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  1. It's worth $46. It's not worth $46 more than the dinner you already paid for in the MDR.
  2. Can they impound the ship when the captain doesn't have the correct license ?
  3. The problem is allowing someone do Seattle -> Seattle -> Vancouver -> LA They could allow Seattle -> Seattle -> Vancouver
  4. Try asking them the question another way. Ask which MDR you will be assigned to.
  5. There is already no reason to chose the Haven over the Yacht Club. This just adds to the lead MSC have.
  6. The staff in the Haven know everyone by name by the second day of the cruise. Not sure how they manage it with so many people the on mega ships.
  7. I hope they don't do it on the away ships where the haven restaurant is already too small.
  8. There is more outdoor space on the Jewel class ships.
  9. Half the room on the pool deck compared to the escape. And it's already a busy ship on the pool deck. It will be carnage.
  10. Quick spray of washy washy comes first
  11. Given NCL's skills with paperwork they might have a chance.
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