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  1. I have stayed in a connecting cabin without being "connected" to the folks next door twice. In both cases, I had booked a guarantee cabin category. The first time it was in an oceanview cabin on the Carnival Victory and we had very minimal issue with noise. Only heard them once or twice the entire week. The second time was in a boardwalk neighbourhood balcony cabin on the Oasis and sound was an issue. We could hear every time they opened/closed their bathroom door and also the toilet flush. If they were having a conversation at the hallway in front of their bathroom w
  2. I also noticed the same notification when I logged into myncl yesterday and am still seeing the message this morning. My cruise is a run-of-the-mill Caribbean 7 nights on the Joy for early December 2021. As we are a family of six, we have two cabins booked under two different latitudes profiles and they are both showing the same message. Wondering if payment method made a difference to seeing this message or not? In our case, both cabins were booked with CruiseNext certificates.
  3. Ok that's what I was hoping to hear in response to my query of my agent, not an outright cancellation which I neither requested or authorized. Not sure how I am going to handle this moving forward but thank you for the insight!
  4. Yes absolutely. I have zero intention of re-booking through them in the future. I was very taken aback when I received the cancellation notification instead of an answer to my question. At no point did I direct them to cancel, I simply asked what "cruise by" date would be applicable in my case should we elect to. Yikes!
  5. Feeling frustrated right now.... I had booked a cruise for early December when the "cruise by" date for FCC's was December 31, 2021 (we cancelled two days before Royal did in March last year so no option of refund). I read this morning that the "cruise by" date has now been moved to September 2022 so I sent my travel agent a note asking if we were to cancel the current booking (deposited using our FCC's) what would the sail by date for the FCC's be (wanted to know what my window for travel would be). Rather than reply, I have received notification that my cruise has bee
  6. Can anyone confirm for me that I can use my FCC either directly with Royal or with a travel agent that is different from the one with whom I had the cancelled cruise booked originally? I have booked a cruise (refundable deposit) using my FCCs but we are now looking at something different. I am getting fed up with existing agent (long story) and would like to deal with someone else for the new booking if possible. Wanted to be sure I can port these to anyone before I pull the plug and have them re-issued. Thanks!
  7. My mom was dealing with Celebrity to book a cruise using an FCC for a non-refundable deposit she had been issued for a cancelled cruise (she cancelled). As her and my father are in their 70's, she booked a refundable fare for her new booking in case they are not able to travel (spring 2022). The agent she was dealing with suggested that they would be better off booking the non-refundable fare as it was almost $500 cheaper. The agent told her that because the new booking would be covered by Celebrity's version of "Cruise With Confidence," should they need to cancel, only the deposit would be is
  8. Just to add a comment here... hubby and I cruised on the Gem out of NYC last December. We booked the cruise with the free air promo that was running last spring. The total price for the cruise whether I elected to take the flights or not was the exact same. While they are running that particular promo, I figure they are taking a little bit from everyone in the cruise fare to cover the flights that do get booked, so I consider the flights we received as free since they were at no additional cost. Once I received our flight assignment, I priced them and it wou
  9. The only perk I get with either Royal or Carnival is a nominal on board credit when booking, usually at the $50 mark. I tend to get perks above and beyond a basic OBC with NCL and Celebrity. I did receive a bottle of champagne and a free specialty meal when I cruised on the Oasis but those were from of our travel agent, not the cruise line. The cruise we were due to take in March with Royal had no incentives. All the cruises I am looking at using my FCC on are also being offered with no incentives. I do not count their sales promotion claims to be a perk.
  10. Ah, I see - so I would have to hope that the Lift & Shift policy is still in place once those itineraries are released in order for me to "extend" the FCC an extra year. Thanks so much!
  11. As I mentioned, I have used my FCC to book a cruise sailing 12/21 just weeks before their expiration. Am I able to use lift and shift to move it to 12/22 or does L&S apply only to those who have the 125% FCC (Royal cancelled, not them)? Super confused about this policy. Thanks as always for your insights!
  12. Thanks! Two are under 12 (and will still be at the expiration of the FCC) so maybe it's possible to look at cruise where they would be "free" if I can get Royal to move their funds to the rest of us.
  13. Yeah that's what I figured. Really silly policy when it comes to guests under 18. They certainly didn't pay their fare themselves and can't cruise on their own!
  14. It's a frustrating situation all round. I continue to wish we hadn't been tempted by the CWC offer and just hung in there. We'd now have a refund and wouldn't have to wonder what will happen down the road. I agree with most here that it's a difficult situation for the cruise lines and do wonder how long they can remain viable with no ships sailing. On the other hand, although we cancelled our cruise a few days before sailing because (as Canadians) we were concerned about crossing the border, Royal did ultimately cancel the cruise themselves. At the time they thought t
  15. Here is the wording in the email I received with my FCC amounts... It's definitely sail by. I would just want to be sure that I can roll over to another cruise as molly361 suggests without risk of losing the value. - Any booking made using the Cruise with Confidence FCC must be used for a sailing that commences on or before December 31, 2021. - If the Cruise With Confidence FCC is not redeemed and sailed on or before December 31, 2021, the certificate will automatically expire and have no value.
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