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  1. Just got my refund for the taxes. Claim submitted 1st April for May 17th cruise. Now to chase on the voucher.
  2. No problem using a US based travel agent.
  3. Busy day. Left to right Marina, Sirena , Riviera, Bliss, Seven Seas Explorer, Epic, Encore and Star .
  4. Simple solution to all of this. Replace the water in the pool with washy washy fluid.
  5. In hotels "Club" always means some type of lounge.
  6. NCL has two issues. 1) It is burning money while shutdown 2) When they reopen no one will have money to book cruises The deal fixed problem 2.
  7. Can't find any details , but RCCL up 18% as well. So must be something going on somewhere.
  8. Not going too badly so far today.
  9. I was waiting for $10 to get. Missed it on Friday , but got in today at $10.50. My idea is that things can't get much worse than complete shutdown.
  10. But he was asking that OP take the money from the other hard working people and give all to him.
  11. No , not allowed. She can bring you to her suite and use her balcony.
  12. I don't think any ship has had a chapel since the Jewel class.
  13. There is no cabins in the deck below , so this makes no sense.
  14. They should have the bubble wrap off by then.
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