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  1. Good morning all, Sorry I haven’t been around. It has been an unusual week. A busy one in some ways, and in other ways, just lots of stuff happening. I am just hoping that things start to calm down. My bruises are just about gone and I don’t need makeup to cover them anymore. We have a number of things to do this weekend and then I have some appointments in Jacksonville at the Mayo Clinic on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. I dressing the surgical wounds on my legs where the cancerous lesions were removed. I do not like the way the left leg looks and will see a nurse while I am there. I will have blood work for the PMR and see my PCP also. So we are leaving on Monday morning and returning on Tuesday afternoon. I still don’t have a cleaning lady and need to get some things done today. I am not happy about this situation. It just makes me exhausted and I have to find someone soon. Hope everyone has a great Saturday and a nice weekend. God Bless, Terri
  2. Sorry I haven’t posted. I am just too tired. Maybe tomorrow. God Bless, Terri
  3. Greetings from Miami. Not much time to post. We are sitting in the Centurion Lounge having a Mimosa and a bite to eat before our flight, The lounge is at D12 and our gate is at D53. The train service is out for a good long while. We have wheelchairs ordered to pick us up in a little while. Good to see Baby Murphy’s Graduation photo. Prayers that she continues to improve. Welcome home to all have completed their cruises in the last few days. Prayers for everyone. We expect the flight to be on time despite the rain. We are looking at arriving home at approximately 5:00 to 5:30 this afternoon. Making a grocery stop first so that we have stuff for breakfast. Will post more later. Happy Sunday and God Bless, Terri
  4. Hi All, Just checking in real quick. I am in the midst of packing. Stuff all over the room. Yesterday we were in Costa Maya and spent the day at Maya Chan. We had a great time except for the amount of walking we had to do to get to and from the transportation to take us to the resort. After dinner I was so tired from the whole day that I went straight to bed. Never touched my Ipad all day. Prayers for all of you. i will catch up after we get home tomorrow. We are on a 1:20 flight on American Airlines out of Miami arriving in Jacksonville at 2:39. Plan to get in our car and drive home. Should take us about 2 hours or so. Plan to stop for some groceries so that we don’t have to go out again. Will try to post tomorrow evening. God Bless and stay safe. Terri
  5. My AMEX offer is to spend $1000 on Oceania and get $200 in statement credit, thereby only costing $800. Terri
  6. Thanks Jacqui. That was another thing I missed thanks to Covid. Terri
  7. I took advantage of a Spa Special today. We have a lot of shipboard credit and I want to make sure i don’t leave any behind. It is all non-refundable. I had a 50 minute massage and a 25 minute mini-facial. Both were very good and I needed something to feel better. We have been to Lisbon twice. Both times did not turn out the way we expected. The first time we went on a private tour with a group. Everyone but us had been to Lisbon before and wanted to see the outskirts. When we finally got to Lisbon, i was so tired, i fell asleep on the mini-bus. The second time we were in Lisbon was in May 2022. Jim and I book two private tours for just the two of us. One of Lisbon City and the other of a day in Fatima. Well, we both came down with Covid and were quarantined. So we saw neither. We are planning a cruise in October that has an overnight in Lisbon. Hopefully, the third time will be a charm and we will get to see the city and Fatima. So far today has been a good day for us. Looking forward to more of the same. Prayers for all on the cares list and cheers to those celebrating and cruising. God Bless, Terri
  8. Good morning. Thanks for all the info. On my way to the spa for a massage. Will post more later. As you can see from the photo taken yesterday, the makeup is hiding the bruises nicely. Hope everyone is having a good day,. Terri
  9. We had a very nice dinner at Toscana (Italian Restaurant) tonight. Nice bottle of champagne and just enjoyed each other.
  10. Valentine’s Day in our Stateroom. DH stepped up to the occasion.
  11. Good morning Happy Valentines Day to all We are doing fine. Today we are in Roatan, Honduras. The weather is predicted to be rainy. However with an hour to go before arrival, I think the prediction is wrong. Yesterday started out rainy in Cozumel, but turned out to be okay. However, we skipped out day at Nachi Cocum because of the bad weather in the morning. Big mistake. Will post more later. Hope everyone has a “love”ly day. Terri
  12. Good Sunday Afternoon from Miami Florida. It is a beautiful sunny day. i have not yet read the posts but will do so in a little while. Just wanted to check in while i can. We were able to disembark the ship this morning and go to Miami Beach to go shopping. We went to Target where I was able to buy some Arnicare for my bruises. Also bought some total cover make-up so hide the bruises while they heal. Jim bought some beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day. Now we are looking for a vase to put them in. Then we went to Total Wine right next door to Target and bought a few more bottles of wine for the next seven days≥ There was a very nice lunch in the dining room for the 179 guests who were continuing on from the prior cruise. Everyone is excited about the SuperBowl. We are not big football fans so we were able to get an extra reservation in the Specialty Restaurant tonight. We will go to the pool deck for the second half. Feeling much better and now with the total cover makeup I should be all set, Will post more later when I read through all of today’s posts. In case I can’t, I hope your team wins. God Bless, Terri
  13. Hi RNB, Actually, I like the Riviera and Marina better. We usually stay in a PH suite and while I like the spaciousness of the bathroom on the Vista, I do not like the configuration of the rest of the room. They took away the walk-in closet and we now have two closets across from each other with less space. Less drawer space. The public rooms are beautiful. I also like the small ships. They have a special appeal. I do not think I will sail on Vista again unless there is a special itinerary i really want. Terri
  14. Taken on Monday, February 5, 2024 aboard the Silver Moon Catamaran in Barbados. Making some memories. We had a wonderful sail. Sadly I had an unfortunate incident at the end.
  15. Good Afternoon from the lovely Oceania Vista. We are at sea heading to Miami. It is such a nice feeling to know that when everyone else is packing and rushing to get their luggage outside their doors tonight, we don’t have to do that. We still have another seven days on the ship and will not be disembarking until Feb. 18. Thank you to Jacqui for the Daily and Fleet Report and to Roy for the Maps. @JazzyV, Vanessa, thank you for the Cares and Celebration List. Happy Anniversary for a year of doing such a wonderful job of keeping up with all of us. Our pains and sorrows as well as our joys and celebrations. And most especially our cruises. Hope you are soon pain-free. Thank you to Paul for filling in for Dixie, and @superoma for filling in for Debbie and to Ann for the wine report. Thanks to Graham for the explanation of the days. As for “All the News that’s fit to print,” we have a subscription to the New York Times. We receive the Sunday Edition in Print and the daily edition online. As former New Yorkers, it was one of the things we could just not give up. @Haljo1935 A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I am slowly recuperating from my injuries, The bruises are getting lighter, but are still there. I am able to cover up some of them with make up, and sunglasses hide the rest. Tomorrow, I plan to get off the ship in Miami and try to get some Arnica Gel to help accelerate the healing. Prayers for all who need them and cheers to those celebrating and cruising. God Bless Terri
  16. Good Afternoon from a very rainy and foggy St. Maarten. We docked 1 1/2 hours later than anticipated. We have decided not to leave the ship today. It is just too miserable out there. I am surprised they actually called at the port. I would take a photo but the only thing you would see from my balcony is the “Wonder of the Seas”. It holds over 5000 passengers. The thing is huge and I am sure we look like a rowboat next to it, Thank you Jacqui, Roy, Vanessa, Ann, Paul and @superoma for your contributions to the thread and keeping it going. I have had one difficult time with the internet connection on this voyage. It is slower than dial-up. Remember that? I guess it will be that way for today and the next couple of days with them being sea days. There seems to be a glitch in my onboard account. Every time I charge something to my account, the system deducts $9.50 from my refundable OBC. It is supposed to use up the non-refundable first. So everytime this happens I have to go down to reception and get it corrected. It doesn’t matter what the amount of the charge is, they just take $9.50 from the refundable portion. They have no idea why and where it is coming from. They are happy to give it back to me, but they can’t fix it. It is a “glitch in the system” and I am not the only one with the problem. Crazy! Today seems like a good day for an afternoon nap. Nothing else of note to do, except read. Prayers for everyone and cheers for those celebrating and cruising. God Bless, Terri
  17. My first trip to St. Thomas was in 1972. Long before digital cameras were even thought of. Since I am on a cruise, I don’t even have access to the photos from that time. I was a student in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in an intensive Spanish course for the Summer. We had a long weekend and most of us ventured to St. Thomas. We could fly on PrinAir for very little money. We arrived at the now defunct Harry Truman Airport, which was just a Hanger. We found a hotel on Hassell Island and just had a great time. We didn’t have much money but we enjoyed a wonderful break from our studies. Wish I had photos to post. Terri
  18. Good morning from beautiful St. Lucia. It promises to be a sunny and hot day with a nice breeze. We have scrapped our beach plans due to my injuries and an early departure. The bruising on my face has spread, which I expected. I now look like I was the loser in a boxing match with two black eyes a bruised nose and forehead. I want to hide under the covers. Tonight is a cocktail party for repeat guests. You can be sure that I am not showing up for that. Thank you to Jacqui, Roy, Vanessa, Paul, Ann and @superoma for your contributions. Prayers for all on the Cares list and thank you to Vanessa for including me at this time. Cheers to those celebrating and cruising. Hope you are all enjoying your time at sea. More later if I can get back on line. God Bless, Terri
  19. Sounds good except I will be on the ship until Feb. 18. Hard to order from Amazon and get it to the ship. Need them now. Hoping to find a store in St. Maarten on Thursday. Thanks for the advice, Terri
  20. Good morning. Started to post before and lost connection. Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday. I am feeling as best as can be under the circumstances. Still pretty bruised. Lost a pair of sunglasses in the whole mess. They are all banged up and scratched. Ready for the garbage. Medical Center cost us over $400. Used the Non refundable SBP for it. We are in Grenada today. Scrapped our plans to go to Grand Anse Beach. We’ll walk over to the mall and hope to find a drug store. Maybe they will have a tube of Arnica Gel to help promote healing. Will post more later. Internet is very sporadic in spite of Starlink on this ship. God Bless you all and thanks again for your concern. Terri
  21. We have decided to stay on the ship tomorrow. I really look a mess and want to see if I can nurse these bruises and make myself feel better. We also received notice that we are not calling at Gustavia, St. Barths, instead we I’ll call at Philipsburg, St. Maarten instead. Ship was advised by local authorities that tendering operations in Gustavia would be inadvisable due to swells and high wind. Just as well, I like St. Maarten better. Maybe I will feel like getting off the ship by Thursday. We had dinner in our room. Antipasto and Pizza. Really did not feel like a big dinner after a wonderful lunch on the catamaran. Probably going to bed soon. Feel completely worn out. Terri
  22. No Jacqui, they wanted me to go to the hospital for an X-ray to make sure I did not have an internal head injury. Not to be disembarked medically. However it was late and I would probably miss the all aboard and have to pick up the ship in Grenada tomorrow, That is why I said no. They told me to come back tomorrow morning if I don’t feel well and they will make arrangements in Grenada’s for me to get the X-ray. I am not sailing AMA, only refused the X-ray. Terri
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