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  1. We used the Den a lot on our last Azamara cruise on Quest. I loved it. Not keen on the casinos on any ships to be honest.
  2. I had my first jab on Monday. I have to admit I shed a few tears. Felt a bit of an idiot but I was just so grateful to all the people who had made it possible. It was freezing cold and snowy and volunteers were outside acting as marshalls. I felt dreadful the next day but so pleased I got it. I'm 73. If all goes well my sons, both early 50s will get theirs in April. One thing that has gone well, at least.
  3. I received my first email from Azamara today giving details of savings on their intensive voyages. It's described as leaving from Southampton, where the Mayflower sailed from! History and geography lessons needed. It sailed from Plymouth hence Plymouth Rock. 😆
  4. DH and I have done several Azamara cruises. However, we don't ever receive the emails that other friends that have cruised with us get. Does anybody know why this is please?
  5. Azamara Discover. Although Venture is good, too.
  6. We've done a fair few Azamara cruises and really love the ships. We don't much care for evening shows and we're happy to just sit and chat with friends over a drink or two. We've also sailed a lot with HAL on their smaller ships. We enjoy both but I do hope that Mr Ashford doesn't make big changes to the 'old' Azamara brand.
  7. Totally gutted. Such a shame. HAL here we come!
  8. DH and I are budget conscious and love a bargain. We'd probably go for it. It sounds similar to one that we have had a quote for from our local, reputable, TA, on AZ in December 21. Just my opinion, obviously.
  9. I think all we Brits are rightfully proud of our NHS and all that are associated with it. Thank you jay888 for being a part of it. We have one opening near to us in Stevenage. OH should be fairly soon, at age 77, I'm 73 so in the following tier.
  10. I agree tfred. Tried it once but wasn't impressed. Some very snooty people onboard, too. Incidentally, notice you're in Delray. We used to have a condo there but unfortunately had to sell. Absolutely love it there. My favourite place in FL.
  11. I agree, Phil. We feel the same. Hate to mention competitors but the HAL cruise we did last year was a delightful surprise. Food and service on par with Azamara in some respects and even with buying a drinks package it came in much cheaper than an Azamara equivalent. Although our cruise was curtailed due to Covid we did, in fact, have a longer cruise than planned. Plus full refund and 100% FCC. They gave everyone free WIFI too and phone calls. We're still waiting for a refund for our booked and paid January 2021 cruise. We're told up to three months' wait!
  12. We'll all be back cruising by this time next year Phil!
  13. That was great, Phil. I heard it 'live' as I always listen to WaO but her reaction is priceless!! Here's to better times.
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