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  1. They probably would like to stop any covid being brought on to the ship - even full vaxxed can get it and be ill, even very ill. I'm glad they require it - till things improve.
  2. Is it possible for you to arrive for your trip a day early and get a test there....will cost a hotel room and meals, but test price probably cheaper and even with the extra hotel night might not cost more. Just a thought.
  3. We cancelled our Dec.20/20 Panama Canal cruise and booked a Jan 2022 cruise to S.America. Trying to be optimistic. Like all of you are saying sadly cannot now trust CDC but hoping that will change on 1/1/21. The difficult part is the whole world needs to be immunized for all of us to travel safely. Don’t even want to think about the long flights to get to Beunos Aires from the west coast US. Here’s hoping!
  4. We took a cruise on the Solstice to Alaska in July but now cant get into our account on Celebrity....because we didn't create it with our email address apparently. Weird because when we booked last time - for July - it was using our Account #'s. Anyway said to create a new account if it was not set up with email address (it didn't recognize either of our accounts...and we've sailed alot with Azamara, RCL and a few with Celebrity). So tried to set it up with email.....nothing! Frustrating!
  5. Updating on my original question of this thread......the 4 of us and luggage walked out to join the taxi line, expecting probably to take 2 cars, but we were so surprised when the 4 of us plus our carryons and 4 big bags fit into the Urber..must have been an XL - worked just great and we didn't even have to wait for the taxi. We don't recall exactly - but fare was about $45 or so for the 4 of us...was great!
  6. Hey Wpgger!! Just wanted to say hello. Grew up in Wpg...always great for me to see someone from my home town!!
  7. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. For sure now - we wont be taking ship transfer!
  8. Thanks for your reply.....I was thinking that might be the case. Taxi or car service it is. We do have a car service from ship to airport after cruise....its about the same price...maybe cheaper but long walk to where they are parked in airport garage (read a comment on this) and thought taxi line might be closer. Thanks again!
  9. We're taking the Solstice to Alaska this coming Friday - 4 adults with 1 pc. of luggage each - and wondered how difficult it is to get a taxi that holds the 4 of us. Have tried taxi websites but their info seems to only be for 2 people per cab. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks!!
  10. We'll be boarding the Solstice this coming Friday. We arrive at Seatac at 8:30 am (4 of us have Aqua class cabins) but informed we won't be able to board til after 11:30. We are wondering if we purchase the ship transport, which would be approx. $27 pp - when they take our bags to put under bus at airport....do we next see our luggage in our cabin later in the day or do we claim our luggage at dock and drop there ourselves? Taking the bags off our hands at the airport probably the only advantage to the ship transfer? A taxi or car service for 4 would be probably about same price as the total ship transfer for 4. Whether taxi or transport - we'll probably have to wait in taxi line or airport for more transport passengers to arrive. Anyone have experience with ship transfer? Thanks for any help/advice!
  11. My cousin (her Mom born in Hertforshire, England) who lived in Victoria, BC - always added milk first to her tea cup....she made the best tea - steeped it just the right amount of time! Miss her greatly!
  12. My Gran, born in Glascow pronounced it like ‘gone’ - so I do too.
  13. 4 of us arriving at SeaTac at 8:45 on day of departure and could be at Pier 91 for our cruise in mid July by 10am — we were told we won’t be able to board til at least noon. Also told no facilities for baggage storage or even waiting for boarding at Pier 91 either. Does anyone know if we can check luggage at a downtown hotel for a few hours so we can check out Pikes (?) market. Or other alternatives for storage. Thanks!
  14. I wasn't sure where to post this....but here goes. 4 of us returning from Alaska cruise on the Solstice in July to Seattle. We have a 9am check in at the airport (approx 2 hrs before flight time) and wondered if we should book a taxi to be waiting for us when we get off. We had a not good experience once in Lisbon getting off and the line waiting for a taxi was so long and taxi's could not keep up and we almost missed a flight! Cost of ship transport is about 4x what a taxi would be. Anyone used this Pier 91 before in Alaska and might have input into how busy? The day will be a Friday. Thanks for any help!!
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