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  1. When a down payment is made on a cruise booked by a travel agent does the money go to the cruise line or the travel agency? Will probably be cancelling a transatlantic cruise on the summit before final payment on May 18. Hoping to get my $900 refundable deposit back.
  2. I have a cruise in mid August with final payment due May 18. I have paid a 900 refundable down payment. If I cancel before final payment will I get my entire 900 back? i have never cancelled a cruise so forgive my naivety.
  3. If your are under 70 but have certain health conditions such as diabetes you will not be allowed to board.
  4. Was able to get through and was very easy. Because it is so close to our cruise (leaving March 15) we will get the whole refund as aFCC. We did not get reimbursed for port fees. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. I called that phone number and have been on hold for one hour and still waiting! Oh well will just continue to hold.
  6. If I have classic drink package as one of my perks but want the premium package should I upgrade online prior to cruise or wait until I am onboard the ship?
  7. I am getting a headache with all the different levels and “sales” celebrity is offering. Am I the only confused consumer here?
  8. Hello Suzann! carol & Cyndi here. Funny thing but we were looking at this cruise too! We decided instead to do the three week tour/cruise of Vietnam and Cambodia in 2021 on their new ship Harmony being built now. For 2020 we are doing three week cruise of black and Aegean Sea with road scholar. We leave in six weeks for our three week trip to Africa. Cyndi retired last December so we can take more trips! think of you two often and how much we enjoyed sailing with you! Tell Dave I have made is shepherds pie several times and it is always a hit! Let us know what your next cruise is.
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