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  1. Loved your review! We ventured over to celebrity a few years ago and loved it. Now we have 3 under our belt. We had some cruise next certificates to use and decided on escape. Loved that! We are now platinum. Oh what to do. So we jumped ship and tried the Havana area on the new carnival ships! Oh my gosh, amazing!!! People need to venture out of the box. Each line has there critics and cheerleaders but we love the differences! We have never had a bad cruise with inedible food and awful service!!
  2. I only placed minimum bids on haven. Really didn’t expect to win any, but we are happy with our large balcony. Some day. Lol
  3. We received printed luggage tags for our upcoming Epic cruise out of San Juan. First time in a decade from any cruise line. It also came with a reminder to not come to the pier early!!
  4. We always stop at a bar on the way to the room or to the pool and have bartender fill with ice and water.
  5. Have a great cruise and congratulations on finishing your degree!
  6. Havana is 12 plus. Amazing area!! We have sailed the Vista and Horizon in this area!! Love it! Carnival and Celebrity’s prices creep up with their beverage packages. But we can be in a private area, no small children, for about the same as NCL regular balcony. We switch between NCL (platinum), carnival and Celebrity. I think diversity is good. And total cost for the experience always factors in!
  7. Would love to see these also. Especially the embarkation day. With all the negative reviews of traffic jams to port and then longgggg security line waits, maybe it would be better to come around 4-5 and just hit the make up muster drill?
  8. Another great review! I am a lurker! We booked the private house in Cozumel a couple of weeks ago after watching your video 😍. Your you tube videos even got me to book the carnival vista and now we just got off the horizon. Love the Havana area! We sail the Epic in a couple weeks and really wanted the Haven but it was 4000. Over the 4000. We already paid. Not worth it to me. Your deal on the Joy was amazing and I would have paid that in a heart beat. Thank you for all of your advise! Panorama is on my list but I love NCL and Celebrity also! Oh what shall I do 🤷‍♀️
  9. Ah! thank you. I guess I did not catch permanent resident vs citizen.
  10. I am just starting to research our cruise and was not aware of any visas needed. I looked under Travel.State.gov . I looked up every stop including croatia and it only requires passport. What am I missing here? We are not going through travel agent so just trying to get informed. thanks
  11. Love your day by day reviews! Thank you! You certainly go above and beyond! I read a post by you that you are moving on, I hope you can give us a synopsis of what you like and what you miss from the mass market cruise lines.
  12. Yes, I was lol about the first review! Some people can get their undies in a bundle over the smallest things! Loved all the pictures in the second.
  13. All links work for me! Ended up scanning through your Epic reviews since we are booked on her next February. Great info.
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