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  1. Thanks for your input, we just got another email this morning correcting what they previously sent, so I think we will just wait and see and what will be will be and it will all be fine. Just disappointed we miss the full day in Cabo. Happy Cruising and Happy New Year !
  2. We are also on this cruise on the Jan. 25th and received the same email. Interesting as to their reason for change as our Daughter just returned Dec. 21st, same ship and was to be original same itinerary. She was awakened early in the morning of their planned Cabo arrival by a bridge announcement that the ship would not be stopping at Cabo due to a generator problem. The itinerary was switched to what is our new schedule ???? Upsetting as we had afternoon excursion booked in Cabo, not interested in doing any others. Cruise will be great and I really don't care, I just wish they would tell the truth when these kind of things happen, so please tell us the truth we can handle it !!!!!!
  3. victoriaj

    2020 cruise

    Hi, we have been fortunate enough to have had 10 Alaska cruises always with Princess (we do cruise other lines but not to Alaska) 8 of these have been in early May and everyone unique for one reason or another but all of them great. Beautiful snow capped mountains, bears walking beaches, otters with babies on their chest surrounding the ship in Glacier Bay, seals pupping on an iceberg right beside our balcony, mountain goats, eagles, and oh yes whales. You wont necessarily see any or all of these things on any cruise to Alaska but chances are very high you will experience some. Did 2 in September and while equally wonderful, with lots of wildlife missed the mountains covered in beautiful snow, it was interesting to see the grasslands and changing colours of vegetation on the mountain sides. I believe you get the real effect of the cold while viewing the glaciers in May which was part of the adventure of going to Alaska. I concur with others if you have the opportunity to do the 26 glacier tour do it !!!!!! Lots of daylight either May or September as both close to the Solstice. Enjoy your cruise whenever you go you will not regret having gone to Alaska !!!!!
  4. I really recent the comment of "two dottering codgers wore tuxedos", also "fancy pants" there are some of us who just truly enjoy dressing up for ourselves and while we are in our 80's still look damn good !!!! Tux and gown for us when cruising and damn the nay sayers !!
  5. victoriaj


    Have done many Alaska cruises and concur with other posters, layers are the answer however one item I always take, which has been a life saver at times, is a wool scarf. It takes little space in the luggage and can be used in a variety of ways to block out any really inclement weather or the ice cold wind you sometimes experience at the glaciers.
  6. Had Ham and Pea Soup and Potato Leek during last 2 weeks and they were both excellent on Golden in the IC
  7. The Watermelon, Caprese, basalmic salad with a Ham and Cheese Croissant highly recommended. In fact everything for morning till night is great !
  8. Passed by it on Emerald Princess last Spring, amazing photos. Thanks for posting.
  9. Yes they do. the area you are thinking of is Coombs, between the East side (Parksville) and the West side (Port Alberni/Tofino) of Vancouver Island on the Alberni Highway. The Alberni scenery is spectacular, you will see working logging operations through the Alberni Canal with log booms and fishing camps along the way. That is if you traverse in any daylight hours. Trip on the steam train to McLean Mill is very worthwhile.
  10. Tendered in Kotor last month and it is not a terribly long ride but depends where ship anchors, we were there twice and two different locations same ship. Tenders were very busy with Princess tour groups and on the second stop all tenders were halted and everyone confined to their cabins as the ship had been hit by a gust of wind and dragged the anchor. While the official word was we were not on the shoals I would bet dollars to donuts we were as confirmed by balcony occupants on the Starboard side. Lots of passengers missed their private tours as this happened about 9am it's cruising and you always have to expect the unexpected so be guided accordingly. Enjoy your cruise, Kotor is beautiful !!!!!
  11. In addition to all the suggestions I also wipe down the light switches and dresser knobs. It always amazes me how much crud you get off the phone, not just the mouth/ear piece but the keypad. I also speak up when someone breezes past the hand sanitizer stations saying I washed my hands before I left the cabin, yes maybe you did but did you get transported to the dining room/buffet etc. No, I'll bet dollars to donuts you touched something on your way there. Please everyone besides washing your hands frequently use the sanitizer station so we can all have a good cruise.
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