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  1. Thank you for posting the new menu. That's disappointing. 😞 I may need to cancel my prepaid RSVP
  2. Quantum of Solace at Crooners. It's no longer on the menu, but the bar tenders usually know how to make it. At least in the past they have!
  3. We just received an email this week telling us if we didn’t make our final payment in July, our cruise would be cancelled… and now given this I just double checked the booking and yep, payment pushed out to August! I’ll be waiting to pay for sure! Spa reservations are still not available for this cruise. Makes me wonder if they still think it may not happen. We can’t book our arrival group either.
  4. You need her booking ID. You add it to the Travel companions section of the app At least that's how you do it pre cruise. Not sure about new people you meet on board. My booking ID is not something I keep handy 🙂
  5. We've always added the drink package (Prior to Princess Plus), and we've always ordered water delivered to the room because I like to drink it at night. YES, I can get one bottle at a time during the day, but I prefer having the stash in the cabin. We've never had extra water left over, and we usually end up having to get some extras for the room by the end of a cruise. Too much hassle to stock up daily.
  6. Us too, but I was considering this before the change. The loyalty benefits could be what pushes DH to actually bite the bullet and try something new. He is such a creature of habit and known comforts. The thing for me is that trying new also has a considerable price tag increase. I’m in for at least one or two smaller ships/cruise lines to give it a try. ☺️
  7. Thank you for explaining that! I'm relieved. I've been doing THAT for years with my "free minutes" 🙂Looks like I can continue the way I normally do, but in unlimited mode.... Honestly, I hope not to spend too much time on the internet while on vacation.
  8. @Sea Hag, thanks for sharing your email. I'm Still waiting to see if DH or I get the email. I am the one that qualifies for the loyalty benefit. It wasn't much, I'm OK without it, but for those who get top level $$ for loyalty, it's sucks. The internet minutes don't bother me, we book Princess Plus, but I'm curious as to the One device thing. I'd want it to be my computer, not my phone. Count me in as someone who likes the Elite/Platinum lounge. We'd go on tartar night. I'm glad they didn't eliminate the laundry benefit. I'm annoyed by the loss o
  9. That was absolutely one of the best benefits to becoming platinum. The free minutes. These days we do purchase Princess Plus. So, it's no loss.
  10. We are not doing Alaska, but if we were, we would be comparing prices, like you. For our Hawaii and Mexican Riviera cruises we will be doing our own thing because we know those locations well, and we've done them a million times.
  11. You can't go wrong with either ship. I absolutely love the Royal Class Princess ships. I prefer the itinerary for the Caribbean Princess, but that's because we dive and Roatan and Grand Cayman have some of the best diving in the world. Jamaica scares me as a cruise stop. I DO get off each time we stop there, and I have friend that live there, but I always worry that it's Jamaica. I don't go out of my way to cruise with it as a cruise stop, but it doesn't bother me if it is a stop. Given your two options I would probably choose the Regal with Kids, it's bigger, and the stops will be fun,
  12. Doubletree Hilton is where we stay, because we are Hilton loyal. They have a stay and park fee. So we stay the night before the cruise and leave our car for the duration of the cruise. They also have a shuttle service that can get you to/from the cruise port, but we usually just uber/lyft ourselves and get there faster. Not a lot of places to eat there. We usually drive somewhere. However, given that you are staying AFTER your cruise, you may want to call and speak to a hotel manager to ask about it leaving your car and staying after. They give you a paper to put o on your dashboar
  13. Thanks for mentioning this! I did the same thing and checked the code! I was wondering what would happen since I wasn't able to read the code with my QR reader.
  14. I hope you get some good suggestions! I’m not a fan of what’s available and would love to find other options. I hope you get some good suggestions.
  15. If the laundry perks were taken away it would be a great opportunity for us to try other cruise lines. DH has always said the longer cruises make it worthwhile to stick with Princess because of the perks. We probably would not completely stop cruising on Princess, but it would open the door to other lines.
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