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  1. One could only hope. I waited too long and then had Cuba dropped from my cruise. Now, it may be a possibility before I’m too old to travel. Terri
  2. Having worked for the Federal Government and been part of the regulation process, once a proposed regulation is published in the Federal Register, there is a period, usually 60 days where it is open for comments from the general public. Terri
  3. Petoonya, You get nothing but respect from me. We cruise under difficult circumstances as well. My brother-in-law lives with us, who is elderly and has been developmentally disabled since childhood. We are his guardians. We have taken him on cruises and it has always been a challenge when we have done so. We have had to cancel two cruises literally minutes before sailing because of him. We have a caregiver who stays when DH and I go without him, but it is always a worry. DH is also older than I and he is starting to say that he doesn’t want to travel very much any more. I ap
  4. And he also said that anyone who wants a test can have a test. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  5. If this were a book, it would be a page turner! Rooting for you and praying all goes well for you and your parents, Way to go @Copper10-8. You are awesome. Terri
  6. I’m not ready to cancel. I would like to go on this cruise but not at great risk to my health. My flights are non-refundable. If I cancel, I get nothing back. If we received the same consideration as those cruising up to Sept. 30 we would be in a better position to wait and see how this turns out rather than cancelling now and then finding out that it was for no reason. Terri
  7. Well, I, for one, am not greatly relieved. Our cruise begins on October 16. I am glad that Oceania thinks that all this will be over by then. I am not so sure. I am still in the same situation as before. My penalty phase starts on April 19 and final payment is on May 19. We are on a 28-day cruise from Rome to Miami. So unless Oceania makes some modifications later on, we have to cancel no later than April 19 or enter the penalty phase. So, while many of you are happy with the message from Oceania, it does nothing for us. If this corona virus doesn’t resolve by April 1
  8. We also were on this cruise and I have nothing but praise for the whole 12 days. Wish it were longer. The cruise was great in every way. It was our fifth Oceania cruise and we booked two more while on board. The food and service was great. We ate at Toscana four times (thanks to our butler Rahman, who was able to get us three extra reservations) ate at Jacques twice and Polo once. Red Ginger is not our thing. Food in GDR was excellent as was the Terrace on most nights. One thing I did not appreciate was having "Caribbean night" three nights in a row. Other than that, the p
  9. In the letter we all received from Oceania regarding the procedures they have put in place for embarkation, they indicate that anyone who registers a temperature of 100.4 F or 38 C would be denied boarding but not receive a refund. Instead would be advised to open a claim with their insurance provider. We have travel insurance with Allianz. So I called them today to ask what they would do in this case. Their answer SUPRISE! Claim would be DENIED. So people make sure you are not registering a temperature prior to boarding because you will have no recourse in recouping even one penn
  10. I thought this thread was about the Corona Virus. Terri
  11. WE received this letter as well yesterday via email from our TA since we are on a cruise in two weeks. What concerns me is the sentence “This is in addition to the non-touch temperature screenings already announced detailed below.” Did anyone receive any prior announcement of the non-touch temperature screening? This is the first notification we have received. Terri
  12. We used them for a private tour from Toulon to Aix-en-Provence. They were excellent. However, we had a special rate. We were just two and if we had to pay the full rate I don’t know if we would have booked them, We had Silvie as our tour guide, She was a last minute substitute for Roman (don’t know why) but she was excellent, We saw everything we wanted to see and more. However, if we had to pay the full price for two people it would have been prohibitive. We enjoyed our day in Aix and was happy with the tour. Terri
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