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  1. This may be the first time I actually agree with my senator. I guess a broken clock is still right twice a day
  2. Thanks for the daily. I love a good caipirinha, but not sure about the candy floss part of it.
  3. Thanks for the report. Going to make some fresh mint iced tea today I think.
  4. Yep, but still, if you want to go to bed at 7, great. Go to bed, nobody is stopping you. Give options for other people too.
  5. People in their 60s are quickly turning into people in their 70s, meanwhile you have the Gen X fall off and then the millennial spike.
  6. Yeah, you may be right, but if HAL doesn't start appealing to a younger group of people, they will soon be irrelevant.
  7. And nobody would force you to go. I just enjoy watching drunk people try to sing.
  8. One thing I really wish HAL had was a karaoke venue.
  9. Thanks for the Daily! I need some pie now, rhubarb strawberry is my favorite.
  10. Expect anything. You will for sure have some rain days, so a waterproof outer layer is good. When I've been fishing there, in a week long trip, we had everything from rain and 40s to sun and 80. The day it got into the 80s in the afternoon, it started at like 50 and cloudy. So a good light inner layer, a warm like windbreaker layer, and a waterproof outer layer is about ideal for me.
  11. I wouldn't go without a passport, but I've heard mixed messages about them being required or not. I'd get it renewed anyway because then you're covered. Also out of Skagway, some excursions have gone into Canada. Not sure if they'll run this year, but in years past they have and you needed a passport with you for the excursion. And yes, Alaskan cruises tend to be more laid back. Especially if you go like HAL, who has some of the best itineraries in Alaska (they invented Alaskan cruises and have been doing them for 70 years), but they have an older clientele. Like it's the cruise line that retired people take their parents on.
  12. I booked for next year with it. The beverage package also included like smoothies and non alcoholic stuff for the kids, which makes it nice. We are going at the tail end of the school year so the wifi package will be nice to have
  13. Thanks for the daily! Too bad I’m already at work because I could already use a mimosa
  14. Yes that’s exactly what is meant by layers. if it’s really rainy I have a pair of rain pants I wear over my jeans. as far as dinner, Alaskan cruises seem a bit more laid back, I’ve just worn a button down shirt with a collar. Wife wore a skirt and a nice top.
  15. On the other end of the tunnel is portage glacier with is pretty cool. There’s a boat tour there you can take. the wildlife refuge is also well worth a stop as it’s your best chance to see about all of Alaska’s native wildlife up close
  16. Best wishes to a speedy recovery
  17. Good morning! going to be over 100 here today, and i have to work, so bummer. It's good to see things starting to ramp up
  18. When I was in Anchorage last year, it was only open like one day a week, if even that. Is it open again? Add to this, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau is pretty awesome too. It was like a mile walk from the pier and like $5 a person.
  19. Thanks for the report! Arugula as a meal? So can I have something that not my food's food? I'll take the arugula 2nd hand. And just wondering, not sure if anyone knows, Why are the ships on the west coast just going back and forth between La Paz and LA? Like what's the purpose of that?
  20. Thanks for the report! The Dude needs a beverage! The Dude abides
  21. As much as this is interesting for the politics, I know an airline makes sure you have everything necessary to enter a destination country before they allow you to board. As much as Florida wants to try to act like thy care about freedom, since this involves crossing borders, any airline or cruise line has a duty to make sure their passengers aren’t stuck in some sort of international limbo
  22. Just remember it's like a 4-6 hour drive from Anchorage to Denali one way
  23. I only get a week, so 7/21 to 7/28
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