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  1. Bea, talking with any of the staff they more or less say the same thing. "I've heard about it." They're discussing it at headquarters." "It will probably be announced in the next few months:" etc. etc. I've spoken with two captains, two hotel directors, one or two cruise directors, a YC director, and two or three cruise consultants. I suspect the type of comments I've received are more or less the same that you've received. As you said, believe it when we see it. P.s. I remember the first "Black Cocktail" I went to. There were four of us! I don't go anymore but I've heard that half the ship shows up.
  2. I've been a Black member since 2010 and have almost 60,000 VC points accumulated. This change will do nothing for me. As many of you have stated, we've been waiting for years for a new level but, nothing new.
  3. If your butler was Bruce Mitchell from Madagascar, we had him on the Fantasia in late 2017 and he was outstanding. My wife had an accident on board which required a wheelchair for a few days. Bruce was always available and pushed that chair all over the ship. A really fine fellow. Generally it's the assistant butler you see the most of because he's the one that cleans the cabin every day. In any case out butlers have always been great on all our YC cruises.
  4. Our cruise on the MSC Splendida has a port call at Colombo scheduled for 3 March 2020. So far it is still on the itinerary.
  5. I've been in 15010 and 15015 and both had glass balconies.
  6. I'm afraid it's another step in the de-italianization of MSC.
  7. There are over 400 of those old MSC cruise ships sailing the oceans.
  8. As mentioned above, the Preziosa is one of MSC's four Fantasia class cruise ships that were launched between 2008 and 2013 (I believe). If you sail on the Preziosa and later go on one of the others (Fantasia, Splendida, Divina) you'll think your're on the same ship because all four are almost exactly alike. We love the Yacht Club experience in the Fantasia class but found the newer larger ships' YC much less intimate.
  9. MSC calls their repositioning cruises "Grand Voyages" and generally take place in the late winter-early spring and then again in autumn. The major routes are North America to Europe, South America to Europe, North Europe to the Mediterranean, South Africa to Europe, Dubai/Abu Dhabi to the Mediterranean, and China/Japan to Europe (via Dubai), and of course vice versa. The ships generally remain in one geographical area for a three-four month season before repositioning back to Italy or another European homeport. We enjoy the repositioning cruises and have done several with MSC but you have to be prepared for five or six at sea days without seeing a speck of land.
  10. As already stated there are four options to move from the YC enclave to the YC restaurant: 1. Deck 15 promenade: Wind, heat, cold, depending 2. Deck 14 lido and buffet: The chaos of the buffet crowds 3. Deck 13 cabin corridor: Boring and seemingly endless 4. Deck 7 bars and lounges: Passing through the gridlock of the photo gallery
  11. MSC butlers are wonderful for all the reasons cited above. For several years now we've cruised almost exclusively in Yacht Club. If the itinerary we want only has one of the smaller MSC ships without YC, we may grit our teeth and book - but then maybe not.
  12. I don't particularly care one way or another because we don't drink very much and all the Venchi chocolates we may want are free for the picking in the Top Sail lounge. We'll be boarding the Seaview on Sunday so I'll check it out and post what I find.
  13. If we're talking about the scarse East Mediterranean itinerary options we've got to remember the security situations in those ports and countries. Tunis is out, Tripoli is out, the Egyptian ports are out, Ashdod is out, Beirut is out, and thanks to Ergodan, Turkey is out for the time being. This leaves only the eastern Adriatic ports, Greece, Cyprus, and sometimes Haiffa. We can only hope that peace soon returns to the Mideast but I have my doubts for the near future. The West Mediterranean cruises are still available (Barcelona, Malta, Malaga, etc.) but once you've done one or two cruises those itineraries become rather boring.
  14. We used to cruise both Costa and MSC but for a variety of reasons by 2014 decided that Costa was no longer our cup of tea. We've now had 20 MSC cruises on our books and loved them all, especially the Yacht Club experience found on the larger ships.
  15. The name of the ship is DIVINA, not Davina!
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