally experienced it so I appreciate your help. We know that we won't have time to see everything Rome has to offer but wanted to devote enough days to get in plenty. Will just have to plan another trip down the line without the kiddos in the future.
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