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  1. If you consider Q Restaurant with music the show....but it did not while we were on it in April
  2. when we embarked late on March 25 and disembarked late on April 1 we were told it was because border control insisted on checking everyone, and it was causing delays. They were hoping to work with them to improve the situation, it seems that has yet to be successful.
  3. Harp was available in bottles in the District Brewhouse on Joy for her 25 March departure. I've attached a couple of photos of the beer menu
  4. We sail on her after, so we've been reading along. Can't wait for pictures and things not to miss!
  5. Why stop there? I grab one of the dragon fruit refreshers and boost it with either gin, vodka...or even a bit of tequila....
  6. Well it was a 28 hour drive, from YYZ to MIA, pulled into Parking at 9:30 am day of cruise. But we made it and had great weather the whole time. We've just arrived home, we took 2 days to come home..still tired. But work in the morning... No one can say this family isn't up for adventure when there's a cruise at stake! LOL
  7. Well...a little update.... Won't make the flight. They cancelled the trip to hours before check in to Miami... So we're driving 22 hours straight. Should arrive in Miami 5am of the departure day
  8. watching the amount of flight cancelations and other delays....I'm not sure we'd make it. Traveling in November and April, prior to everything opening full force...maybe, but given the current volume that is only building and with kids out of school....we chose not to risk it
  9. Thanks. We did call the cruise line...they suggested it would be fine. We decided that we would feel better if we took a different flight. We don't want to spend a week relaxing, only to have that wiped out with the stress of getting home. Too many "ifs" in the equation, so we'll stay in Miami an extra night. Now the search for a hotel....
  10. We usually cruise from FLL. This time though its MIA. What is the earliest flight you would recommend for international flights? Airports are never fun, however with things picking up, how backed up are the airports? We had booked a noon flight, but with a flight change, now they have moved it to 11:10 .... we are adults, no kids to slow us down. Before Covid, we would've done it, people were used to traveling, now...things don't go as smoothly.
  11. Regarding the cost of upgrading, for us there may be value. However all value may be lost if some of the higher end inclusions are lost due to supply chain issues. I understand they put the disclaimer subject to availability. However for those recently onboard....what's the experience been like? I can likely get the value with the dragon fruit refresher and a shot of gin, and bottled water. So what's happening onboard?
  12. I would suggest speaking to a travel agent. Currently there's a lot to unpack in this....January is a lifetime away in travel right now. Depending where you are sailing from quarantine may not be an issue. For example, right now if you were to travel to the UK, you need no test to enter the country, they have essentially declared the pandemic over. Should you test positive, and are denied boarding you can change your ticket and fly home, Canadians do not require a negative test to come home. Now if you were a US citizen, you need to have some sort of trip interruption insurance. Because you would need to cover extra hotel time etc until you either test negative or can get a fit to fly (notice of recovery letter) to come home. If NCL denies you boarding, it may fall under a cancel for any reason policy, or trip interruption. BEST speak to a pro, and not risk your travel investment. Whether you prefer to go to something like CAA for just the insurance, or a TA is up to you, but things are changing fast still, better safe than sorry.
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