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  1. Yes, we’ve noticed the increased pricing as well. I believe the cruise lines will need to charge more to make up for this years losses that are still happening without an official end date in sight. Plus social distancing on a ship???? How’s that going to happen? I think some people will move to other vacation options and some will hope that cruising on their preferred cruise line continues if that lines doesn’t go out of business. I think for now, life as we know it has changed. Work is changing, school is changing, travel is changing. There are many unknowns right now, and everyone has different thresholds of acceptance to the new norms.
  2. That gives us something nice to look forward to. Now to decide which ship to pick! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. No, I’d assume the times listed are the Hours they will expect to be in port, not necessarily local time Vendors who work with cruise ships understand this
  4. It’s up to the Captain. Daylight savings In USA happens March 14, 2021. Some States observe daylight savings in Mexico but it happens on a different date. I think PV does observe it but it starts in April for the 2021 year
  5. Correct, even for FCC. It took a while for us. My PVP was able to make a booking for a cruise in 2021 and pushed out the date for deposit twice. I would check in the week the deposit was set to cancel to make sure the booking doesn’t disappear and have the date extended. I didn’t do that the second time and the booking cancelled but she was able to rebook it. I suspect the customer service agent on the 800 number could do the same but I have not tried.
  6. Post Covid walk off may be a different experience. I don’t think any of us know what that will be like
  7. I completely feel your need to get away. It feels like vacation after vacation has been cancelled on us (3 now, 2 cruises-with another land trip at risk of getting cancelled soon). 😞 I really hope our holiday cruises happen this year, but I have booked a Plan B, and am considering booking Plan C, just to get some getaway. I won't put down a final payment if cruising is still uncertain, so I have 61 days before sailing to decide. I'm trying to remain positive! I'm fine with regular temperature checks. I am fine with a mask (I didn't think I would be previously, but they've grown on me) 🙂 If someone is serving at the buffets I will actually try them. I think I'm OK with a drink being handled to me, or put down for me to pick up. I won't be touching my eyes, or face, or whatever without washing my hands thoroughly. Crossing everything that our December cruises happen
  8. We had a great weekend, Princess Credit-wise. I'm not sure when the FCC's were deposited back into our account from our cancelled Alaska cruise, but they showed up Friday!! I had stopped doing my daily checks because it was too depressing. Then on Sunday, there was a credit pending for our pre-purchased items on the AMEX- our specialty dining and things for the room. Today they show as posted on Friday, but the credits were not pending Friday or Saturday. So that's weird. I am happy they came through as I got worried when the cruise dropped off from my upcoming cruises and all I had was my printed Travel Summary. Now waiting on our cancelled September cruise. I know some people have a lot of cruises they are waiting on for credits. I just wanted to share that Princess is slowly moving through the refund process.
  9. Have done both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I find that Thanksgiving isn't too festive, or not as festive looking as Christmas. For Thanksgiving they have turkey dinner in the MDR, but it doesn't seem like a big holiday otherwise. Christmas however is very festive. Big gingerbread house display outside of the International Cafe, lots of trees with lights are decorated around the ship. Lots of activities you can sign up for, they are first come first served, so check the patter for the sign up date/time. Gingerbread houses where the whole family can participate, people even bring their own props! The kids had a cake decorating day, $15 fee, I think for that. Christmas and NYE cruise combos are my favorite! Hoping to make our cruise this year, but who knows what will happen.
  10. Yes, you can usually find some bars with sparkling wine. I know Chandon is included, by the glass. The Korbel bottles sound like they are no longer available. Fun thing about the package is you get to try things you may not usually try. My favorite is Quantum of Solace at Crooners. It's no longer on the menu, but if the bar tender has worked there before they can do it. A glass of wine from Vines in a to go glass for dinner is nice too. The MDR doesn't have the same wines as Vines.
  11. I suspect your cruise will be updated eventually to the 60 day full payment. Just call before final payment (at 90 days) if it hasn't been updated to 60 days.
  12. Then you’ve been lucky. Worst part is that these are adults doing this, not necessarily children. We cruise mostly out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, over holidays, so maybe we are cruising from different embarkation ports. I’ve certainly seen it on our cruises. Even my 12 year old, who loves buffets has said he will no longer eat at them if they are self serve. Definitely agree with your assessment of the layout and lukewarm food.
  13. Right now we are all gambling with our deposits and cruise payments. Some of us are letting it ride and some of us are not booking any more. We won't know what's really happening until cruising starts again. If you have the money to gamble, and pay 50% go for it.
  14. I hope cruising is happening next March! I like the Royal Princess. Love the Adult only pool, and Bellini's bar. The beverage package works in the MDR, but it can be slow getting a beverage there. Some assistant waiters are on it, and some are slower, but that may be due to location in the dining room. We usually walk in with a drink, and order a second early so it arrives by the time the main course arrives. If you get wine from Vines, just let them know it's "to go", so they put it in a regular glass, and not the nicer glasses that they don't let out of their sight. The buffets do have some cool themed nights for dinner that are worth doing a walk through. Mongolian BBQ comes to mind. They will note it in the Patter. No beverage package for room service, but you can take drinks to your cabin. I've gotten a martini from Crooners before and asked for a to go glass. They use a short glass and I can walk with it and not spill. Dress code in the MDR: Capris are likely fine for dinner on a non formal night, and you could probably even make leggings look nice. As long as it's not formal night you won't be turned away. Some people dress up for dinner, some don't. My family enjoys dressing up for dinner, but as long as you are not in a swim suit, tattered jeans or shorts you should be fine. You will find some very aggressive views on the Princess board one way or the other about MDR dress code, try not to let it scare you. 🙂 I don't like buffets. People taste things, put food back, lick their fingers, cough on food, I try to avoid them. I find food often gets cold by the time I find a seat. We enjoy specialty dining and the MDR. Hope you get to go on your cruise and have a great time!
  15. I really hope that's the case. Fingers crossed!!
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